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Kelley Lynch Letter To Bruce Cutler Re. Evidence & Her RICO Lawsuits, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Fwd:
To: Bruce Cutler, "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,

Bruce Cutler,

I apologize for contacting you again but I am working on my RICO suit, reviewing evidence re. predicate acts (including the wire fraud re. the fraud domestic violence order, etc.) and trying to compile evidence related to the ongoing criminal harassment, retaliation, targeting of Paulette Brandt, and other tactics used by Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, Steve Cooley, and others.  

I have the letter you wrote Judge Robert Vanderet who sentenced me for violating a domestic violence order that does not exist.  Boulder Combined Court was very clear about that.  And, while I personally objected, he issued a "domestic violence related" order to you.  You did not request that.  The prosecutor, working with a domestic violence quack, tried to have me drugged and committed because she viewed my emails to you as too chatty.  I think Phil Spector had a right to know that Cohen publicly aligned himself with Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson; the City Attorney elicited testimony from Cohen about Spector and one version of Cohen's good rock and roll stories (there are now three versions before LA Superior Court); Cohen was testifying about Spector and an alleged gun incident; and the prosecutor elicited testimony about Cooley and Jackson.  I've just addressed my "parody" letter re. Cooley with someone from the ACLU who contacted me.  That was a game my colleagues and I played while working on an ACLU campaign and we pretended we were President and addressed our political platforms, appointed our CIA and FBI directors (etc.), and addressed issues we would address.  My issue was corruption in politics and the California Penal Code is quite specific about officials that use perjury to obtain convictions and death sentences.  Phil Spector received a death sentence and, if someone proved prosecutorial use of perjury, the Penal Code provides for the death penalty or a life sentence.

Your letter raised Pat Dixon.  I would like you to maintain all evidence related to Dixon.  Gianelli, a Criminal Stalker, has publicly stated that Dixon was behind the call to Boulder PD.  FBI advised me to contact the DA and Attorney General of Colorado about that matter and I did.  

Your letter mentioned that you deleted the voice mail messages so I will assume you could never prove that fact but Gianelli has criminally harassed me over this issue.  As I've said, he works in tandem with one Kelly Green who posted this about you in 2007:  Kelly Green is now slandering me on a blog Gianelli started after attempting to blackmail me into shutting down my blog.  He and Michelle Blaine previously targeted my email accounts and blogs.  

This moonlighting criminal is now threatening Paulette Brandt and Linda Carol (see his email at the bottom of this email and Carol's draft declaration).  This Criminal has repeatedly made statements about his Italian family members and alluded to the possibility that he has mafia connections.  The mafia should immediately issue a disclaimer.

I would like you to maintain any letter from the City Attorney of Los Angeles with respect to the "domestic violence related" order they may have mailed you.  I will address that issue as mail fraud in my RICO lawsuit.  I attach herewith my claims against the City and County.  I am well within the four year statute re. RICO.  That would include with respect to both false arrests and their tactics.  Gianelli is part of the tactics and is now providing legal advice to a woman attempting to defraud and slander Paulette Brandt.  The woman phoned Robert Kory after receiving Paulette Brandt's rent demand/Small Claims Court.  The criminal mind is a beautiful thing.  The tactics include the use of fraud restraining orders, slander, harassment, etc.  Gianelli continues to harass me, Paulette Brandt, and others.  He wants information about potential declarations people might give me.  He is not the attorney of record for Cohen and I address all legal issues related to Cohen, the motion I just filed, the upcoming hearing on June 23, 201`5, and the fraud domestic violence order (and the motion to vacate I will file next week in that matter) with the attorney of record.

You also may be in possession of a letter from my younger son's school.  I would like that letter and Cohen/Kory targeted him after attempting to stir up a custody matter - by falsely accusing me of having sex with Oliver Stone to Ray's so-called father.  That was another tactic.  I have recently contacted the DA's office regarding this ongoing criminal conduct.  I have brought it to the attention of Judge Hess, State Bar, City Attorney, LAPD's TMU, IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others.  

