Sunday, May 31, 2015

Attorney Daniel Bergman, Who Destroyed Kelley Lynch's Sons' Lives For Money, Now Represents Leonard Cohen

And yet, her sons made their views about the harassing, vile, accusatory emails she (and they) received known in their emails and a declaration submitted to the Court in this matter.  See attached.  How low will Leonard Cohen and his two law firms now go?  Kelley Lynch intends to find out.  She sons have been targeted for six straight years but it worked beautifully for Leonard Cohen who understood, as he wrote Lynch in September 2011, that "Rutger" (her son) was copied on her emails. Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory, provided Steve Lindsey (her son's "father") with a declaration that read more like a business deal than anything that would express concern about her son.  Kelley Lynch's mother address what she witnessed in her declaration.  Leonard Cohen and his lawyers have now falsely accused Kelley Lynch of providing fraudulent declarations to the Court although she has evidence that this is not the case.  They cannot and will not stop lying - about Kelley Lynch, in Court documents, or through the news media.  Their antics and tactics are evidence of desperation.

Declaration of Joan Lynch (Kelley's Mother).  Leonard Cohen evidently felt confident that Kelley Lynch would not have the ability to present her Mother's testimony to a Court.  He intentionally bankrupted her; stole her share of intellectual property; and encouraged Lindsey (as he wrote Lynch) to take her son away from her.  Daniel Bergman, who engages in unconscionable tactics, was only too happy to assist.  There are billable hours for Mr. Bergman - he lives off the suffering of mothers and their children.  He finds this situation amusing evidently.

Declaration of Daniel J. Meade

Declaration of Palden Ronge

Declaration of Clea Surkhang

Declarations of Paulette Brandt (copy center screwed up the documents and Paulette's two declarations were not submitted; one was - the other had a paragraph handwritten)

Declaration of John Rutger Penick (Kelley's son)