Friday, February 13, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Re. Evidence Related To Former DA Steve Cooley - For Her Federal Lawsuit & Book

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 7:28 PM
Subject: Evidence
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Mike Feuer,

I am reviewing the trial transcripts and there is additional evidence I need preserved.  If the perjury and fraud wasn't so excessive I could probably have sent one email.  The fact is - the fraud and perjury is excessive.  I believe I have evidence and witnesses to prove that every word is a lie.

Steve Cooley and Cohen aligned themselves with your office.  Your prosecutor, who should be investigated by IRS/FBI, advised the jurors that Cooley was threatened.  He was not and Captain Jack Horvath attached a parody email sent to IRS, FBI, etc. to Judge Vanderet.  Steven Machat's name was highlighted in that email which I found rather bizarre, as I discussed with him.  He didn't agree with your prosecutor that the alleged emails re. Machat & Machat's ownership interest in a company Cohen sold to Sony (and failed to compensate Machat & Machat for) was irrelevant.  Machat viewed that as part of my case against Cohen and a very material legal issue.

Captain Jack Horvath lied to Judge Vanderet in his letter.  I wrote him about that fact.  He advised the court that I simply began emailing Cooley/Jackson in 2007.  However, Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by my house unannounced in 2005 after an anonymous tip was made to the DA about my friendship with Spector.  I've asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate that "tip" as Cohen was represented by former DA Ira Reiner at that time.  

Do you have any actual evidence of a threat to Cooley or just the parody email?  We are permitted to parody our government, Mike.  There are Supreme Court cases addressing this.  My friends and I, working on an ACLU campaign, would take the position that we were President, appointed our Cabinet, and others, and set forth our political platforms.  My alleged party, the Wedding Party, would clean up political corruption in this country and seek the death penalty.  Is there an issue with that?  Cooley was running around threatening to execute people using a drug that's used to put dogs down with.  The ACLU took him to task publicly over that.  

I am, therefore, aware of the parody email, and have sent that to IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others.  They were copied in anyway so they are aware of the content.  The more shocking issue is the fact that the taxpayers foot the bill for this insanity.  

I testified that I believe Cooley should be investigated and I stand by that testimony.  I also believe there's a reason Los Angeles is referred to as LA Confidential or La La Land.  Attach my trial transcript as Exhibit A.  

Another issue, Mike.  I spoke with DDA Hodgman and he doesn't recall anyone contacting him about Cohen.  He felt he would remember since he likes music.  But Hodgman's name was raised in LAPD's report re. the DA and Cohen's attempts to have me prosecuted in 2005.  Cohen is extremely desperate and did retaliate against me for reporting his tax fraud to IRS.  You can phone Agent Tejeda or Agent Betzer yourself to find out the date I first reported the tax fraud and I am sitting here with emails from Kory/Cohen confirming that they understood this as early as May 2005.  Your prosecutor lied to the jurors in closing when she said Cohen never reported me.  The DA evidently advised Cohen/Kory to use "intent to annoy" against me as early as 2005.  I suppose they didn't like my emails to IRS Commissioner's Staff, etc.  Yes, I was told that the IRS Commissioner's Staff is reading my emails.  Why do you think that might be, Mike?  

Finally, your prosecutor said the IRS matter is a "ruse."  She was well aware that I issued a subpoena to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  The IRS is not in pursuit of me, Mike.  It's laughable.  I reported the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud to them on April 15, 2005.  After reading my emails (and evidence, I might note) two Treasury agents met with me.  The DA's office sent Investigator Thompson and Detective Silva to meet with me shortly after that and they asked me what the Treasury agents had to say about Cohen.  They can ask the Treasury themselves.  Where is the evidence that the IRS matter is a "ruse," Mike?  Also, I still do not have IRS required tax and corporate information and Cohen is obligated to give that to me.  I am not obligated to request that matter for over 10 years.  In fact, Mike, it's a felony to willfully withhold this information which raises serious questions about your prosecutors training and, I might note, intelligence.

I want you to be very clear about this:  Stephen Gianelli continues to criminally harass me and other citizens of Los Angeles.  You appear to be running a celebrity justice program and I have asked DOJ to investigate the statements your prosecutors made to various judges advising them that my alleged case was unusual because it involves a "celebrity." 

There is a reason people view LA is corrupt and I'm looking at that reason.  I can assure you that slandering me and calling me a drunk and a slut will not intimidate me.  It will not cause me to drop these issues.  It will not force me to abandon the legal remedies I am seeking.  It will not silence me.  Calling me ugly and lying about me will not work.  The great news right now - federal judges have had it with prosecutorial misconduct.  It's about time.  LA Superior Court could obviously care less.

Kelley Lynch