I would like you to maintain any and all evidence related to all communications with Gianelli, a criminal stalker who has relentlessly targeted me for six years, regarding me.  He has also relentlessly slandered me over this issue.  I heard from Phil Spector after my alleged trial and remain convinced that Gianelli is moonlighting and may work with Spector's prosecution.  He argues prosecution theories online.  You can review this for yourself on the Two Truth Sentinel sites related to Paulette Brandt, Ann Diamond, and my interviews re. Cohen and Phil Spector.  I personally believe CIA should address Cohen's allegations that he was part of the CIA MKULTRA program.  Ann Diamond is being targeted by Gianelli.  She never stalked Cohen.  He falsely accuses women of that.  Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones do not have a restraining order against Ann Diamond.  Phillip knows Mick Jagger and I have written to him about this situation.  I've also contacted other people in the industry because I think everyone should stand up for Phil Spector and against these corrupt actors.  If Dixon's your friend, that is your problem.  I didn't write Eminem's PUKE for this clown and Eminem mentioned "dry humping" re. Mariah Carey.  I doubt Eminem wants to "dry hump" Pat Dixon but you would have to ask him personally.

These are very serious matters.  I am representing myself and writing my own federal RICO suits.  You are in possession of evidence and I am addressing that evidence.  I am onto their "entrapment" tactics.  These people belong in prison.  I don't need to talk to you any longer, I am speaking directly to Dennis Riordan.  Paulette Brandt is aware of everything that is going on and I am aware that she is being targeted and slandered by criminals.  If I think of any additional evidence, I will follow up with one request.

You should be aware that Gianelli is a moonlighting stalker and he appears to be an amateur agent provocateur/infiltrator who is attempting to gather information about matters related to Leonard Cohen, IRS, and Phil Spector.  He works in tandem with Michelle Blaine, Susanne Walsh (who has harassed me and my family for years - and targeted Phil Spector's FB page - a fan of Cohen's), Kelly Green and others.  He legally argues Cohen's case and appears to be an off-the-record member of the defense.  People are writing me commenting about how sleazy he is and how disgraceful Cohen is.  Gianelli must be on overtime right now.  Someone wrote me earlier that a link to the Truth Sentinel interview (Cohen) was posted on Cohen's official fan website (that he monitors, approves content, and works with) and Gianelli was on there slandering me.  The page was pulled down.  Many people are onto this criminal.  He has advised me that he worked with the City Attorney to have me falsely imprisoned on two occasions.

To recap:  I am asking you to maintain all evidence.  Gianelli is using hearsay regarding you to slander and harass me.  You would, of course, have to take the witness stand.  They're all counting on the fact that I am representing myself and LA Superior Court condones fraud, perjury, and a complete lack of service, witness tampering, etc.  That is my personal opinion based on what I have witnessed.  The judges actually lie from the bench and their demeanor is appalling.  

Kelley Lynch

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Kellygreen said

September 3, 2007 at 2:15 am
The evidence will show, the evidence will show Cutler is a fucking pig, a fucking pig!
The man really loves to repeat himself.
So much of Cutler’s OS makes me angry–but I find it truly disgusting that he never refers to Lana Clarkson by name, he always refers to her as the decedent–he is a fucking pig, a fucking pig.

SECOND UPDATE 4/15/2015 – By email of today, Kelley Lynch fills in more details. According to Ms. Lynch, the housemate that she replaced at Paulette Brandt’s a small 2-bedroom apartment – and who roomed with Ms. Brandt for 14-months  -  was a  “grifter”  and former “stripper” who “shared a room here with a dominatrix” and two incontinent cats that “peeed on the floor” and who unwittingly imported cockroaches into the apartment during frequent forays into the bottom of the corner dumpster. Lovely circles Ms. Brandt socializes in!
If Ms. Lynch’s email of today is true, it would certainly explain why Ms. Brandt would willingly welcome into her home an adjudicated embezzler and convicted criminal harasser who served half of the last three years in the Los Angeles County Jail, and who has a history of homelessness, involuntary psychiatric holds, a slew of civil harassment orders against her, and even now continues to copy her mass emails to the IRS, the DOJ, the Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), and many others, and whose own family describes as “sick and she needs help” – a/k/a Kelley Lynch.  


