Monday, June 1, 2015

Leonard Cohen Testifies That Kelley Lynch Never "Stole" From Him; Paulette Brandt Wonders Why DDA Pat Dixon & DDA Alan Jackson (Phil Spector's prosecutors) Weren't Taken To Killer King.

NOTE:  The Los Angeles District Attorney's office now views Eminem's songs PUKE & I Love The Way You Lie as threats to the lives of DDA Pat Dixon & DDA Alan Jackson.  They lines they feel personally threaten them are Eminem's lines about "dry humping" and "Gonna stand there and watch me burn."  Lynch has never heard anything as insane as this situation in her entire life.  As Paulette Brandt just noted - "The wrong people went to Killer King."

PUKE by Eminem [Phil Spector's former DDA Pat Dixon fears for his life over this song]

LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE by Eminem [Phil Spector former DDA Alan Jackson fears for his life over this song]

Does LAPD's TMU have reports on these Eminem songs now?  How insane are these players in LA Confidential?