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Criminal Stalker Stephen Gianelli Responds To Kelley Lynch's Cease & Desist & Question To CIA; Leonard Cohen's Shameless Self-Promotion & Gimmicks With The News Media - Including His Good Rock 'n Roll Stories About Phil Spector

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Leonard Cohen's Self-Serving Promotion
To: "*IRS.Commisioner" <*IRS.Commisioner@irs.gov>, Washington Field <washington.field@ic.fbi.gov>, ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>, "Division, Criminal" <Criminal.Division@usdoj.gov>, "Doug.Davis" <Doug.Davis@ftb.ca.gov>, Dennis <Dennis@riordan-horgan.com>, MollyHale <MollyHale@ucia.gov>, nsapao <nsapao@nsa.gov>, fsb <fsb@fsb.ru>, rbyucaipa <rbyucaipa@yahoo.com>, khuvane <khuvane@caa.com>, blourd <blourd@caa.com>, Robert MacMillan <robert.macmillan@gmail.com>, a <anderson.cooper@cnn.com>, wennermedia <wennermedia@gmail.com>, Mick Brown <mick.brown@telegraph.co.uk>, "glenn.greenwald" <glenn.greenwald@firstlook.org>, lrohter <lrohter@nytimes.com>, Harriet Ryan <harriet.ryan@latimes.com>, "hailey.branson" <hailey.branson@latimes.com>, "stan.garnett" <stan.garnett@gmail.com>, "USLawEnforcement@google.com" <USLawEnforcement@google.com>, Feedback <feedback@calbar.ca.gov>, mike.feuer@lacity.org, "mayor.garcetti" <mayor.garcetti@lacity.org>, "Kelly.Sopko" <Kelly.Sopko@tigta.treas.gov>, OPLA-PD-LOS-OCC@ice.dhs.gov

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I wrote Gianelli a cease and desist letter and addressed some of his slanderous false allegations.  I then wrote CIA about my press release.  Gianelli harassed me over that and thinks it’s ridiculous.  Let’s go through his three responses.  The Press Release doesn’t tell the reader anything new.  I think it does.  An actual investigator journalist would read the information I sent and listen to Paulette and my interviews.  That’s true for anyone interested in the truth.  If they’re not interested in the truth, Cohen has some swamp land in Florida for them.  The press release is succinct.  Does it bury the lede?  Gianelli is an absolute nouveaux riche embarrassment.  How would Gianelli know what my relationship with any journalist is?  He doesn’t know me and doesn’t know the journalists either.

Evidently, Leonard Cohen doesn’t think I’m free to respond to his false allegations; ask to be heard the merits; or have my version of events told.  That’s not a fair fight for Cohen who initiated this insanity.  Leonard Cohen must think threatening me with jail is his defense.  Well, he does have powerful allies in LA Confidential.  I thought he and Steve Cooley might actually confess to their roles in a legal conspiracy during my trial.  I am clear about the core issue:  Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud; retaliated against me and had to address Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit; and then used the fabricated Complaint to file his 2005 returns, amend his 2003 and 2004 returns, obtain substantial fraudulent tax refunds; steal my share of intellectual property and withhold commissions due for services rendered (which he did to Machat & Machat also); and, argue his defense to Agent Luis Tejeda in 2007 using the fabricated Complaint and fraudulent expense ledger which is not an accounting and most certainly not a corporate accounting.  Where are the financial statements the corporations owe me?  The situation is absurd.  Leonard Cohen’s representatives handled the corporate, tax, legal, and accounting matters.  I didn’t.  His personal tax lawyer included me as a partner on federal and state tax returns.  I have corporate books and records, agreements signed by Leonard Cohen, stock certificates signed by Leonard Cohen, an Indemnity Agreement, and the tax returns.  I argued fraud upon the Court in this motion and asked Judge Hess to refer Leonard Cohen and his lawyers for perjury prosecutions and disciplinary action.  I will be filing a federal RICO suit due to the serious federal tax and corporate matters that have now arisen.  That will include the fact that for 10 straight years now, Leonard Cohen refused to provide me with IRS required tax and corporate information and the City Attorney lied about IRS and federal tax matters. 

I’ve discussed with IRS, FBI, and DOJ why I am creating an evidence blog that will be addressed with Judge Hess together with the tactics Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and others have used.  Gianelli definitely appears to be an unofficial member of Cohen’s legal team.  He and Walsh work as operatives and Gianelli definitely attempts to infiltrate defenses.  That’s why he phoned Phil Spector’s trial attorney, Bruce Cutler, and I absolutely heard from Phil Spector personally after my trial.  It’s safe to say that Phil Spector agreed that he had a right to know that former DA Steve Cooley and Leonard Cohen publicly aligned themselves in targeting me; Cohen testified about Phil Spector and a gun incident (there are now three versions of Cohen’s garbage gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court and his testimony contradicts the version the DA used in motions and which were presented to the Spector Grand Jury per Mick Brown); etc. 

How horrifying – I asked Judge Hess to hear a case on the merits.  What will LA Superior Court do?  A case that is actually heard on the merits must be a true anomaly.  It’s obvious Stephen Gianelli views himself as immune and that’s why he sent me the Greek/U.S. extradition treaty.  He also enjoys his game; attempts to infiltrate matters; and his ongoing targeting of me and Paulette Brandt.   He’s as transparent as the day is long.  He’s an amateur agent provocateur/infiltrator.

There’s “More.”  Gianelli’s not done responding to my question to CIA yet.  Leonard Cohen moved offensively with MacLean’s magazine.  His major tax hit was the motivating factor.  He supplied photographs, invited awe inspired journalist to his house for a dog and pony show, and even gave MacLean’s my photograph and his artwork.  He also used the opportunity promote his work and lithographs.  I was the individual negotiating the lithograph deal and Cohen pursued that.  The MacLean’s piece was coordinated with Leonard Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit.  He was clear with Brian Johnson – his name would be dragged through the mud and he would be accused of extortion, etc.  He also released a press release to the Hollywood Reporter that was picked up by AP.

