Sunday, May 31, 2015

Leonard Cohen's Desperate & Pathetic Tactics, False Allegations, & Determination To Control The News Accounts He Has Spoon Fed To Awe Inspired Journalists; Daniel Bergman, The Man Who Destroyed Lynch's Sons' Lives For Her Ex, Is Now Representing The Vicious & Vulgar Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Tries To Silence Lynch & Goes After Her "Fee Waiver" In An Attempting To Prevent Her From Filing Legal Documents In Case No. BC338322.  The hearing on the Motion for Terminating Sanctions is schedule for June 23, 2015.  The hearing on Cohen's retaliatory and threatening Sanctions Motion is scheduled for September 2015.

Leonard Cohen has scheduled a hearing for September 2015 in this matter - against Kelley Lynch.  He would like the Court to silence her, terminate her "fee waiver," and prevent her from filing any further legal documents in Case No. BC338322.  She filed one Motion to Vacate and, as she and Judge Hess discussed, is attempting to address the fraud upon the court used to obtain his January 2014 order.  Leonard Cohen has now hired the man who destroyed Kelley Lynch's son in the pathetic and vicious custody matter used to crush Kelley Lynch.  Kelley Lynch's Press Release is also an issue for Leonard Cohen.  He issued one to the Hollywood Reporter, and provided a false and salacious interview to MacLean's - coordinated with the Complaint filed in this case - and cannot stand the idea that Lynch has the right to respond to fraud and perjury.  He has controlled the media and who is Kelley Lynch to speak publicly in defense of herself?   The Chief Justice of California's Office assisted Kelley Lynch re. form DV-600 which cannot be used to register a foreign order - fraudulent or otherwise - as a "domestic violence" order.  This document arguments that Lynch just doesn't like Michelle Rice which is positively farcical.  Do these people actually have law licenses or will they now argue that the Chief Justice's office of the California Supreme Court wants to "harass" Leonard Cohen?  Cohen doesn't like Kelley Lynch's Press Release.

Kelley Lynch spoke to lawyers prior to filing her Motion so Cohen will have an impossible time proving she acted in "bad faith" to "harass" him.  Leonard Cohen is completely out of control.

Proposed Sanctions - Cohen Goes After Kelley Lynch's "Fee Waiver" While Abusing The Court System & Wasting U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

Transcript Of January 2014 Hearing - Court, after Department 24 employees advised Lynch to simply show up with witnesses, was uninterested in what Lynch's witnesses had to say.

Leonard Cohen Opposition To Kelley Lynch's Motion For Terminating Sanctions (Conformed)