Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email to CIA Re. Amateur Intel Wanna Be Dude Stephen Gianelli's Role In The Phil Spector Case

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 3:45 AM
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch email dated Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 8:17 AM to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others
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Hello CIA,

Happy Thanksgiving.  I see Gianelli simply wants to harass me over issues that he believes benefit Leonard Cohen.  Gianelli has copied Alan Hootnick in and evidently thinks he can pick up some "intel" tactics from him.  Gianelli has spent several days harassing me over Cohen's statements that he was in CIA's MKULTRA program.  He is also attempting to insert former DA "Steven Cooley" into the mix.  Why?  Well, I would assume it's because Gianelli is affiliated with Spector's prosecutors and parties at interest are concerned that Phil Spector will prevail before the 9th Circuit.  That would not change the fact that Leonard Cohen is a chronic liar and fabulist who evidently views himself as CIA recon with respect to the Bay of Pigs.

Here's a post of Gianelli's on an article about Phil Spector's appeal.  Gianelli, who has now blatantly argued Spector prosecution theories online, sets up (with others) reasonable doubt theories about Spector that can be attacked and refuted.  I have seen this time and time again online, on his blogs, and on other coordinated blogs.  For instance, the blogs of Michelle Blaine (who stole $1 million from Mr. Spector and is the female Leonard Cohen); Sprocket's Trials and Tribulations; and, the Darwin Exception.  That Darwin Exception appeared to have a lawyer writing the daily court summaries from Spector's trials.  Gianelli uses monikers (such as the 14th Sheepdog, Mongochili, etc.).  I believe he is his best posting buddy, Kelly Green.  In 2007, Green posted on the Darwin Exception that she "hates" Bruce Cutler.  Gianelli, of course, is obsessed with Cutler.  He seems dead set on infiltrating Spector's legal teams by any means possible.  Let's read through the lines of Gianelli's post about Phil Spector and analyze it.  He has posted following Theodore Ey who contacted me privately and appears to also work in tandem with Gianelli.  The same is true for Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, who may literally be a "jihadist sympathesizer."  She and Gianelli relentlessly targeted my sons, family members, and others.  My younger son was a minor when these individuals lured him into privately communicating with them.  I have no idea who they are and I have been clear:  any adult stranger who attempts to lure minors into privately communicating with them should be viewed as a potential child predator.  The City Attorney feels targeting minors is completely acceptable and the victim's mother should be blamed.  The City Attorney also believes that Leonard Cohen should be permitted to lie and advise jurors that I falsely accused him of ripping my son's fingers off.  There is no evidence whatsoever to support that evil position.  It is a bald-faced lie but this is how this enterprise functions and these are LA Superior Court's evidence standards.  They prefer a fabricated narrative to actual evidence.  See Phil Spector's forensic science and the evidence I've submitted to LA Superior Court.  These government actors are angry; they lie; and I believe their conduct is criminal in nature.  The custody matter was coordinated and, in keeping with LA Superior Court's standards, was based on a "default judgment' and an entirely fraudulent Killer King file.  The file does not belong to me.  There is evidence in Colorado that Leonard Cohen, Steve Lindsey, and Cohen's lawyers coordinated the custody matter and SWAT incident.  I have asked IRS, FBI ,and DOJ to investigate this situation.  