Generally, Leonard Cohen is not newsworthy.  Gianelli is addressing Leonard Cohen’s motive – the “lawsuit” garnered attention.  Leonard Cohen was not broke and personally stole (or embezzled) approximately $6.7 million from the retirement account.  He signed an agreement that states he would repay his loans, which he understood he could take, within 3 years at 6% interest.  He feels entitled to that money.  He also had just received a $1 million advance against Dear Heather; pursued the multi-million dollar lithograph deal; delivered his album and would collect royalties (although I was to own 15% of those assets that were supposed to be assigned to Old Ideas, LLC); and planned to tour.  He knew that.  That’s why he told Greenberg he would go on tour and blame him and Westin.  He told my lawyers (or Kory did) that he would go on Oprah and blow the whistle on Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin.  His plan was to fight this in the news media.  I don’t know if when the judgment was entered if it was in the news.  I ended up homeless because Cohen intentionally bankrupted me.  He failed to serve me the Summons & Complaint and, by December 2005, understood the default judgment was a sure thing.  He ran over to IRS and filed/amended tax returns using the Complaint.  He didn’t even wait for the default judgment.  He understood I wasn’t served; didn’t have a lawyer; and was being evicted and would end up homeless.  Every once in a while some lazy journalist throws in some garbage reference to the poor victim, Leonard Cohen, who stole millions from me.  The judgment worked with my false arrest.  The coverage was on Leonard Cohen.  The parties involved understood that this was garner further attention for Leonard Cohen and he was on the stand testifying about Phil Spector and a gun.  That wasn’t really picked up.  No one was interested in the fact that Cohen committed tax fraud and stole from me.  They prefer his fabricated narrative.  Is Cohen an A-List celebrity?  How embarrassing.  I didn’t embezzle anything.  Leonard Cohen did.  But, it’s all in the eyes of the press.  The press is a very serious aspect of this story.

I didn’t violate probation.  Stephen Gianelli began slandering and harassing me by copying in my prosecutor.  I didn’t have her email initially.  I didn’t have anything to say to her.  My appellate lawyer said it – your trial was an IRS matter that demands an IRS investigation.  The prosecutor retaliated.  I asked Detective Viramontes to ask her if the real threat for her was IRS and FBI.  After all, my public defender advised me that the City Attorney was attempting to sabotage IRS; discredit me; and the DA did not want the Phil Spector verdict overturned.  He also felt there was a prosecution plant on the jury.  Based on what I’ve witnessed, including with the Phil Spector trial, I would believe anything.  A decade hasn’t past since I discovered and challenged Leonard Cohen’s fraud tax refunds.  The RICO statute of limitations has not run.  I am filing a federal RICO suit against Leonard Cohen and addressing his attempts to obstruct justice.

Leonard Cohen is the individual who advised people, including me, that he was a participant in CIA’s MKULTRA program.  I thought it sounded insane.  He evidently told other people.  And then there are his utterly inconceivable Bay of Pigs and Yom Kippur War stories.  Was he reconnaissance for CIA in Cuba also?  Did Castro’s forces capture and interrogate him?  Is he our most important spy?  Was he going to Israel to join the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War? 

I don’t have money for an attorney.  Leonard Cohen is very clear about that.  All he has are tactics and those include fraud and perjury.  That’s how he obtains orders, verdicts, and judgments.  It’s also litigation abuse.

Who cares what a criminal stalker with motive thinks?

The story with Maclean’s and ends with the deranged Issimo article.  The journalist reviewed my blog, contacted me, but was evidently working directly with Leonard Cohen his lawyers at Kory/Rice.  His editor, or whomever, wrote and said the article was legaled.  Leonard Cohen has now transformed himself into Phil Spector and my victim.  He personally understands how the cases are intertwined.  Two harrowing incidents, that never happened, define Leonard Cohen for the news media.  I suppose for a while there the “Hand That Rocked The Cradle” headlines defined Cohen for a moment in time.  These stories are merely the manner in which Cohen advances his career and promotes his albums, books, artwork, tours, and himself.  Leonard Cohen must control the situation.  That’s abundantly clear. 

What happened to Phil Spector’s crossbow?

All the best,


Two harrowing and  life-defining moments propelled Leonard Cohen back on the stage and touring the world, writes Ted McDonnell.

The first life-defining moment harks back to the ’70s involving award-winning producer and latter day convicted murderer Phil Spector. Spector’s love of Cohen is the reason the Canadian-born troubadour is around today. It was Spector’s infamous gun antics that put Cohen’s life in peril when they were making Cohen’s much forgettable album Death of a Ladies Man. 

To this day, Cohen avoids long discussions about the album that proved the only flop of his long career and just refers to it as a ‘catastrophe’. 

However, he readily remembers the night in 1977 that Spector literally changed his outlook on life and his career. It was one booze-filled evening, in a year of booze and drug-filled evenings, when Spector, who Cohen says had previously threatened him with a crossbow, held a Colt .45 to Cohen’s neck. Cohen, who was in his early 40s at the time, sobered up very quickly as he saw his life instantaneously flash before his blurred vision.

As Cohen remembers, Spector leaned into him muttering: “Leonard, I love you.” To which Cohen slowly and cautiously answered, “I sure hope you do, Phil.”

However, in 2005 Cohen’s second life-defining moment came at a very inopportune time in the midst of semi-retirement as he sat on Mount Baldy meditating. 

At the age of 70, Cohen suddenly found himself virtually penniless. He was forced to come down from his mountain retreat and face the shattering reality that his manager of 17 years and one-time lover Kelley Lynch had stolen almost every cent from his bank accounts. Over a number of years, Lynch drew down on Cohen’s savings accounts. In all, more than $5 million had been stolen. A broken and broke Cohen sued Lynch, who was ordered to pay him $9.5 million. Lynch’s lawyers claimed she was “unreachable”. She failed to repay a single cent and never faced criminal fraud charges.

After a series of negotiations with his management, Cohen agreed to answer some questions through his lawyers. When asked about Old Ideas he typically avoids the discussion treating his album as a close friend, who is not in the room to defend himself, a friend he has put long hours into by mentoring and nurturing its being. He says it’s not a good idea to do an “autopsy on a living thing” when questioned on Old Ideas, which has reached number one on the charts in 11 countries, from Belgium to Poland to Canada. Fair enough, but this new collection strings together words so poetic that he could have very well have written them 50 odd years when he was considered more a poet than a  singer and songwriter.

