Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Scientist Reports The Los Angeles Musician Suicide Threat Extortion Scheme (Run By Gold Diggers) To LAPD Online

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From: Kelley Lynch 
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 23:26:58 -0700
Subject: From Kelley Re: Suicide Threat Extortion Scam & Los Angeles Musicians

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Here are what I believe to be the LASD report of Pe Harrison's assault
on Scientist, etc. That is the woman who tried to kill herself at his
house.  Also, a recording of her statements that she wanted to frame
him for murder.  Duck, Eek A Mouse, appears to understand that there
is a suicide scam threat going on and one member of the band Fishbone
was targeted.  For the record, Sergeant Sanders, LASD Lancaster, was
thoroughly professional and sent a detective to investigate the
situation with Amara Wilson.  She is a woman Scientist knew who stole
his camera, video of his dub sound techniques (which he planned to use
for at risk children in gang areas due to the violence in Jamaica -
which sounds INSANE - gunmen are entering this country illegally and
one threatened to murder Scientist and helped steal HIS copyrights by
taking the stand in federal court ... brought to Judge Miriam
Cederbaum's attention with no results.  He then had me contact FBI
after he contacted ICE).  I will revise the transcript I typed and
send it to you.  I have worked with federal wire taps, for courts, but
Scientist is difficult to understand.  I am familiar with his speech
which is why he has asked me to communicate with FBI, CIA, and others,
about the situation with King Jammy's, gunmen, drugs coming into this
country, Jamaican corrupt police selling fraud Visas, money laundering
through Greensleeves Records, etc.  He is a brave man and did not want
his music used in the violent video game Grand Theft Auto.  He lost
the case, was not represented (and there are issues with that), and
one juror applauded when King Jammy testified about Dudus Coke.  I
have spoken to many major Jamaican artists about this unconscionable
situation with the Shower Posse.  They are wonderful - the Jamaican
artists and have dealt with these out of control scheming, high, and
conspiratorial gold digging background singers.  I warned Phillip that
something like this could happen and cautioned him about his taste in
women - particularly after I witnessed Stephanie Jennings (who had
illegally gained access to his room at the Carlyle) hiding in the
bathroom.  Paulette spoke to her that day/evening.  She never
mentioned a gun.  NYPD wrote me (not about Phillip but not that long
ago) that if he had a gun he would have been arrested for menacing and
the gun.  Sounds right.  Paulette is working on a declaration.  She
has traveled with him.  He did not go out or travel with a gun.  I've
stayed in his hotel rooms at the Waldorf and elsewhere.  We were very
dear friends but never dated.

I will send you the transcript of this tape tomorrow.  Very rough but
I'll work on it again a bit.  These are declarations I obtained and
prepared for Scientist.  Duck of Eek A Mouse is a very direct
wonderful individual.

Keisha Martin statements.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Scientist
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:23 AM
Subject: Par Harrison try to kill her self at my house
To:, Kelley Lynch

Par Harrison try to kill her self at my house to frame me and when it
backfired on her she said the police harmed her to collect money  and
when I told her I  would protect the officer she was planing to lie
on, she came to my house with the sheriff and said I had kidnapped
her, after I showed the sheriff the vandalism report they told her to
leave my house.

Please take time to examine the entire evidence some part of the
recording has back ground noise but gets better as it goes along and
you will hear how she planed the fraud.

 Amara Wilson herd about the incidence and used a lie to file a false
police report  and restraining order

Amara Wilson was calling me repeatedly and when I decide to walk over
to her shop right next door  from the venue I worked for the past 10
years to see what she wanted and to see if she brought my video camera
she became argumentative and would not give back the  video camera , I
decided to cut my losses with her and move on, and when I told her I
had no interest in her you can hear her dialing 911 . to gave a false
police report.

When I got home and listened to my messages I found the recording ,
Amara Wilson did not hang up the phone after calling me repeatedly,
the entire recording was caught on my answering machine please listen

Amara Wilson already premeditated how to go to court an knows the
judge is going to agree with her " it was a gift"

I never gave  my video camera .

Amara Wilson  continues to track me . I was told the police was looking for me

you can call me





My Conversation With Duck - Eek-A-Mouse Re. Pe Harrison Blackwell
Here's what Duck told me:

I'm an entertainer.
I have some problems with her [Pe Blackwell].
She is at my gigs. She came to my show in Santa Cruz. I was on-stage
performing. I saw her, while performing, sneaking backstage. That is where
we keep our personal belongings - such as luggage.
I got off my drums and asked her what she was doing. She was taking bottles
of liquor.
I asked her what she was doing.
She threw a drink on me and hit me with her purse. I had the Santa Cruz
Police Department and security of the club go back, get her, and remove her.
At 2 AM, she was in the parking lot with her road manager. I saw her.
I don't know if she was arrested earlier.
After she could not get her career going with Stokley she latched onto the
Eek-A-Mouse is the singer.
When she checked out of the hotel [morning after the incident at the
Catalyst Club the night before] she came out of a roadie's room.
We [band] were going to Eugene, Oregon.
She got into the car with her road manager.

Three weeks ago, my wife and I were at a club in Hollywood. She talked to
my wife and asked if I was there. My wife said yes. She told my wife that
I was mad at her. My wife mentioned that conversation to me later. I've
been married 16 years. Never dated Pe Blackwell.

Pe and Stockley broke up. He wanted to break ties.

NOTE: KL mentions to Duck that Pe Harrison threatened and tried to kill
herself at the Scientist's house and we discuss what happened to Phil
Spector. He understands what goes on with these women.

She pulled that with Fishbone. After I had her thrown out people started
telling me that she tried to commit suicide with someone in the band
Fishbone. She is an upcoming singer. They are desperate. Latch onto an
industry person. They do it in the wrong way.

Since she is not with Stokley I don't need her around my band. When I saw
her around the concert at the Catalyst Club [night of the assault; a few
weeks ago] I said "No access backstage. I don't want anyone backstage." We
had personal items back there. I don't know if she was trying to get
personal items from us. She threw a drink on me. The police were on the
side of the stage. Santa Cruz Police and security escorted her out.

NOTE: We discuss what has happened to the Scientist re. Amara Wilson (fraud
TRO, stolen camera, video tutorial, allegations, etc.)

If it's abuse where is the police report?

The Catalyst has a report of the Pe Blackwell incident on record. Go
through county records on her, AFDC, Crystal Stairs, Cty welfare. She's on
every scam. Run her name in the system. Check Facebook. Pe Blackwell's
activity might be farther than just the industry.

Pe was a stomach ache when Stokley started dating her. I said: why is she
on tour? It drove me bananas. It ran its course. I told Stokley: if you
keep bringing her around - either she will sleep with Mouse or he'll call
her a "bitch." He slept with her and called her a "bitch." Stokley broke
up with her after this happened. She got arrested plenty of times at
Stokley's. She stole from him. She lives near Lankersham. Check with
North Hollywood Police Department.