Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leonard Cohen's Legal Madness & Ongoing Attempts to Discredit, Slander, Threaten & Silence Kelley Lynch

Leonard Cohen's Opposition to Lynch's Motion for Terminating Sanctions.  Cohen continues with his false allegations and preposterous legal arguments.  As Lynch advised the Court - the IRS continues to view her as a partner and the judgment requires clarification vis a vis IRS reporting and filing requirements.  The situation remains unconscionable.  The religious sage is now spending tens of thousands of dollars to silence Kelley Lynch while attempting to seal her business documents and those belonging to Steven Machat and Machat & Machat.  Judge Robert Hess, who did not have an opportunity to review the documents, has agreed to a temporary seal.  Lynch has challenged verbally Cohen's position that she had attorney/client privilege - or he did - with respect to her own emails advising his lawyer that corporate offices were not in her office.  Documents Lynch purchased from various Courts (and through PACER) and other materials have been sealed.

Leonard Cohen's proposed Motion for Sanctions against Kelley Lynch should she refuse his retaliatory threats to withdraw her good faith & legitimate Motion for Terminating Sanctions. Kelley Lynch spoke to attorneys prior to filing that document.  Leonard Cohen has now falsely accused Kelley Lynch of submitting fraudulent declarations to the Court (re. signatures).  Lynch will advise the Court to phone each and every witness in her presence.  Nearly every single witness has been criminally harassed over their declarations.  Many have offered to have their declarations notarized now.  The legal burden is upon Leonard Cohen to prove his new false allegations.  Cohen continues to lie that Kelley Lynch accused him of perjuring himself in Phil Spector's Grand Jury.  She addressed documents readily online at LA Superior Court's website.  She has asked the Court to order Cohen's lawyers to remove the Phil Spector "gun incident" from their proposed Motion or serve and notify Phil Spector's former trial lawyers & current appellate attorneys.  Kelley Lynch is not arguing the truth of those allegations and there are in fact three version of that incident before LA Superior Court now.

Phil Spector case document - Los Angeles District Attorney document, with Machat incident embellished, and one of Leonard Cohen's versions of the gun incident.  This is not the version of the incident Cohen testified about during Lynch's 2012 Show Trial.  Kelley Lynch spoke with the Grand Jury Legal Adviser re. the Phil Spector Grand Jury Transcripts.  Those transcripts are now public.  The legal adviser could not confirm what witness presented Leonard Cohen's statements or testimony to the Grand Jury.  Lynch assumes that Mick Brown was being honest when he told her he reviewed these transcripts and Cohen's statements/testimony were presented to the Grand Jury.  She also assumes the DA would be consistent in the version of the Cohen/Spector alleged gun incident with respect to the Grand Jury and their attempts to use this version of Cohen's recounting of the incident in their Motion in Limine filed with the Spector Court in February 2005.