Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS, DOJ & FBI Re. Gianelli's Criminally Harassing Emails, Stalking, Slander, Targeting Of My Family Members & Others

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 9:28 PM
Subject: Re: Your ridiculous emails of this week to Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson
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IRS, DOJ, and FBI,

Gianelli has once again been advised to cease and desist criminally harassing me, Paulette Brandt, and others and has been advised to stop slandering me.  I do not know this man and his obsession with me - that spans nearly six years - and my family, etc. is frightening.  Why is he copying Investigator Frayeh in on his emails?  He wasn't part of the Spector matter.  I, on the other hand, received a visit from Investigator Brian Bennett, spoke extensively with Investigator Frayeh, met with Investigator Thompson and Detective Silva, and was told by Investigator Thompson that I was probably a "witness" in the Phil Spector matter.  Investigator Frayeh hand delivered this letter to former DA Steve Cooley, prosecutor Alan Jackson, and prosecutor Truc Do.

For the record, Gianelli is grabbing this information off my blog.  Here are the interview requests I sent Cooley and Jackson.

This man is out of control.  I have copied him in on this email so he is clear that I am speaking to law enforcement about this criminal harassment.  I believe he sent FBI and me a criminally harassing email about "Jimmy Hoffa."  This is the man that Swanigan advised to continue harassing [me] and instructed to communicate official messages from their office to me.

The motions you have will be filed by the end of the month.  Calling me a drunk and slut is not a defense for Leonard Cohen and many others.  It's slander but "Gianelli" and others obviously have some sort of plan.  Part of that, as my public defender noted during my show trial, was to discredit me.  

As for Goudarzi, speak to his brother-in-laws who I know quite well.  I documented everything re. the Iran Scam and Secret Service investigation for IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others, for an obvious reason - particularly after reviewing an agreement between his client and Iran and speaking with Jerry at the Treasury which I sent you.  As for the two young people in Colorado - speak to the police.  They visited there frequently and when they decided to do a welfare check, the first thing they checked for were the fentanyl patches they had around a five year old child.  I assured the police that the woman's mother contacted Child Services.  The mother worked for a law firm and removed custody of one of her grandchildren from this couple with a serious drug problem.  The police confirmed their usage of "pain" pills.   As for Ft. Lauderdale, please see my ex-husband's letter confirming that Gianelli lied about their conversation and phoned him numerous times.  As for Eric Salter, who I lived with (and who felt, as a gay man, that he was surrounded by "fag hags"), he filed a police report about Gianelli's criminal harassment.  You should have Michael Ingrassia's email to me re. Gianelli.  That's who I actually lived with in Pleasant Hill.  Lawrence was out of state most of the time.  Michael planned to go to the police re. Gianelli's harassment.

And yet, this criminal continues.  Very blatant.  People are concerned he could be out front with a gun.  Too bad LAPD's TMU only handles "celebrity" stalkers or matters where celebrities, like Cohen, LIE to them.  Cohen can now prove that their report, which Streeter concealed from the jurors, which clearly states my emails were generally requests for tax information is fraudulent or a lie.  Detective Viramontes confirmed that Cohen personally told him that he didn't feel comfortable with my requests for tax information.  I have the IRS' confirmation that I wasn't given the IRS required 1099 for 2004 by Cohen but the IRS received illegal K-1s from LCI indicating that i am a partner with $0 income.  The $0 income is strange since it proves the "expense ledger" is perjured.  I wonder why LA Superior Court thinks I was included on corporate federal tax returns for entities they don't think I have a legal ownership interest in.  I hope a federal court can answer that question since I'm being THREATENED over the fraudulent default judgment.  The fraudulent refunds have been challenged as such with IRS and FBI.  There is no IRS holding re. the default judgment.  Streeter just made that up also.  

Kelley Lynch

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 8:01 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


Paulette Brandt advised you to cease and desist.  I have relentlessly.  You have not entered a formal appearance in the Leonard Cohen matter.  If you're interested in Spector's case, write him directly.  

I've copied the City Attorney in on this.  I don't talk to my local government due to their conduct that will be addressed in a federal lawsuit but Paulette Brandt, my sons, and other people you have criminally harassed for years are citizens of Los Angeles.  This system was not simply created for men like Leonard Cohen who is the individual with a publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, and evidently theft that now involves me, Phil Spector, Machat and Machat.

Leonard Cohen's not going to provide me with IRS required form 1099 for the year 2004 and other tax information.  Strange - the IRS advised me that they would request it.  The default doesn't cover 2004 and 2005 and does NOT state that the corporations have no obligation to me and/or IRS.  Both courts can clarify their orders/judgments and explain how they subvert IRS reporting and filing requirements.

The fraud judgment will be addressed in my federal lawsuit via federal tax matters that were not litigated.  Calling me a drunk and slut will not change that fact.

When you formally enter an appearance in Cohen's matter, and a court orders me to speak to you, you'll hear from me re. the issues you are raising re. Cohen, IRS, Phil Spector, Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, etc. 

As for my book, Cohen can sue me over it.  I look forward to that since every word he has said is a lie and I have the evidence.

CEASE AND DESIST.  Do not copy me in on emails to Investigator William Frayeh.  He was the investigator on the Phil Spector case and Paulette Brandt and I have confirmed your criminal harassment with him.  I've also discussed your criminal harassment of my sons.

Kelley Lynch

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