From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 6:42 AM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch's email dated Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>

Let me count the top 5-reasons:

1. It does not tell the reader about anything new;

2. It does not tell the reader about anything that is news worthy;

3. It is not succinct or confined to a single page;

4. It buries the lede;

5. It is from Kelley Lynch – who has already flooded  the  inbox of every news outlet and reporter that she has an email address for 30,000 times over with ridiculous nonsense and who has therefore burned all credibility with the press.

From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 7:00 AM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch's email dated Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>

Ms. Lynch,

While you are free to do whatever you want – as long as you are prepared to accept the foreseeable consequences of your behavior – you appear to be unclear on the core issues tendered to the court in your motion set for hearing on 6/23/2015 before Judge Hess (i.e., your SECOND REQUEST for orders vacating the May, 2006 default judgment in BC338322, dismissing the Complaint andIN THE ALTERNATIVE, an order giving you leave to file an answer and defend the Complaint filed in August of 2015 on the merits).

How lodging post judgment emails with the court that you have received from strangers to the action  in which your motion is pending whom are neither parties nor attorneys for parties will be reasonably calculated to persuade Judge Hess to entertain your motion on the merits and/or to grant it – let alone how these emails will even be even marginally relevant to the pending motion (that is already supported by approximately 1,000 pages of irrelevant hearsay material - including 10-year old emails, corporate records and magazine articles- is not readily apparent.

The best of luck, though!

Stephen R. Gianelli
Crete, Greece

From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 8:49 AM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch's email dated Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>

More –

If you can capture the essence of your story in 50 words or fewer, as they do in newspapers, you are on the right track. Ideally, for your first paragraph, you should be looking at no more than two sentences, each of 25 words or fewer. You need to get the essence of your story in the first paragraph. (This is what I meant by “burying the lede”.)

But before you even write and issue a press release, ask “Is there news value in this story? And, “Does it warrant a release?” “Why?”

Generally, YOU are not the celebrity or newsworthy individual featured in the news release. Leonard Cohen is. Therefore, what YOU have to say is not newsworthy.

The lawsuit you seek to focus attention on was initially reported in the world press at the time it was filed in late 2005. Additionally, when the judgment was entered in May of 2006, that was also covered in the news.

Following that there was very little coverage of the litigation except as a footnote to a story involving Leonard Cohen – a biography, an album release,  a concert tour, or Leonard Cohen’s 2008  induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The $7M judgment in BC338322 also received some mention by way of background in the 2012 news stories covering your arrest, trial, conviction, and 18-month jail sentence for criminally harassing Leonard Cohen. Note that the coverage centered on Leonard Cohen, not you, because that is why it was newsworthy at all; had you not been formerly employed as Cohen’s manager and had you not been charged/tried/convicted/sentenced for harassing an A-List celebrity, your criminal case would not have been covered by the media at all. In fact, some of the stories did not even identify you by name; you were referred to simply as Leonard Cohen’s former manager who embezzled his retirement account, because in the eyes of the press, that is all you are. Emphasis on “former”.

That is why when you violated your probation arising out of the harassment case and had your probation revoked and were returned to jail on January 22, 2014 (for emailing  Sandra Jo Streeter death threats) the media declined to send a reporter to cover your probation revocation hearing and declined to do a story about your resulting 6-month jail sentence: Leonard Cohen was not directly involved. Your legal difficulties was not deemed to be “newsworthy”.

The media also showed zero interest in covering the January 17, 2014 hearing on your FIRST motion to vacate the default judgment in BC338322 and to dismiss, and, in the alternative, for leave to file an answer to the complaint and defend it on the merits, nor did it cover the disposition of that motion. Why? It just was not newsworthy.

The 2005 lawsuit and subsequent 2006 judgment is old news. A decade has now passed.

The motion you filed in March of this year asks for the same core relief that your FIRST motion to vacate/dismiss/leave to file an answer requested.

There is nothing new. The fact that YOU are doing something or have initiated another challenge to this decade old lawsuit and judgment is not newsworthy because YOU are not newsworthy. If Cohen filed a legal proceeding or a motion THAT might be considered newsworthy, because Cohen is the celebrity.

Beyond those facts of life, your press release broke all of these journalistic principles:

What should go into a press release?

Answer the following questions about your news:
  • Who? Who are the key players — your company, anyone else involved with the product? Who does your news affect/who does it benefit?
  • What? What is new?
  • Why? Why is this important news — what does it provide that is different?
  • Where? Where is this happening/is there a geographical angle/is the location of business relevant?
  • When? What is the timing of this? Does this add significance?
  • How? How did this come about?
Nor did you capture the essence of your story in 50 words or fewer, as they do in newspapers.

Nor did you think through the “angle”, and targeted audience, for your press release. For example, you cannot seem to make up your mind whether you want the media to write about Ann Diamond’s theory that Leonard Cohen took part in military mind control experiments in college, or your pro se motion to be heard on 6/23.

Nor did you consider that the typical reporter has very limited time to sort through his email box. If you cannot hook him or her with the subject line, and then reel them in with 50 words or less, forget it. A busy reporter definitely is not going to click on links and listen to an hour long podcast that already aired months ago nor is he or she going to wade through 1000 pages of paper filed in support of a pro se motion to screen a story for newsworthiness.

Last, you didn’t even retain an attorney to file the motion and put his professional reputation behind it. All your motion consists of at this point are some hysterically expressed claims by a woman who was long ago written off by the press as “Leonard Cohen’s Obsessed Harasser”. (Yawn.)

Crazy pro se court filings  get filed every day of the week – many of them targeting celebrities. They are NEVER reported.

For all of these reasons, your press release is the dumbest press release I have ever read.

