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Legal Issues Related To Case No BC338322 Should Be Addressed With The Attorney Of Record; NOT A Criminal Stalker

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Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 4:34 PM
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Mike Feuer,

Let me know if this is clear.  I phoned Investigators Frayeh and Bennett.  This criminal harassment and campaign of terrorism is going to be resolved.  Why should I address the legal issues before Judge Hess with a lawyer who is not the attorney of record rather than Cohen's attorney of record?  That makes no sense and I do not know the lawyer who has been criminally harassing me, stalking me, targeting my sons and sister, retaliating against Paulette Brandt, etc. at all.  These are tactics related to egregious litigation abuse and an attempt to obstruct justice.  It involves theft in the millions.  I was not served and want to know why your prosecutor attempted to argue I was.  What is her involvement in the case before Judge Hess and why would she lie about this issue?  What was the relevance?  

Kelley Lynch

On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 4:30 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Since you were mentioned by the Stalker, I thought you should have a copy of the draft declaration Linda Carol is providing.  The motion is addressed in this letter although Gianelli has not entered a formal notice of appearance.  I just phoned the DA's office again about this matter.

Kelley Lynch

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Draft Declaration - Karina Von Watteville - The Woman Gianelli Is Advising; Who Phoned Leonard Cohen's Lawyer & Is Retaliating


I, LINDA CAROL, declare:

1.        I am a citizen of the United States who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  I am Paulette Brandt’s roommate.  I am over the age of 18 years.  I have personal knowledge of the facts contained in this declaration and if called upon to testify I could and would testify competently as to the truth of the facts stated herein.

2.         At some point in or around October 2013, I began an apartment search in the Los Angeles area.  Marie Jones posted an ad and I rented a room from her for the months of November and December 2013.  At that time, I met Karina Von Watteville a/k/a Karina Fimbel.  Ms. Watteville was living with Marie Jones and that is how I became acquainted with her. 

3.         Problems arose between Marie Jones and Karina Von Watteville related to monies alleged owed Ms. Jones and Ms. Watteville’s cats who were using the apartment as their kitty litter box.  Karina Von Watteville, who picks through people’s trash and brings items home, infested the apartment with bed bugs and cock roaches.  An argument arose over money allegedly due Marie Jones and the police were called.  This incident occurred in or around November/December 2013.

4.         I continued to look for a permanent and more appropriate room to rent.  Karina Von Watteville advised me that she lived with a woman by the name of Paulette Brandt who had an available guest room for rent.  Ms. Von Watteville liked Ms. Brandt very much and said she enjoyed living with her and strongly encouraged me to contact Ms. Brandt about the room.  Ms. Von Watteville also explained to me that the apartment was clean, pretty, and assured me that Paulette Brandt was an excellent roommate and friend.

5.         I contacted Ms. Brandt, visited the apartment, rented the room, and have lived here for over a year now.  We get along extremely well.  The apartment is well kept and very pretty.  I have my own room and enjoy my privacy.

6.         At some point, after I moved in, Paulette Brandt and I discussed the fact that Karina Von Watteville owes her rent for the 14 months she lived here.  I spoke to Ms. Watteville who personally informed me that she felt bad about the situation.  Both individuals advised me that Karvina Von Watteville promised to pay Ms. Brandt in full when she received her social security check.  At some point in or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville advised me that she had received her social security check.

7.         Paulette Brandt sent Ms. Watteville a rent demand letter.  At that point, Karina Von Watteville began slandering Paulette Brandt and seemed obsessed with a friend of ours, Kelley Lynch.  I have known Kelley Lynch for over a year and she is a very nice, courteous, and respectful individual.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Ms. Lynch but became increasingly upset with her over Paulette Brandt’s rent demands. 

8.         In or around June 2014, Paulette Brandt filed a Small Claims Complaint against Karina Von Watteville asking that she pay her the rental arrears due and owing.  I personally served Karina Von Watteville the Small Claims Complaint.  She was extremely angry but did confirm that she had an agreement to pay Paulette $500/month rent and $50/month utilities. 

9.         In or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville was living in a commercial space she rented under the name of Cover Girl Models.  She lived in the space with her cats.  I visited on one occasion and was shocked to note that garbage and trash was piled around the room and the cats were using the entire space as their kitty litter box.

