Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Ongoing Criminal Harassment & Unlawful Retaliation Over A Small Claims Matter That Was Evidently Resolved

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Gianelli and von Watteville,

I am advising you to cease and desist harassing me over the Small Claims matter.  Von Watteville, based on witness confirmation, owes Paulette Brandt 14 months of back rent and decided to contact "Robert Kory' in response to the Small Claims Complaint.  She has confirmed, in front of three witnesses, that she does not know me.  

Gianelli, I said you have no idea what I did yesterday.  I do not know you, Stalker.  You represented Von Watteville, a woman that appears to be a Grifter who is evidently shaking down an estate.  I plan to speak to that attorney now.

I wasn't part of the hearing.  The judge did ask all witnesses to leave.  He did this repeatedly throughout all hearings.  Von Watteville attempted to use my cease and desist letters as evidence which they are not - re. the Small Claims matter.  She attempted to further defraud Paulette Brandt, in her counter-claim, of $10,000 although she was given two months notice or more to vacate the premises.  

I am NOT discussing the hearing with a Criminal Stalker and/or Grifter.  

We're all clear that Von Watteville defrauded Paulette Brandt.  I wasn't served Cohen's lawsuit and have a hearing in that matter on June 23, 2015.  It doesn't involve the present round of lies and slander re. the Small Claims matter.  

I won the trial against Boulder PD.  The jury thought they were lying about the only issue I was falsely arrested over. 

I said the apartment WAS INFESTED by Karina Von Watteville.  Paulette Brandt had the room Von Watteville trashed cleaned extensively and removed nearly two dozen bags of garbage.  The individual who lived here before the Grifter confirmed that she left the room immaculate and saw the condition the Grifter left it in.  The apartment is NOT CARPETED and there is no cat pee anywhere.  A Criminal Stalker who doesn't know us and a Grifter who hasn't lived here in over 2-1/2 years who is slandering someone over rent they owe are not in the position to address these matters. 

I don't have substance abuse issues and Von Watteville doesn't know me, never saw me drink, and was here briefly twice with witnesses present.  My roommate and I filed criminal complaints against Gianelli in Ft. Lauderdale.  The Louisville Police did a welfare check on a couple who exposed a child to fentanyl patches.  The mother of the woman removed custody of one child and Child Services was involved.  The police confirmed the pain pills that this couple used.  It was their idea to do a welfare check.  Not mine.  I paid them rent for the week I stayed and had already rented another room.  I had nothing to do with the police welfare check.  The police advised me that they had been called to that apartment many times.  

No one uses crack cocaine here.  

Leonard Cohen stole millions from me and failed to serve me.  I have now provided the Court with evidence of this fact.  I just spoke with a Commissioner at the Court who told me the order is domestic violence and couldn't understand this based on the fact that the Colorado order I requested was not.  Cohen's tax refunds have been challenged with IRS and FTB as fraud since their discovery.  Those issues will be litigated in federal court.

Cease and desist.  I'm not interested in being targeted by a lying Criminal Stalker and/or a Grifter.  

Kelley Lynch

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