Stephen R. Gianelli
Crete, Greece

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:14 AM
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch's email dated Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: Stephen Gianelli <stephengianelli@gmail.com>, "*IRS.Commisioner" <*IRS.Commisioner@irs.gov>, Washington Field <washington.field@ic.fbi.gov>, ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>, "Division, Criminal" <Criminal.Division@usdoj.gov>, "Doug.Davis" <Doug.Davis@ftb.ca.gov>, Dennis <Dennis@riordan-horgan.com>, MollyHale <MollyHale@ucia.gov>, nsapao <nsapao@nsa.gov>, fsb <fsb@fsb.ru>, "Kelly.Sopko" <Kelly.Sopko@tigta.treas.gov>, OPLA-PD-LOS-OCC@ice.dhs.gov, rbyucaipa <rbyucaipa@yahoo.com>, khuvane <khuvane@caa.com>, blourd <blourd@caa.com>, Robert MacMillan <robert.macmillan@gmail.com>, a <anderson.cooper@cnn.com>, wennermedia <wennermedia@gmail.com>, Mick Brown <mick.brown@telegraph.co.uk>, "glenn.greenwald" <glenn.greenwald@firstlook.org>, lrohter <lrohter@nytimes.com>, Harriet Ryan <harriet.ryan@latimes.com>, "hailey.branson" <hailey.branson@latimes.com>, tania.cardoso@hollenbecklaw.com, "USLawEnforcement@google.com" <USLawEnforcement@google.com>, Feedback <feedback@calbar.ca.gov>, mike.feuer@lacity.org, "mayor.garcetti" <mayor.garcetti@lacity.org>


Gianelli harassed me over the Press Release I put on my blog and sent to thousands of news outlets.  He harasses me over the information on my blog and lies.  He pretends they're forwarded to him so I've let you know how I know for a fact he's a liar.  Do you think my press release is ridiculous?  If so, why?  



Will IRS prosecute singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen for criminal tax fraud?
Was Leonard Cohen a participant in CIA’s MKULTRA program?

            On June 23, 2015, in Department 24 of Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Robert Hess will determine whether or not he will vacate singer songwriter Leonard Cohen’s default judgment against his former personal manager, Kelley Lynch, and refer Cohen together with his lawyers, Robert Kory and Michelle Rice, to the appropriate authorities for perjury prosecutions and disciplinary actions.  Judge Hess will, of course, be acting without personal jurisdiction over Kelley Lynch as she was never served Leonard Cohen’s legal complaint or summons. 

Los Angeles Superior Court
Stanley Mosk Courthouse
111 N. Hill Street
Department 24
Los Angeles, California 90012
Hearing:  8:30 AM

            The details of the salacious story involving Leonard Cohen, his former personal manager, allegations of criminal tax fraud, and Cohen’s three versions of his famous Phil Spector gun incident now before LA Superior Court can be found at riverdeepbook.blogspot.com.  Journalist Ann Diamond’s article, Whatever Happened to Kelley Lynch, gives a very nice, concise overview of what actually unfolded when Leonard Cohen heard (in the fall of 2004) that his trusted personal manager planned to report his tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service.  After publishing this article (enclosed below) on her blog, Leonard Cohen and his lawyers promptly threatened to sue Ms. Diamond.  To date, the media coverage has been limited to Leonard Cohen’s highly fictional narrative that Kelley Lynch was his disgruntled ex-lover who embezzled his retirement funds, stalked him for no reason whatsoever, and may have wanted to attend his concert.  While this rather entertaining story has a fairy tale ring to it, the reality of the situation is far more scandalous. 

In addition, Kelley Lynch was actually prosecuted for, among other things, annoying Leonard Cohen by addressing the fact that he falsely accused her of having sex with Oliver Stone to stir up a custody matter (that was successful although essentially a default judgment); explaining to journalist Glenn Greenwald (the Intercept) that Cohen exposed himself to Lynch and routinely sexually harassed her; repeating what Mick Brown (UK Telegraph) advised her – that Cohen’s statements/testimony were presented to Phil Spector’s Grand Jury;  requesting IRS tax and corporate information that Cohen is required to provide her; and violating a fraudulent restraining order (primarily used to discredit and silence Lynch) that the Court repeatedly told her (and Phil Spector’s former personal assistant, Paulette Brandt) had expired in 2009.  It was during Kelley Lynch’s 2012 trial for annoying Leonard Cohen that she understood he, former District Attorney Steve Cooley (who prosecuted Phil Spector), and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich had publicly joined forces to target and discredit her.  Lynch has now notified Cohen, the City of Los Angeles, and County of Los Angeles that she will be litigating these issues in federal court.

Kelley Lynch, Paulette Brandt, and Ann Diamond’s interviews for Truth Sentinel internet radio program can be found at the following links:

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK ULTRA)

Truth Sentinel Episode 40 (Phil Spector, truth, lies, guilt and innocence, murder trial)

For those of you interested in the latest legal documents, including declarations, filed in Case No BC 338322, many of them can be found at this link:

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Whatever Happened to Kelley Lynch?

Ann Diamond

Kelley Lynch is the woman accused in 2005 of skimming millions from singer Leonard Cohen’s retirement fund. I knew of her through friends of Leonard Cohen, and had heard her described in glowing terms as the agent who, singlehandedly, saved Cohen’s career in the 1990s.

In early May of this year, Lynch suddenly contacted me. She said she was mainly interested in my perceptions of Cohen as a former friend and next door neighbour in Montreal. At one time I also studied with his Zen Master in California, and had spent time with him on Hydra, Greece.

Not having heard her side of the story (I doubt that anyone has, apart from a circle of her closest friends), I was curious. Over the next few weeks, she shared several documents pertaining to the case including an affidavit written and signed by her older son, Rutger.

Together, they paint a picture very much at variance from the sketchy media image of Lynch as a reckless, delusional woman on the brink of a career meltdown. Lynch's own timeline also includes disturbing behind-the-scene dealings that suggest she may have been set up to take the blame for Cohen's tax situation.

The following account is based on what Lynch has sent me --

Since 2005 when she became the object of media gossip, little if anything has been heard from Kelley Lynch.

A single mother with two sons, Lynch was Leonard Cohen's personal manager from approximately 1988 to 2004, and was known for her skill, hard work, and dedication. Until 2004, Kelley lived and worked in Los Angeles where she still has many friends and acquaintances in the entertainment world including Phil Spector and Oliver Stone.

