Monday, November 23, 2015

The Criminal Stalker, Stephen Gianelli, Is Now A Self-Appointed CIA Expert Attempting to Blame Leonard Cohen's Own Stories On Ann Diamond & Others

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Cohen's unofficial legal defense lawyer is all over the CIA MKLUTRA stories Cohen has told me and others.  Gianelli is a pathological liar, stalker, and someone engaged in ongoing criminal conduct.  Now Gianelli's a CIA MKULTRA expert.

They have Ann Diamond in their sites because she sees right through Cohen.


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Here's his comment and my response
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Dianne,I had to laugh when I read this review because it so bluntly expresses my views of the author - with whom I have corresponded. Nor does she require any actual evidence (in the way an analytical person would define evidence) to jump to wild conclusions. From her unproven premise that Leonard Cohen took part in some LSD experiments while at university she extrapolates that Cohen's entire career and body of work was at the behest of the CIA in service of the mind control of the general population.
The CIA did perform so called &quot;mind control&quot; experiments in the 1950's and 1960's. This is well documented. It is also well known that none of these experiments were successful. Therefore, the FACT of CIA past experiments in no way supports the hypothesis that the CIA is...

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