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Kelley Lynch's Email To Phil Spector Prosecutor Alan Jackson Re. Her Book & A Potential Interview - Including With Respect To Leonard Cohen's 3 Versions Of The Alleged Incident Before LA Superior Court

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Phil Spector & Leonard Cohen

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I'm writing a book about the Phil Spector/Leonard Cohen matters. I was wondering if I could interview you. I have spoken with Detective Mark Lillenfeld (LASD) and others. I would like the book to be unbiased. I thought perhaps I could ask you about Leonard Cohen's three Phil Spector gun stories before LA Superior Court. The Grand Jury legal adviser instructed me to contact Phillip's attorney. And, Judge Fidler's Clerk told me to bring them to the attention of the DA and copy Judge Fidler if  the DA was still threatening me. She thought that might make me more comfortable. I sent them to the DOJ and FBI. 

I would also like to ask you, as the former head of Major Fraud, why you elected not to prosecute Leonard Cohen. He stole millions from me and I have the evidence, as I advised you. Also, the criminal negligence in my son's Whole Foods. Do you think that's a threat to the public - having a broken machine on the floor for 2 years, removing the safety guard, not telling anyone, and leaving the machine on the floor. I think it's criminal negligence. OSHA's attorney immediately thought that. 

Many people do believe Phil Spector is innocent. Weren't Leonard Cohen's statements (testimony?) used before Phil Spector's grand jury? Mick Brown/UK Telegraph swears he saw them when he reviewed the transcripts. So, I would also like to ask you about an indictment obtained using the Cohen version that involves a gun to the chest and a semi-automatic. He testified that Spector held a gun to his head and it was an automatic. 

For the record, I've filed claims against the City and County and continue to keep IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB, and Dennis Riordan closely apprised. Gianelli, who people feel is on someone's payroll, continues to criminally harass me. He's also criminally harassing Paulette Brandt. We've spoken to LAPD, LAPD's TMU, and Investigator Frayeh (DA's office) about that criminal conduct. I did write you about Gianelli (and Cohen's tax fraud, etc.) in 2009. Investigator Frayeh said he hand delivered that letter to former DA Steve Cooley, Truc Do, and you. Was your failure to prosecute him [Cohen] a quid pro quo of any type? I thought it was fascinating that the DA aligned themselves with the City Attorney and Cohen. The prosecutor then elicited testimony about Cohen and a Spector gun story during my alleged trial. I continue to address Cohen's legal issues (including perjury now) and am filing a federal lawsuit against him. I am curious to know what version of the Leonard Cohen gun story about Phil Spector you believe. The one he testified about under oath or the one you used in the motions available online and possibly in the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury Legal Adviser wasn't clear what witness presented those statements to the Grand Jury. 

Feel free to email me if you are interested in weighing in. 

Kelley Lynch

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