Her own account of the events that wrecked her career, varies widely from the media portrait of a reckless, delusional woman in the throes of a personal meltdown. The meltdown was real, however. By late December, 2005, Lynch had lost custody of one son and was homeless and living on the streets with her older son, Rutger, who witnessed the chain of bizarre events that had begun a year earlier. 

In 2004, Lynch owned a house in Brentwood, and still worked for Cohen, who owed her money for royalties and other services, but was increasingly involved with his new girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, ex-wife of Cohen’s attorney, Robert Kory.

In retrospect, Lynch believes she was set up by Cohen and his representatives to help cover up a tax situation which made the IRS “nervous.” In September 2004, Cohen’s attorney Weston told Lynch that a financial entity known as Traditional Holdings, LLC could be overturned by the IRS. Lynch, who had been selected as a partner on the entity, became uneasy and consulted a new accountant, who referred her to tax lawyers, who found irregularities in Cohen's tax history, both in the US and Canada where he has residences.

Rattled by what she was hearing – that she was being dragged into criminal tax fraud -- Lynch called the IRS in Washington and also contacted their website. An IRS collection agent advised her to call the Fraud Hotline, which she did.

Told that any further action on her part might implicate her in fraud, Lynch refused to meet with Cohen or turn over the corporate books. At that stage, Cohen’s advisers began claiming that certain payments, distributions, or advances made to her were actually "over-payments." Lynch says their accounting was incomplete and ignored her share of intellectual property, unpaid commissions and royalties, and share in Traditional Holdings, LLC. Apparently Lynch had also been issued K1 partnership tax documents and made a partner on another Cohen investment entity, LC Investments, LLC, without her permission or awareness.

Lynch says an increasingly nervous and desperate Cohen was pressuring her to agree to mediation and told a friend of hers that Lynch was "the love of his life." She and Cohen had had a brief affair in 1990, but Cohen now was offering her 50% of his "community property" as well as "palimony" through lawyer Robert Kory at a meeting attended by Lynch's legal representatives and her accountant, Dale Burgess. To Lynch, none of this made sense at the time.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office received an anonymous tip informing them that Lynch was a friend of producer Phil Spector, whom Lynch maintains is innocent. Cohen, on the other hand, had given an interview in which he described a gun-waving Spector who threatened him during recording sessions in 1977.

At around the same time he was offering her “millions”, Lynch says, Cohen was also circulating slanderous stories about her. She believes Cohen encouraged Los Angeles record producer Steve Lindsey, the father of her son Ray, to initiate a custody suit – on May 25, 2005, the same day a 25-man SWAT team from the LAPD, acting on a bogus 911 call, suddenly cordoned off her street and surrounded her home in response to a "hostage taking."

Earlier that morning, Lynch says, her 12 year old son Ray woke up not feeling well. She sent an email to his school informing them she was keeping him at home. When the boy's father found out Ray was home he became agitated and abusive over the phone to Lynch.

Lynch says she had young people who worked for her coming and going that day, and did not want Ray’s father coming to the house and attacking her, as he had in the past. She called her older son Rutger, who was visiting a friend nearby, and asked him to pick Ray up and take him down the hill where actress Cloris Leachman waited in her car. Leachman, a friend of Lindsey, took charge of Ray – just as seven LAPD squad cars came speeding up Mandeville Canyon Road in the direction of Lynch’s house. With them was Ray’s father, Steve Lindsey.

Lynch says she looked out the window and saw armed men on her lawn. Her son Rutger and his friends were telling police there was no hostage-taking, that they had spent the morning with Lynch, and that there must be some mistake. For reasons no one understands, LAPD/Inglewood PD decided to believe Steve Lindsey, who had left the scene.

Police later gave varying explanations about what led up to the incident. West LAPD said they responded to a report that someone heard "shots fired." But a company that oversees SWAT said Lynch would have to have a superior caliber weapon to warrant such a high risk entry. A member of the SWAT team claimed to have seen a note that Lynch’s sister had placed the call stating Lynch posed “a danger to herself and everyone around her.” Her sister denies this.

Lynch stayed inside her house and called her former custody lawyer, Lee Kanon Alpert. She also called Leonard Cohen, assuming he had played a role in the events unfolding on her lawn. Lynch says she knew Steve Lindsey had also been meeting with Cohen and his attorney, and had recently told their son Ray that Lynch was “going to jail,” upsetting the boy. She says Cohen taped the phone call later used in his successful court case against her – for which, Lynch says, she never received a summons.

Lynch says, “Police were on my hillside and crouching under my kitchen window.” She says the standoff on her lawn continued for several more hours, disrupting the neighbourhood. Members of Inglewood Police Department also participated in the operation.

Eventually, she decided to go into the back yard. Seeing her son Rutger acting as a “human shield and hostage negotiator,” Lynch ventured out front with her Akita on leash and joked to the cops: "Who am I supposed to be holding hostage? My dog?"

The police responded by telling her son they would only shoot Lynch and her dog if necessary.

“That was when I dove into the pool.”

SWAT team members searched her house. As they entered, Lynch's African Grey parrot, Lou, called out: "I see dead people!" – further alarming the nervous cops.

Offering her a hand out of the pool, one officer said they were only there to help her and not to hurt her.

“No one asked me if I was all right; no one questioned me about my well-being.” The Medical Examiners Office later wondered how the police had evaluated her. After stating they were not arresting her, they handcuffed Lynch, still in her bikini. On her way out the door, her son managed to hand her a brocade jacket.

Although she lived near UCLA Medical Center, she was taken in a squad car to King-Drew Medical Centre in Watts, 40 miles away and a three-hour drive in traffic. Known as one of America’s worst hospitals, King-Drew was recently closed down as a place where patients routinely die from neglect and medical errors. During the long ride through South Central Los Angeles, Lynch says she was questioned closely about her relationship with Phil Spector, who had been charged with first degree murder of Lana Clarkson. In the car, Lynch voiced concern over what awaited her at the hospital but was told by a woman cop: "This will be good for you."

“I felt I was being kidnapped”.