  1. Welcome back, friend!

    I find it hard to believe while she was robbing Cohen blind, her family did the bookkeeping for Cohen's entities; yet, neither her mother, father, sister, nor Steve Lindsey had any idea everything they had, and the high life they were living, was paid for by Cohen? Unbelievable. Of course she couldn't go to rehab during that period. Had she gone to rehab, the gig would've been up.
  2. How can you go to rehab if you ABSOLUTELY have no alcohol issues? Ha!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 9:53 AM

Kelley A. Lynch
1754 N. Van Ness Avenue
Hollywood, California 90028

Ms. Lynch,

To paraphrase your advice for Jeffery Kory, if you have motions and/or other court filings to make, file them and then attend the hearing(s).

Everything else is pure harassment.

If you persist on this path, neither you nor your other housemates are going to enjoy the legal consequences.

Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece


I, LINDA CAROL, declare:
1.        I am a citizen of the United States who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  I am Paulette Brandt’s roommate.  I am over the age of 18 years.  I have personal knowledge of the facts contained in this declaration and if called upon to testify I could and would testify competently as to the truth of the facts stated herein.
2.         At some point in or around October 2013, I began an apartment search in the Los Angeles area.  Marie Jones posted an ad and I rented a room from her for the months of November and December 2013.  At that time, I met Karina Von Watteville a/k/a Karina Fimbel.  Ms. Watteville was living with Marie Jones and that is how I became acquainted with her. 
3.         Problems arose between Marie Jones and Karina Von Watteville related to monies alleged owed Ms. Jones and Ms. Watteville’s cats who were using the apartment as their kitty litter box.  Karina Von Watteville, who picks through people’s trash and brings items home, infested the apartment with bed bugs and cock roaches.  An argument arose over money allegedly due Marie Jones and the police were called.  This incident occurred in or around November/December 2013.
4.         I continued to look for a permanent and more appropriate room to rent.  Karina Von Watteville advised me that she lived with a woman by the name of Paulette Brandt who had an available guest room for rent.  Ms. Von Watteville liked Ms. Brandt very much and said she enjoyed living with her and strongly encouraged me to contact Ms. Brandt about the room.  Ms. Von Watteville also explained to me that the apartment was clean, pretty, and assured me that Paulette Brandt was an excellent roommate and friend.
5.         I contacted Ms. Brandt, visited the apartment, rented the room, and have lived here for over a year now.  We get along extremely well.  The apartment is well kept and very pretty.  I have my own room and enjoy my privacy.
6.         At some point, after I moved in, Paulette Brandt and I discussed the fact that Karina Von Watteville owes her rent for the 14 months she lived here.  I spoke to Ms. Watteville who personally informed me that she felt bad about the situation.  Both individuals advised me that Karvina Von Watteville promised to pay Ms. Brandt in full when she received her social security check.  At some point in or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville advised me that she had received her social security check.
7.         Paulette Brandt sent Ms. Watteville a rent demand letter.  At that point, Karina Von Watteville began slandering Paulette Brandt and seemed obsessed with a friend of ours, Kelley Lynch.  I have known Kelley Lynch for over a year and she is a very nice, courteous, and respectful individual.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Ms. Lynch but became increasingly upset with her over Paulette Brandt’s rent demands. 
8.         In or around June 2014, Paulette Brandt filed a Small Claims Complaint against Karina Von Watteville asking that she pay her the rental arrears due and owing.  I personally served Karina Von Watteville the Small Claims Complaint.  She was extremely angry but did confirm that she had an agreement to pay Paulette $500/month rent and $50/month utilities. 
9.         In or around June 2014, Karina Von Watteville was living in a commercial space she rented under the name of Cover Girl Models.  She lived in the space with her cats.  I visited on one occasion and was shocked to note that garbage and trash was piled around the room and the cats were using the entire space as their kitty litter box.
10.       Karina Von Watteville evidently permitted her cats to use her room at Paulette Brandt’s apartment as a kitty litter box as well.  She informed me that, after receiving the formal two months notice from Ms. Brandt (re. vacating the premises), she retaliated by leaving bags of garbage and trash behind and intentionally permitting her cats to urinate and defecate in the room.  She also apparently infested Paulette Brandt’s apartment with cock roaches.
11.       I do see Karina Von Watteville from time to time but she no longer speaks to me.  I am aware that, after receiving Paulette Brandt’s paperwork, she contacted Leonard Cohen’s lawyer.  Kelley Lynch was Cohen’s personal manager, is involved with legal matters related to him, and reported allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service.
12.       Since I have known Kelley Lynch she has informed me that a man by the name of Stephen Gianelli has criminally harassed and stalked her, members of her family, and others.  He is now sending Kelley Lynch highly slanderous emails about me and Paulette Brandt.  I do not know this individual.  It is my understanding that he has offered Karina Von Watteville assistance with the Small Claims matter involving Paulette Brandt.  Neither Kelley Lynch nor I are parties to that matter.  I am aware that Karina Von Watteville communicated with Robert Kory (Leonard Cohen’s lawyer), and was legally assisted by Stephen Gianelli, because I have seen some of the slanderous and false emails he has sent Ms. Lynch and have had numerous discussions with people who were present at both Small Claims hearings.  At those hearings, Karina Von Watteville evidently attempted to use Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters to defend herself.  This is an excerpt of Stephen Gianelli’s email confirming that he provided Karina Von Watteville with advice and addressing her phone call to Cohen’s lawyer. 

