Friday, April 17, 2015

Leonard Cohen's Lawyer Simply Decided To Involve Himself In A Small Claims Matter, Involving Phil Spector's Former Personal Assistant, As A Coincidence?

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Hi IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

The Criminal Stalker is certainly obsessed with Paulette Brandt's Small Claims case.  I didn't highlight the email I sent Robert Kory advising him to cease and desist.  The Stalker went to my public blog, grabbed the post, and highlighted it.  

This liar wants me to believe that Karina Von Watteville was served the Small Claims Complaint, for rental arrears she owes Paulette Brandt, and phone Robert Kory and this has nothing to do with Leonard Cohen?  Who would believe that?  There is no harassing behavior.  I sent a handful of cease and desist letters to this woman regarding her slander and conduct, and after receiving the Complaint she contacted Leonard Cohen's lawyer.  During the first mediation in this matter, Von Watteville advised Paulette Brandt and the mediator that her defense involved contacting Robert Kory.  Her evidence was a "cease and desist" letter I sent her.  I will put together a word document with the handful of cease and desist letters.  Robert Kory is a pathetic liar who is now a paid witness.  He has lied on the witness stand; to IRS; and elsewhere.  Does Leonard Cohen's lawyer frequently provide advice to strangers?  I find that notion obscene - particularly as Ms. Watteville (who does not know me at all) is basing her contract breach on lies and slander.

The Stalker mailed me a letter, having advised me that he lives in Greece, with an Oakland, California postmark.  Paulette Brandt and I discussed this letter with detectives from LAPD and showed them the postmark.  We also explained that this man appears to be moonlighting, has relentlessly harassed and stalked us, and he argues Leonard Cohen's legal matters.  Why didn't Von Watteville contact the Stalker re. her attempts to take a house from the estate of a man in the California case I forwarded you last night?  She simply decided to contact the Criminal Stalker about Paulette Brandt who this man has been stalking and criminally harassing for nearly two straight years.

The Criminal Stalker sent me a harassing email (having attempted to blackmail me over my blog) with a link to his new slanderous blog.  Robert Kory was not copied in by accident.  These people are seasoned, professional liars.  The energy the Stalker has put into this situation is outrageous.  Gianelli is aligned with Cohen, argues legal matters involving Cohen, writes long legal opinions about Leonard Cohen matters, and appears to be part of the defense.  He has not, entered a formal appearance in either Leonard Cohen matter being addressed right now.

Gianelli has publicly stated that he and Cohen's representatives (and he did mention Kory/Rice) spoke in May 2009.  Since that time, he has continuously harassed me, my sons, sister, friends, and others.  I happen to believe a Court or jury could conclude that this man is moonlighting and it relates to Leonard Cohen.  

Stephen Gianelli does not know either party involved in the Small Claims matter.  This woman owes Paulette Brandt 14 months rent and her response to the generosity offered her is to slander Ms. Brandt.  Gianelli also lied when he wrote that I am involved in writing Paulette Brandt's legal documents.  I have now sent you evidence with respect to the attorney who is guiding her and knows the details of the case and situation.  

Let me reiterate this:  I could care less about Karina Von Watteville.  I am well aware of how this woman operates.

Leonard Cohen falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts.  I've said what I have to say in the motion I filed and will see what happens at the hearing on June 23, 2015.  I intend to file a federal RICO suit regarding Cohen's fraudulent tax refunds; the illegal K-1s his wholly owned company transmitted to IRS and State of Kentucky; the fraudulent tax returns that were filed using me as a partner; and so forth.  These federal matters were not litigated and res judicata would not attach.

I wasn't served Leonard Cohen's lawsuit and am quite curious to see how the judge handles Cohen's excessive perjury and fraud.  I am also filing a motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order because there is no domestic violence order and that means there is simply more fraud before LA Superior Court.  I have provided the Court with evidence that I willfully violated nothing because the Boulder Combined Court advised me (and others) that the order expired in 2009.  I now have that evidence in writing as well as the Court's letter and additional evidence proving that there is no domestic violence order.  Leonard Cohen will have to work hard with his lawyers to come up with new lies to counter their former lies.  

Perhaps Leonard Cohen's lawyer, Robert Kory, has some sort of motive to target Paulette Brandt.  I think that's a much better conclusion.  Gianelli may be the reason for this joke - How do you know when a lawyer's lying?  His lips are moving.

All the best,

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