Let's take a look at what Gianelli is actually saying on Radar Online about Phil Spector.  First, he insults Radar Online and their readers.  Gianelli is an arrogant idiot and ambulance chaser who thinks he is more intelligent than others.  He is a wanna be lame intel "dude" and as transparent as the day is long.  Gianelli is explaining to Radar Online's readers that he is an expert and there are two systems in the United States:  a federal and state court system.  He also explains that there is a California Supreme Court (who expressed their lack of interest in LA's tampering with the administration of justice re. Phil Spector) and a Court of Appeal.  He goes onto breakdown the federal court system.  Phil Spector exhausted his appeals and a magistrate with the California Central Court sat on that appeal for three years knowing that Mr. Spector is gravely ill and could die.  What type of human being would do that?  The Magistrate then regurgitated the prosecution's narrative.  This is LA Confidential's scam and blueprint.  The appellate courts then begin to regurgitate and weigh in on the fabricated narratives as if they are real.  It's entirely neurotic, discursive, and actually insane.  The federal judge then relied on the magistrate, as insane as that may seem, and refused to certify Phillip's appeal for the 9th Circuit.  That's another scam:  willfully attempting to prevent someone from seeking remedies they are entitled to.  In any event, a first grader can explain this process.  Gianelli, who Dennis Riordan evidently "waived" to once, is impressed with Spector's legal team.  His attorneys, including Dennis Riordan, are respected in the 9th Circuit.  They were slandered, etc. before LA Superior Court because that's the type of standards they set.  Dennis Riordan prevailed in the 9th Circuit on the Barry Bonds.  It's almost laughable based on Cohen's extensive perjury and fraud.  Barry Bonds gave a ridiculous answer to a moronic question.  None of it was material until the situation continued to unfold before the 9th Circuit and the prosecutor was asked if she was engaged in the same conduct as Barry Bonds.  What does Gianelli really want to address?  Well, he wants to talk about the fact that Judge Fidler was a witness against Mr. Spector and should have been available for cross-examination.  Not only was he a witness the blood evidence was crucial and he appeared to correct the amateur forensic expert who worked for the government. At least one of them changed their testimony from the first to second trial.  I think anyone who understands forensic evidence can only conclude that Lana Clarkson shot herself.  Here's her friend's statements.  There is absolutely no evidence that Phil Spector paid her to lie.  This is how LA Confidential functions.  They falsely accuse you, slander you, discredit you, lie about you ... in order to advance their insane theories.  Why?  Because they have careers to advance and haven't nailed a celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle.  Evidently, there was a Power Point slide.

What Gianelli is arguing is that Phil Spector is attempting to get off on a technicality and it has, according to the criminal stalker, nothing to do with "whether or not Spector shot Lana Clarkson."  He didn't shoot her.  She shot herself and may have been a prostitute who played with guns.  Gianelli is appealing to potential jurors in any third trial.  This is precisely how he operates.  No, Spector didn't receive a fair trial.  I'm not even permitted to request one.  This is how this corrupt court system functions.  This entire situation demands an investigation and prosecutions should be brought.  The DA that prosecuted Phillip publicly aligned himself with Cohen.  Cooley evidently wanted Cohen on the stand, during the DA re-election campaign, testifying about Phil Spector and a gun.  Cohen now has three versions of his bullshit gun story about Spector before LA Superior Court.  Which version does the CIA believe?  When did he participate in MKULTRA?  Did Castro's forces believe Leonard Cohen was CIA recon re. Bay of Pigs?  Do you believe Cohen, who has no military training, was going to join the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War?  If you don't believe these statements, then you know that Leonard Cohen is a bald-faced liar and fabulist.

All the best,

Not that I expect the majority of readers of ROL (which is not exactly the epicenter of intellectual thought in Los Angeles) to be familiar with their own branches of government, but in the United States we have two court systems existing side-by-side: state and federal.

There are the state trial courts (the California Superior Court), and the state courts of appeal (the California Court of appeal and above that the California Supreme Court).

On the federal side are the federal trial courts (in this case the Federal District Court for the Central District of California) and the federal courts of appeal (in this case the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and above that the United States Supreme Court).

Phil Spector was required to first "exhaust" (pursue to conclusion) his state court appeal rights, which he did by appealing his conviction to the California Court of Appeal for the Second District and then to the California Supreme Court. That layer of appeal dealt primarily with so called state legal issues, including the California rules of evidence and procedure applicable to Spector's murder trial in Los Angeles.
At that point Spector was then entitled to pursue any federal appellate issues that he was able to articulate arising under the United States Constitution. Spector did this by filing a Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the Federal District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles, at which point the case was randomly assigned to a federal judge in that district court.

The average length of time for a habeas petition to be resolved in the federal district court is three years. Spector filed it in 2012 and it was decided in 2015.

(Unfortunately for Spector, his habeas petition was assigned to a very conservative federal district judge with a poor reputation for scholarship and temperament; not many lawyers appearing before this judge regard him as either bright or fair. But I digress.)

