Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Phil Spector, Gary Spector, & "Sprocket" Of Trials & Tribulations Dedicated To Destroying GP's Father

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2013@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 9:43 PM
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Hi Mr. Riordan,

Someone just sent me Gary Spector's posts about his birthday.  Who wishes him a Happy Birthday?  Sprocket (Betsy Ross).  It's fairly nauseating.  The woman has viciously and outrageously his father but the two of them are friends.  Also, Steve Escobar.  Paulette and I have never heard of him.  We know he's friendly with Hal Blaine.

I found a post Gary Spector posted about me.  Paulette just pointed out that he doesn't know me.  I wonder when they plan to go after their father's a estate.  You know that saying - where there's a Will, there's a relative.  And Gary's talking about Leonard Cohen who used his father to advance his career, lies, steals from people, and now has three versions of his garbage gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  Naturally, Cohen's testimony contradicts the version the DA used.  It's interesting to read through Sprocket's "Louis, I didn't recognize you" article.  LA Superior Court is right out of Dark Shadows.  It's like watching people in action in 8th grade.  

I just thought you should be aware of this.  I think it's highly relevant based on the coordinated campaign of terrorism, slander, harassment, etc. taking place.  

Did you think my press release was ridiculous?  What part?  Leonard Cohen telling people that he was in CIA's MKULTRA Program or the Castro forces capturing and interrogating him in Cuba?  How about his plan to join the Israeli military?  Do you find that strange or ridiculous?

Did you figure out yet that Gianelli is an agent provocateru/infiltrator who is attempting to infiltrate Phil Spector's defense (possibly a third trial if it's remanded) while targeting me and Paulette?  That's why he called Bruce Cutler using me as a pretext.  His best posting buddy is "Kelly Green" who hates Cutler's f*&king guts and he works in tandem with Cohen's fan, Walsh, and Michelle Blaine.

All the best,

Gary's Father's Enemy (Sprocket of Dark Shadows LA Confidential Style)

Gp Spector ·  Top Commenter · Colorado Springs, Colorado
All I can say is: I'm surprised this had not happened sooner. Leonard Cohen is not the only person she harrassed non-stop. Do an internet search for Spector and Lynch (here's one: http://www.hecklerspray.com/phil-spector-murder-trial-just-about-murder-and-nothing-else/20079855.php ), read her comments. This woman harrased anyone that spoke against my father, almost non-stop. He really can do without her kind of support. Prison is not the right type of institution for her.

Belated birthday wishes Gary. Hope yesterday was special.

  • Gp Spector Thank you. Yesterday was interesting. Woke up with a dizzy spell, slept it off and after a few hours I was feeling better. The home-owner here treated me to IHOP which was nice.
  • Gp Spector I think my head was partying and forgot to invite me, LOL


Gp Spector Thank you.