At Emergency, the admitting psychiatrist administered anti-psychotic drugs without authorization and left Lynch in the waiting area for hours, still in her bikini and brocade jacket, and handcuffed to a chair. A nurse advised her she would be transferred – but did not tell her where. Examining her file, the nurse noticed it listed her as 19 years old with wrong social security number, wrong date of birth, wrong religion, and her name misspelled as "Kelly Lynch" Lynch thinks it was the same file she had seen, several months earlier, in the hands of the Special Investigator who came to question her about Spector.

A second doctor told her to wait her turn to ensure no further harm would come to her, and assured her that nothing in the King Drew report could cause her to lose custody of her child. The following day, she was released after nearly 24 hours in the psych ward.

Back home, Lynch learned that while she was being held at the hospital her younger son's father, Steven Clark Lindsey, had filed for custody of her son Ray Charles Lindsey and obtained a restraining order denying her access to the boy. She says Lindsey attempted to convince doctors at King Drew that she was dangerous, in order to have her committed, She says Lindsey also threatened the psychiatrist who had her released.

On that same day, Cohen’s attorney Robert Kory filed a Declaration in the custody matter, as did Betsy Superfon (a friend of Cohen, Kory and Lindsey who had befriended Lynch a few months earlier ). Superfon later told Lynch she didn't realize what she was signing, and that Cohen had offered Lindsey money “or something else” to take Ray away from Lynch.

Her older son alleges Lindsey offered him money to go to Leonard Cohen's lawyer's office and transfer or sign over Lynch’s house to Cohen or his attorney Robert Kory. Rutger refused and phoned his own father, who advised him to contact a lawyer.

Two weeks later, in early June, as she drove down her street to buy dog food, a Mercedes sped out of a neighbouring driveway and rear-ended her car, Lynch was thrown forward, fracturing her nose against the steering well, and was knocked unconscious. Later, she says, as she drove back up the hill to her home, the same driver was standing in his driveway and called out: “We are watching you” as she passed.

Seeing his injured, bleeding mother enter the house, her older son again phoned his father, who may have called 911. Accounts vary as whether the call referred to an incident of "domestic violence" or a "drug overdose." Either way, police arrived at Lynch’s door for the second time in two weeks. Over the protests of her son, they entered while she was on the phone to a friend, Dr. Wendi Knaak who stayed on the phone talking with Rutger while police again handcuffed Lynch. This time they took her to UCLA hospital where her obvious head injuries were ignored. Instead, she was once again drugged and placed in the psychiatric unit where she remained for several days.

Lynch and her advisors maintain these events were coordinated by Cohen, Kory and Lindsey, with the help of former LA District Attorney Ira Reiner in a well- orchestrated plan to traumatize and discredit her – paving the way for media stories which accused her of skimming millions from Cohen’s retirement fund.

In the summer of 2005, as Lynch was struggling to save her home and protect her child from a father her friends describe as "viciously anti-social" and “violent”, reports of Leonard Cohen's financial troubles hit the press. They alleged the 70-something singer had been scammed by his personal manager, Kelley Lynch, who colluded with an advisor at the AGILE Group in Colorado to send him false financial statements while emptying his accounts of millions of dollars.

Although listed as the owner of Traditional Holdings, the entity in question, Lynch says she never received any statements from the AGILE Group -- who instead had been sending them to Cohen -- having changed her mailing address to Cohen's home in Los Angeles. She has since filed a complaint with the US Post Office for mail tampering.

NOTE:  It appears that Leonard Cohen, or his representatives, attempted to change Lynch's mailing address from her home in Brentwood, California to his home in Los Angeles, California.  A Complaint was filed with USPS.

She insists Cohen sued her because she went to the IRS about his tax situation. She says he is not, and never was, "broke" and that missing funds went to buy homes for his son Adam Cohen and girlfriend, singer Anjani Thomas, ex-wife of Robert Kory. Noting Cohen is famous for his financial largesse and once gave Zen Master Sasaki Roshi $500,000 as a gift, Lynch also cites hefty payments to advisers, various transaction fees, personal taxes, and other monies which may have been sent offshore.

While Cohen and Lindsey attempted to persuade others, including LA Superior Court, that she intended to flee to Tibet or another non-extradition country, Lynch was isolated and penniless and still in Los Angeles. Lynch was former personal secretary to the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a flamboyant Tibetan spiritual teacher who founded Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado in the 1970s, and died in 1987. She says various Tibetan lamas are praying for her safety.

NOTE:  Lynch was a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; resided with his son (her nephew) for years; and was Kusum Lingpa Rinpoche's personal assistant and is his chos kyi dags mos and lineage holder.

Journalists covering the story were either unable, or didn't bother, to track Lynch down, and most reported Cohen's statements as fact. The NY Times contacted Kelley for a quote which they never printed

By July 2005, Lynch had lost her custody battle and Ray went to live with his father. On December 28, she and Rutger were evicted from the house in Brentwood, and ended up homeless in Santa Monica, which has no resources for the homeless. The Police Department gave her no help and, she claims, laughed when she brought in evidence that she was being stalked by a known serial killer while she camped on the beach.

In 2006, Cohen was awarded a symbolic $9 million settlement in a civil suit against Lynch, who still does not have a lawyer representing her. Corporate books and other evidence of fraud appear to have been overlooked by Judge Ken Freeman in his judgment, Lynch says, although she admits she has not read the court documents and was never served a summons. At the time of the decision, she told reporters she lacked the money to make a phone call. That same year, her older son lost his fingers in an accident with a meat grinder while he was working at Whole Foods in Los Angeles and Lynch could not afford a bus ticket to visit him in hospital.

Lynch heard through a journalist that Cohen later testified for the District Attorney’s office in a secret grand jury relating to the Phil Spector case with former District Attorney Ira Reiner acting as his lawyer. Reiner is a personal friend of Cohen, and as D.A. presided over some high-profile cases including the “Night Stalker” serial killer and the McMartin Day Care scandal.

Recently, on June 17, 2008, Cohen's lawsuit against the Agile Group was thrown out of court for lack of evidence. In response the AGILE Group dropped its counter-suit accusing Cohen of defamation and fraud. AGILE still claims to be shocked that a singer of Leonard Cohen's talent and stature would engage in false accusations against his own representatives.