Once Spector's petition for a writ of habeas corpus was decided in the federal district court, Spector had a right to appeal that denial to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.
That is the appellate phase that Spector is in now.

(As an aside, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the forum where Spector's appellate attorney Dennis Riordan has had his greatest successes - including recently winning a reversal of baseball great Barry Bonds' conviction for obstruction of justice in connection with his grand jury testimony. But again I digress.)

Spector's pending 9th Circuit appeal has NOTHING to do with his guilt or innocence. That court will not reweigh the evidence or decide whether it supports a conviction. The sole issue is did allowing the trial judge to - in effect - testify at the very trial over which he was presiding on a critical issue by showing a Court TV video of a prior hearing from trial #1 conducted out of the presence of the first jury where the judge described his observations of where a criminalist (that no one else in the courtroom could see clearly) was indicating she saw blood on the victim's hands, to the jury in trial #2. Additionally, the appeal claims that this use of "trial judge as a witness" was reinforced by the prosecution showing Power Point slides of the stills from Court TV video depicting the trial judge under a text heading that IDENTIFIED the trial judge as "witness for the prosecution".

So, yes, there is another layer of appellate review, and no, it has zero to do with whether or not Spector shot Lana Clarkson.

The sole issue on appeal to be decided by the 9th Circuit is in light of the Court TV footage and the prosecution use of it during its closing argument, DID SPECTOR RECEIVE A FAIR TRIAL UNDER THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 2:40 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

The Criminal Stalker continues to harass me over a variety of issues that include Leonard Cohen's statements that he participated in CIA's MKULTRA program.  The Criminal Stalker has copied FBI, DOJ, and Alan Hootnick on this email.  It is my understanding that lying to federal agencies is criminal.  And yet, Leonard Cohen, his lawyers, and Stephen Gianelli all feel completely comfortable routinely lying to IRS and other agencies.  Gianelli also thinks it is acceptable to target my sons ,relentlessly harass them, slander me to third parties, lie to other government agencies, threaten and intimidate witnesses, etc.  I do not know this individual and do feel it is appropriate to ask IRS, FBI, and DOJ to once again review Rutger and Ray's declarations which are the legal documents they have submitted to numerous courts signed under their signature.  My sons didn't say they were "humiliated," as this chronic liar has stated.  They have said the slander confused them.  It has been relentless, malicious, and vile.  

Stephen Gianelli is an agent provocateur/infiltrator who works as an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen's legal team.  Gianelli also argues Phil Spector's prosecution theories online and appears to be affiliated with Spector's prosecutors.  As Investigator Frayeh advised me, Gianelli may have found a "sympathetic ear" with prosecutor Alan Jackson about me.  He also evidently concluded that Gianelli is a "shady character."  

I have never been an abusive, neglectful, or horrible mother.  Please refer to the declarations once again.  Gianelli does not know me; never knew me; and the custody matter involving my younger son was coordinated by his father with Leonard Cohen and his lawyer.  

I didn't embezzle or steal $7 million from Cohen.  First of all, the fraudulent default judgment (in a lawsuit I wasn't served) initially included $5 million in "prayed" for damages and $2 million in illegal financial interest.  Beyond that, there was and remains no embezzlement, misappropriation, or theft on my part.  It is Leonard Cohen who has engaged in this conduct.  My ownership interest in intellectual property and the corporate entities has nothing whatsoever to do with Leonard Cohen.  He has simply taken the position that he is the alter ego of these entities who has engaged in self-dealing, money laundering, and embezzlement.  LC Investments, LLC, Cohen's wholly owned entity, does not own the other entities.  Cohen and LCI have merely embezzled millions of dollars from another entity that owns all intellectual property.  On top of this, Leonard Cohen has borrowed (or caused to be expended on his own behalf) approximately $6.7 million from one entity alone.  He signed agreements that he understood he could borrow money from Traditional Holdings, LLC but had to repay them within 3 years with interest.