Ms. Von Watteville followed my advice and never even had to get to the other two defenses I specified; she won the hearing with the first issue out of the box:  The claim is time barred under CCP § 339 as arising from the breach of an alleged oral contract. Simple and elegant. No credibility issues to resolve. The shortest distance between point “A” and point “B”.  Game, set match.

In contacting Robert Kory with advice about what to do about your disparagement, Ms.Von Watteville  did not thereby “insert herself into Leonard Cohen's Criminal Tax Fraud matter”, first because all she did was contact a lawyer who (according to your blog) has extensive knowledge about Kelley Lynch for advice about what do about your email harassment;  and second, because there is no pending “Criminal Tax Fraud matter” for Ms.Von Watteville to have inserted herself into.

12.       I was copied in on Kelley Lynch’s cease and desist letters addressing Ms. Von Watteville’s slanderous comments I (and others) repeated to Ms. Lynch.  Karina Von Watteville does not know Kelley Lynch, as I’ve said, and simply began bad mouthing her, told me she planned to have her investigated and get her in trouble, posted a Gold Record Leonard Cohen gave Kelley Lynch (that Von Watteville photographed) on her Google Plus account, and advised me that Ms. Lynch is an alcoholic.  Kelley Lynch does not have a substance abuse problem and is most definitely not an alcoholic.  These are merely slanderous allegations meant to undermine her credibility.  The slander now appears to be retaliation over Paulette Brandt’s attempts to collect the outstanding rent she is owed.

13.       I want to reiterate that Karina Von Watteville a/k/a Karina Fimbel personally advised me that she owed Paulette Brandt 14 months rent and utilities and planned to pay her in full once she received her lump sum social security check.  I do not know if she received this but personally saw her waving around a wad of money at the food bank and informing people that it was $10,000 in cash.
14.       I didn’t share most of what I know about Karina Von Watteville, and what she has advised me, with Paulette Brandt because I didn’t want to get in the middle of the situation.  I considered both women my friends.  I am deeply upset that I am now being slandered, by Stephen Gianelli (a man I don’t know), who is attributing the comments he has made to Karina Von Watteville.  Paulette Brandt attempted to help Karina Von Watteville and is now being retaliated against and slandered.  It is a very disturbing situation.
15.       I have spent most of my adult life working as a model and actress and am now pursuing a college degree. 

I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
This declaration is executed on this 18th day of April 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

                                                                        Linda Carol