Lynch believes Cohen and AGILE colluded to defraud her. She continues to deny all allegations against her, and remains hopeful that Phil Spector's lawyer, Bruce Cutler, will represent her in recouping damages to her livelihood and reputation. She now lives in another state and recently learned her younger son, 15, whom she has not seen since July 2005, stopped attending school last January.

These days Cohen’s fans seem to have expended their rage at Kelley Lynch for driving their idol into bankruptcy. Some now say she unwittingly did them a service -- by forcing him to go on tour for the first time in nearly two decades.

At 74, singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen continues to ride a wave of sympathy, gathering wide support from the music world and even some British royalty. Unquestionably, his career and finances have benefited from news reports that he is too impoverished to retire.

From his tower of song, Cohen has written:

I smile when I'm angry
I cheat and I lie
I do what I have to do
To get by

And I’m always alone
And my heart is like ice
And it’s crowded and cold
In my secret life

My Secret Life. Leonard Cohen
His many admirers need to listen closely.

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 3:58 AM, Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com> wrote:

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

One thing - Gianelli is lying about Paulette and using the Von Wattevile case because later he can slander her and say she's defending Phillip because she sees money in her future.  He lies about that with me.  I'll let Judge Hess know his M.O. and tactics.


On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 3:57 AM, Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com> wrote:

Stephen Gianelli,

I am reviewing the criminally harassing emails you and Susanne Walsh have sent me, Paulette Brandt, and others, since I filed my Motion for Terminating Sanctions in mid-March 2015.  I am submitting that evidence to LA Superior Court and addressing your slander, defamation, libel, harassment, stalking, threats, intimidation tactics, etc.

Karina Von Watteville phoned Robert Kory, after receiving Paulette Brandt's rent demand letter in June 2014, because she - not we - smelled cash.  She is a vexatious litigant who tells everyone (including me) that men do things for her, give her money, and adore her.  She photographed a gold record I had (belonging to me with my name on it) and mentioned that she never heard of Leonard Cohen.  Witnesses were present.  She did know Elton John whose Gold Record I have for the Duets album.  Kory told her (and she repeated this to the mediator and Paulette Brandt at the first hearing) to sue me and said I was crazy.  Kory's insane so he might have a hard time distinguishing reality from fiction.  He also has bias and motive - he replaced me as Cohen's manager and became his lawyer.  He's now, with his partner Michelle Rice, a paid lawyer, paid witness, and paid victim, who - with Rice - received domestic violence related orders.  The reason for that is due to the fact that the foreign Colorado order was fraudulently registered as a domestic violence order.  I've received your inane legal opinions about these orders and cannot figure out who would hire you.  I view you as an ambulance chaser and Von Watteville's the perfect client for you from my perspective.

You emailed me about the Small Claims hearing and Von Watteville - not the other way around.  You wrote me about the 15th which was the hearing date for the Small Claims matter.  I wasn't aware of the date because Paulette Brandt hadn't told me.  I have your emails so your lies now won't help you.  You lie relentlessly and that includes to IRS, FBI, DOJ, ICE, FTB, District Attorney, City Attorney, and probably others.  You relentlessly targeted my sons, sister (whose lawyer advised you to cease and desist), and others.  People have gone to law enforcement and provided courts with declarations.  You wrote that you have a glimpse of behind closed doors at Paulette Brandt's.  No you don't.  You do not know where I live.  You're not retired. You have a job - me.  You have relentlessly targeted me for six straight years now.  You've devoted blogs to slandering and lying about me.  You worked with Michelle Blaine to have my email accounts and blogs fraudulently taken down.  You work in tandem with Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, and just cc'd Robert Kory when you transmitted the blog you threw up after your blackmail with respect to riverdeepbook.blogspot.com.

I have sent you countless emails advising you to cease and desist.  You sent me the Greece/U.S. treaty and indicated that you are immune to extradition and prosecution.  You could be deported however.  You have issued not to veiled threats to me re. your alleged Mafia connections.  You have said that I should die.  You recently wrote me and Paulette that we should commit suicide. You do not know us and your obsession is vile and vulgar.. 

You're arrogance about yourself is appalling.  You are a nouveau riche fraud and embarrassing.  People view you as a psychopath who writes deranged emails.  You have targeted nearly every witness who submitted a declaration to Judge Hess.  You hunted won my ex-husband, Richard Dallett, and then lied about him. I have his emails and I know him.  He said you called him numerous times and wanted information - including about my brother who you do not know.

The two year statute re. Von Watteville's agreement to pay Paulette Brandt (when she received her social security lump sum payment - or was notified that she received it) has not expired.  You wrote the declaration that Von Watteville submitted and argued the statute.  That is fraud upon the court.  

I advised Von Watteville, over the course of months, to cease and desist with respect to her slander, false accusations, call to Robert Kory, and other relevant issues.  IRS, FBI, and DOJ were copied in and have those emails.  

Paulette Brandt didn't come after Von Watteville because she heard about her accident money.  Von Watteville told me, and others, she had a $200,000 settlement for her hand injury and also noted that she was suing the insurance company for $80,000.  Paulette Brandt didn't know her when her former roommate (from years and years ago in NYC) called out of the blue.  She hadn't spoken to her in years and years.  She begged Paulette Brandt to let Von Watteville stay.  She said Von Watteville lost her green card and was waiting to sort that out until she received her lump sum social security check.  That's an agreement.  The woman was a stranger, who was being kicked out of the place she rented, and about to end up homeless.  She is now lying, slandering us, and pathetic from my perspective. I do not know her so her obsession concerned me.  I figured she would find Leonard Cohen.  I saw right through her as Paulette Brandt continually reminds me.

Paulette Brandt, Linda Carol, and I do not do illicit drugs.  I don't even touch marijuana and rarely have a glass of wine.  Everyone that knows me understands this.  Ray Lawrence blamed Michael and Tyler for stealing his alcohol - also parties with young people there.  I didn't even really live with him.  He was in Minnesota.  And, guess what - no one cares about Ray Lawrence at all so enjoy your friendship.  I know you referred him to a lawyer in Contra Costa.  I also have the emails he privately wrote me about you and Kelly Green.  I have provided them to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.