I haven't made any drunken calls and have no substance abuse issues.  Leonard Cohen has the long and publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse and psychiatric problems.  He is a misogynist who seems to believe that lying about me is acceptable conduct.  Leonard Cohen altered the voice mail messages he submitted to court.  He worked with a sound engineer and can be heard speaking over me with a woman.  I have a recording engineer/producer who will review these tapes.  I will then submit his conclusions to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  The voice mail messages were not, as LAPD confirmed in their report, date or time stamped.  We have no idea when Cohen forwarded these alleged voice mails to his attorneys because the City Attorney withheld that information and failed to create a chain of evidence.  There is nothing to indicate how this outrageous situation ended up in the hands of LAPD's TMU.  Gianelli insults me gratuitously in these emails because he believes they may end up in court.  This is a professional criminal who belongs in prison.

My emails to IRS, FBI, DOJ, ICE, CIA, NSA, and FTB are not profane.  Gianelli is not in a position to speak on behalf of these agencies in any event.  

Leonard Cohen has obtained several fraudulent restraining orders.  They are a dime a dozen.  The order in Colorado was issued without findings.  The California "domestic violence" order was issued and I was not served, this is a new order, and certain government actors in Los Angeles believes domestic violence order fraud and VAWA funding fraud is perfectly acceptable.  LA Superior Court has merely assigned me a "dating" relationship with a man (Leonard Cohen) who sexually harassed me for years, exposed himself to me, looked at people defecating on one another in front of me alone, and behaved in an unconscionable manner.  Cohen has now personally testified that we were in a "purely business" relationship and I never stole from him - just his "peace of mind."  

Leonard Cohen needed to argue fraud and rescission in order to unwind his own role in what I was told is criminal tax fraud with respect to these transactions and corporations.  Therefore, he conjured another one of his insane fabricated narratives.  Cohen is a fabulist and chronic liar.   

I never "stalked" Leonard Cohen.  The City Attorney, who felt this was the most important issue during my trial, lied about federal tax matters.  The prosecutor lied that the tax matters here are a "ruse."  She lied that I am in receipt of IRS required tax and corporate information.  That includes a 1099 and K-1s.  The prosecutor seemed obsessed with the corporate K-1s related to numerous corporate entities that Cohen refuses to provide me.  That would include, but is not limited to, the K-1s LC Investments, LLC transmitted to IRS for 2004 and 2005 indicating that I am a partner with $0 income for those periods.  I was not a partner; the K-1s are illegal; and the fraudulent expense ledger shows income.  Cohen has transmitted extensive perjured and fraudulent documents to IRS in order to obtain fraudluent tax refunds.  They have been challenged as such and will be addressed in my federal RICO suit against Leonard Cohen, etc.

Leonard Cohen, his lawyers, Gianelli, City Attorney, District Attorney and others have motive to slander, defame, and libel me.  Let me quote my public defender now:  the City Attorney is attempting to sabotage IRS; discredit you; and the DA doesn't want the Spector verdict overturned.  LA Superior Court did not want Agent Tejeda/IRS to take the stand.  The jurors wanted to hear from IRS so they evidently believed they were hearing a federal tax case.  One juror relied on the prosecutor's LIES about the assets owned by TH.  That juror felt sorry for Cohen.  Why?  He's not the corporate entity; the assets are not his; and he could have easily repaid his nearly $6.7 million in loans to that entity.  The City Attorney, District Attorney, and LA Superior Court all seem to believe theft (millions) is acceptable if it involves a celebrity.  

Leonard Cohen failed to serve me the lawsuit.  It ended up being willful.  He needed to rush to IRS with his fabricated defense to criminal tax fraud and further defrauded the U.S. government and taxpayers.  Slandering me is Leonard Cohen's defense.

Which version of the three good rock and roll Phil Spector gun stories (before LA Superior Court) does IRS, FBI and DOJ believe?  Do you believe Cohen participated in CIA's MKULTRA Progam?  Do you believe he was reconnaissance during the Bay of Pigs who was arrested by Castro's forces, interrogated, and released?  Leonard Cohen is a pathetic liar, misogynist, and thief.  Stephen Gianelli most definitely seems to represent Cohen and his harassment, etc. benefits Cohen.  As I've repeatedly said - these people all belong in prison.

Have you noticed how criminals turn themselves into victims?  It's truly pathological and nauseating.