Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ed Lozzi, Lana Clarkson's "Publicist," Continues To Lie About Phil Spector Online

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, May 24, 2015 at 5:10 PM
Subject: Phil Spector
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Ed Lozzi,

Do you ever quit?  My God - attempting to gain fame off your dead client.  She shot herself.  That's what happens when you mix alcohol and vicodin.  

You don't know Phil Spector.  You're an insane liar who told me Phillip could call in an assassination from prison.  I took shorthand notes of our conversation.  My shorthand skills are evidently legendary.  That includes your advising me that the valet at the Beverly Hills Hotel loves to talk to the news media and journalists.  I talked to Marty Machat.  He was there.  

The forensic evidence proved she killed herself.  Phil Spector did not hold guns on women who "rejected" him.  The notion is laughable.  It sounds like something out of "Dark Shadows."  Listen to Paulette Brandt and my interviews at this small radio program.  She was his girlfriend for years (including when he recorded John Lennon); worked inside the Pasadena house for years; worked with him the second time (previously with Apple Records in NY and LA) from 1992 until 2002 when Blaine targeted him and stole $1 million.  Blaine's the female Leonard Cohen:  a bald faced thief and a liar.

The gun was not Spector's.  Her DNA was on the ammunition.  The GSR was on her hands.  Your friend caused this situation.  You are merely attempting to benefit.  You're a monster and should be exposed as such.

Kelley Lynch

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Friends of Lana Clarkson  22 days ago
Lana Clarkson's murderer, Phil SPECTOR, and his lawyers are show boating. He has already lost all appeals..and the Supreme Court of US refuses to hear the case. The so called appeal is no appeal at is a ridiculous PR stunt plea to let him out because he doesn't feel well???? HA ha ha. Dear Phil RIP. Edward Lozzi for the Friends of Lana Clarkson