The judge asked anyone who was a witness to leave the courtroom.  He didn't seize on the moment and zoom in on Debbie who is also being slandered.  Why?  Because she's a witness.  Von Watteville's not intelligent. I've spoken to her.  She was boasting about being stripper at a club where, according to her, women smoked through their "coozes."  That sounds vulgar to me.  Her demeanor?  Someone noted that they saw her screaming in the hallway (about Cohen, Kory and ICE - that she brought up) and thought she looked like a con artist in the courtroom talking meekly to the judge.  I am onto you, Gianelli.  Many people are.  You're not intelligent so how would you know if someone's intelligent. 

Game, set, match, right, Gianelli?  You are targeting Paulette Brandt over Phil Spector and me.  You want to discredit her and I want Judge Hess to understand this.  Also, the Small Claims judge and the Commissioner in the fraud domestic violence order.  You've criminally harassed me over all these issues and I have the evidence.  They can decide for themselves if you are an unofficial member of Cohen's legal team and/or moonlighting for the Spector prosecutors and arguing Spector prosecution theories online - ie., the gun was Phillip's and Clarkson's DNA wasn't on the bullets and ammunition when it was.

Your email to Ed Lozzi, with me copied in, was transparent as hell.  You are attempting to infiltrate Phil Spector's defense.  That's why you called Bruce Cutler using me as a pretext.  I stand behind my letters to Cutler.  They're not harassing.  I heard from Phillip after the trial and it's safe to say that he felt it was important to know that Cooley and Cohen publicly aligned themselves to target me, Cohen was testifying about Phil Spector and a gun (that's why there are now three versions of Cohen's garbage gun story about Spector before LA Superior Court, etc.  The three letters ARE the evidence Cutler provided the Court.  His letter is hearsay.  And, he said he destroyed the alleged voice mail messages.  I never called him 30 times a day.  He couldn't prove that if hell froze over.  I do want to know more about his conversations with Dixon about me in 2008.  You did, after all, advise me that Dixon was behind the Boulder PD incident at Deneuve Construction.

Now cease and desist, Gianelli.  I see right through you - and so do many othres.

Kelley Lynch

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:29 PM
Subject: RE: Kelley Lynch's email dated Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Cc: wennermedia <wennermedia@gmail.com>, Robert MacMillan <robert.macmillan@gmail.com>, khuvane@caa.comblourd@caa.com, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <vivienne.swanigan@lacity.org>wfrayeh@da.lacounty.gov
Ms. Lynch,

You have “no idea what you are talking about”?

Then please allow me to remind you!

You started emailing me about a Ms. Karina Von Watteville last Tuesday, accusing her of slandering you – which the situation appeared to be quite the opposite – alluding to a pending legal matter between Paulette Brandt and Ms. Von Watteville, even copying me with your emails to Ms. Von Watteville.

You sent me over twenty emails about the small claims matter, so I decided to offer Ms. Von Watteville my not inconsiderable  legal expertise. I provided to her several bullet-proof defenses, and schooled her no how to conduct herself at yesterday’s hearing. I the emailed you, even calling my shots (as they say in pool) predicting that Ms. Brandt’s claim would be defeated by the two-year statute of limitations provided by CCP 339, an idea you LAUGHED AT. You emailed me on the 13th  and the 14th  even denying there was a hearing in the matter on the 15th!

You continued to email me, alluding to every aspect of the case, claiming that Ms. Von Watteville “called Kory”, and sent me emails yesterday the 15h before the hearing (based on Crete, Greece time) at 4:51, 4:56, 4:17, 4:17, 5:36 PM (between 7:00 and 8:00 AM Los Angeles time), even informing me that Paulette Brandt would bring a “witness who lived there at the time”. You copied me with an email calling Ms. Von Watteville disparaging names, and then copied me with an email to Ms. Brandt saying: “Let me know what time we're being picked up” for the hearing (rather hilarious since you and Ms. Brandt live together in a small 2-bedroom apartment – but you email each other, cc to me? Ha!).

So please, your claim I am stalking you about Ms. Brandt’s sordid little small claims matter is ridiculous. I do know what happened at the hearing, however, so please allow me to recap – because I am enjoying this so much!


Seizing the situation up, the judge instructed you and Debbie to wait outside the courtroom.

Fortunately, Ms. Von Watteville is intelligent enough  to implement my defense strategy bullet points and legal citations to the letter, as well as my demeanor tips.

àAfter hearing both sides, and AS I PREDICTED (earning several derisive emails from you over the last few days) PAULETTE BRANDT LOST THE CASE because the lawsuit was initiated AFTER THE TWO-YEAR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS PROVIDED BY CCP 339 EXPIRED.

Perhaps I was being too subtle when I merely alluded to “Today’s hearing”.

I should have said Paulette Brandt lost her court case of yesterday, for the very reasons I predicted via email before the hearing.

I am not surprised that you and Ms. Brandt were shocked.

Neither of you understand what a “statute of limitations” is.

I hope you were paying attention yesterday, because CCP 339 is the SAME STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS that applies to bar your alleged financial claims against Leonard Cohen (since you saw fit to inject that matter into these discussions).

Isn’t is just GRAND how life turns out?

Needless to say, I am quite happy for Ms. Von Watteville, to whom I say “CONGRATULATIONS!

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

From: Kelley Lynch [mailto:kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:11 AM
To: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI; irs.commissioner; Washington Field; ASKDOJ; Division, Criminal; Doug.Davis; Dennis; MollyHale; nsapao; fsb; rbyucaipa; khuvane; blourd; Robert MacMillan; a; wennermedia; Mick Brown; glenn.greenwald; lrohter; Harriet Ryan; hailey.branson; stan.garnett; USLawEnforcement@google.com; Feedback; mike.feuer@lacity.org
Cc: Paulette Brandt
Subject: Re: today's hearing


I have advised you to stop emailing and harassing me.  Paulette Brandt advised you of the same nearly two years ago now.  

I have no idea what you are talking about re. TODAY - nor do I care.   You have no idea what I did today, Stalker.

Cease and desist.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 2:03 PM, STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com> wrote:


(Who is the ‘liar’ now?)