Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Is No Joke. It's LA Confidential.

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That must have been the threat in my "Wedding Party"/ACLU parody email:  "This is no joke, this is reality."  It is reality - Cooley was running around screaming for executions (death penalty) using a drug you put dogs down with.  ACLU went after him over that issue.  What's Cooley's issue now?  I could care less about this corrupt fool.  I asked the man for an interview because I am writing a book and there are now three versions of Leonard Cohen's Spector "gun" incident before LA Superior Court.  Seems highly problematic.  Which one does Cooley believe?  LAPD TMU should maintain all files in their possession.  I've addressed it in my Brady Motion that Barela willfully disregarded.  Classic LA Confidential.  Is Investigator Frayeh my "buddy?"  Gianelli's the one writing him.  Paulette and I have already spoken with him about Gianelli's ongoing criminal harassment of me, my sons, sister, etc.  I spoke to Investigator Frayeh in 2009.  He just wanted to be certain I understood he said "handsome" with respect to his views on Pat Dixon - not good looking.  I think that was the conversation.  It might have been the other way around.  Pat Dixon makes me want to puke.  That's a fact.  The Stalker Proxy certainly likes to defend Cooley, Jackson, Dixon, Cohen, Streeter ... LA Confidential.

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