Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Re. Evidence Preservation, Phil Spector, Leonard Cohen, Former DA Steve Cooley, Stalker Steven Gianelli, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 5:59 PM
Subject: Evidence Preservation
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I'm reviewing evidence for a variety of issues.  By the end of this month, I will have filed motions vacating the fraud domestic violence order; asking Judge Hess to refer Cohen for a perjury prosecution (see the transcript where he testified that I never stole from him - the "bail hearing"); and I'm asking both courts to clarify their orders and motions.  I want to know how the Boulder order transformed into a "domestic violence" order.  It's not domestic violence and I was not Cohen's lover.  Being sexually harassed for years and having a man expose his penis to me is not a "dating relationship."  I don't care if that is a relationship to Streeter.  Many people were aware of the harassment - including his looking at people defecating on one another in front of me.  Maybe that's acceptable in your office.  Based on what I've seen, it probably is.  I'm also asking both courts to explain these orders vis a vis IRS reporting requirements.  Cohen still has not provided me with IRS required form 1099 for the year 2004.  I hope your prosecutors have been trained to understand that employers provide their employees with IRS forms at the end of the year.  I know Streeter told the jury that I was in possession of that information.  The IRS is not in possession of that but has advised me that they will request it from Cohen now.  I also have a transcript proving this from IRS.  That transcript also shows illegal K-1s issued me from LC Investments, LLC.  I am not a partner.  I will ask Judge Hess to clarify why LA Superior Court thinks the judgment and restraining order prevent me from requesting or receiving IRS required information.  Hopefully, they can clarify their orders.  I've asked IRS to weigh in on why LAPD sent a file to your office that notes that my alleged emails were generally requests for tax information.  I suppose Streeter actually believed they were lying.  Cohen can prove that now.

I reviewed a letter I wrote Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson in September 2009 attached).  Investigator William Frayeh, who felt Gianelli found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson, hand delivered this letter to Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, and Truc Do at the time.  He confirmed that in writing.  Gianelli is now harassing me over Cohen matters, Phil Spector, Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson.  Also, my motions and the federal lawsuits I am filing.  He is copying in Investigator William Frayeh of the DA's office.  Paulette and I have spoken with Investigator Frayeh and confirmed this harassment.  Other people are being harassed with his emails as well.  His obsession with me is frightening.  However, he advised me that your office worked with him to arrest me both times.  That's extremely important evidence.

Also, Gianelli advised me - in one of his harassing emails, that Spector prosecutor Pat Dixon was behind an incident with Boulder PD.  Evidently LAPD called Boulder PD and said I was dangerous to myself or others.  An officer came into my office with the Police Chief's secretary to determine what was going on.  My employer was on the Planning Committee and my colleagues were in disbelief at what they were witnessing.  Since Streeter publicly stated that the DA's contacted your office about me, I would appreciate your maintaining all evidence related to those communications.  That would include anyone related to the Phil Spector matter.  I want IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Phil Spector's legal team to review everything.  I will remind you that my public defender told me this:  the City Attorney is attempting to sabotage IRS for Leonard Cohen; they want to discredit you; and the DA doesn't want the Spector verdict overturned.  He also advised me that there was a prosecution plant, he felt, on my jury in the trial your office prosecuted me over.

Finally, Mike, I sent numerous emails to former City Attorney Rocky Delgaldillo.  I initially advised him that Cohen was blackmailing me.  If those are available, would you preserve them as well.  I disagree with your office's position re. statutes, etc. involving the federal lawsuit I will be filing.  Please do maintain the evidence related to Vivienne Swanigan's retaliation against Steve Miller.  That's highly material and I have spoken with his law firm.

Thank you.

Kelley Lynch