10.       Karina Von Watteville evidently permitted her cats to use her room at Paulette Brandt’s apartment as a kitty litter box as well.  She informed me that, after receiving the formal two months notice from Ms. Brandt (re. vacating the premises), she retaliated by leaving bags of garbage and trash behind and intentionally permitting her cats to urinate and defecate in the room.  She also apparently infested Paulette Brandt’s apartment with cock roaches.

11.       I do see Karina Von Watteville from time to time but she no longer speaks to me.  I am aware that, after receiving Paulette Brandt’s paperwork, she contacted Leonard Cohen’s lawyer.  Kelley Lynch was Cohen’s personal manager, is involved with legal matters related to him, and reported allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service.

12.       Since I have known Kelley Lynch she has informed me that a man by the name of Stephen Gianelli has criminally harassed and stalked her, members of her family, and others.  He is now sending Kelley Lynch highly slanderous emails about me and Paulette Brandt.  I do not know this individual.  It is my understanding that he has offered Karina Von Watteville assistance with the Small Claims matter involving Paulette Brandt.  Neither Kelley Lynch nor I are parties to that matter.  I am aware that Karina Von Watteville communicated with Robert Kory (Leonard Cohen’s lawyer), and was legally assisted by Stephen Gianelli, because I have seen some of the slanderous and false emails he has sent Ms. Lynch and have had numerous discussions with people who were present at both Small Claims hearings.  At those hearings, Karina Von Watteville evidently attempted to use Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters to defend herself.  This is an excerpt of Stephen Gianelli’s email confirming that he provided Karina Von Watteville with advice and addressing her phone call to Cohen’s lawyer. 


Ms. Von Watteville followed my advice and never even had to get to the other two defenses I specified; she won the hearing with the first issue out of the box:  The claim is time barred under CCP § 339 as arising from the breach of an alleged oral contract. Simple and elegant. No credibility issues to resolve. The shortest distance between point “A” and point “B”.  Game, set match.

In contacting Robert Kory with advice about what to do ...

12.       I was copied in on Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters addressing Ms. Von Watteville’s slanderous comments I (and others) repeated to Ms. Lynch.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Kelley Lynch, as I’ve said, and simply began bad mouthing her, told me she planned to have her investigated and get her in trouble, posted a Gold Record Leonard Cohen gave Kelley Lynch (that Von Watteville photographed) on her Google Plus account, and advised me that Ms. Lynch is an alcoholic.  Kelley Lynch does not have a substance abuse problem and is most definitely not an alcoholic.  These are merely slanderous allegations meant to undermine her credibility.  The slander now appears to be retaliation over Paulette Brandt’s attempts to collect the outstanding rent she is owed.

13.       I have spent most of my adult life working as a model and actress and am now pursuing a college degree. 

I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

This declaration is executed on this 18th day of April 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

                                                                        Linda Carol

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On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 4:26 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Phoned the DA's office and left a message for Investigators Frayeh and Bennett re. the ongoing criminal harassment and threats regarding Paulette Brandt and Linda Carol - who are both being targeted, slandered, retaliated against, etc.  I have sent you the draft email Linda Carol is writing.  I am not representing Paulette Brandt or drafting anything but there is a lawyer involved.  It is not Brandt's sister who is a lawyer.  I never said her sister was representing her in the matter re. Von Watteville.

What consequences is the Criminal Stalker referring to?  Von Watteville is now using the same abusive tactics - although Linda Carol was copied on the cease and desist letters and knows that this woman - who does not know me - began slandering me when Paulette Brandt demanded the overdue rent.  

Gianelli must have "Kory" on his mind since he wrote me about "Jeffrey Kory" and my Motion that was recently filed in Case No. BC338322.  Addressing the slander and harassment, stalking, criminal conduct, etc. is not pure harassment.  

All the best,

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Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 9:53 AM

Kelley A. Lynch
1754 N. Van Ness Avenue
Hollywood, California 90028

Ms. Lynch,

To paraphrase your advice for Jeffery Kory, if you have motions and/or other court filings to make, file them and then attend the hearing(s).

Everything else is pure harassment.

If you persist on this path, neither you nor your other housemates are going to enjoy the legal consequences.

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece