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Kelley Lynch's Emails To Hailey Branson, LA Times, & CIA Re. The Possibility That There Was A Roswell Alien Invasion In Los Angeles That Explains This Insanity

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 10:09 AM
Subject: Re:
Email to Hailey Branson, LA Times

Hi Hailey,

Your article is now being used to slander me to the State of Kentucky's Tax Ombudsman.  Strange.  I've addressed the facts with CIA.  I can assure you that I am not wearing the tin foil hat but have asked FBI to hand over any DNA evidence they have supporting my theory that there was a Roswell invasion in Los Angeles that may explain this situation.  

Kelley Lynch

On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello CIA,

Evidently the way you can prove I am "mentally ill," according to the Criminal Stalker (who has lied to CIA about me as well) is due to my emails to CIA. The Criminal Stalker has also slandered me to the FSB.  He has lied to IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB, and others.  The IRS blocked his harassing emails and FBI asked him what federal matters he is contacting them about.

Gianelli has now sent Hailey's slanderous article to the State of Kentucky Tax Ombudsman although he was NOT copied on that email and I did not bcc him or forward an email to him.  He has now decided to continue criminally harassing Paulette Brandt.

First of all, Neal Greenberg's June 2005 lawsuit against Cohen and Kory (related to conspiracy allegations, blackmail, witness tampering, witness intimidation, blackmail, extortion, etc.) clearly states that Cohen planned to use retraining orders to discredit me.  I did not attend the 2005 hearing and have no idea what he alleged.  I am aware of his testimony and he perjured himself when he said I phoned the police during SWAT.  I have Lindsey's declaration and he is very clear that he phoned LAPD and he states that my neighbors called as well.  No neighbor I know phoned LAPD and my next door neighbor advised me, after the SWAT incident, that they wouldn't permit LAPD's Chief of Police on their property based on what unfolded.  We shared a driveway and approximately 25-30 armed men were on that property.  They ultimately advised my son that my dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions.  My son was very clear with them that he had taken his brother down the street, had just been with me, and I was in the house alone.  The situation, and Killer King incident, demands an investigation.  Homeland Security, and others, felt the Los Angeles DA was conceivably behind the SWAT/Killer King incident.  I have repeatedly attempted to determine the facts of that situation - including in this letter hand delivered to DA Steve Cooley and Spector prosecutors Alan Jackson and Truc Do.  See attached.

Let's look at the slander and misinformation in Hailey's article.  I was NOT Leonard Cohen's business manager.  I was his personal manager.  The Boulder, Colorado order is NOT a domestic violence order but I was arrested and convicted for violating a domestic violence order and the domestic violence statute was used.  Leonard Cohen and I were not in a statutory required "intimate dating relationship."  Many emails were concealed from the jurors but I will point out that LAPD's report states that my alleged emails, which were not obtained via subpoena, were generally requests for tax information.  Detective Viramontes, LAPD's TMU, advised me that Cohen was not comfortable with my requests for tax information and advised me that IRS would have to obtain the tax documents and information I require.  It is legally impossible that a local, county, or state order would subvert IRS reporting requirements.  In any event, although Vanderet would not permit Agent Tejeda/IRS to testify, I gave Viramontes Agent Tejeda's number and Detective Viramontes evidently left him a phone message.

I didn't see any remorse on Vanderet's part for lying about me and not permitting my lawyers, who advised me of this, to attack the restraining order.  Paulette Brandt has now testified that she too was told, by the Boulder Combined Court, that the original order I requested expired on February 15, 2009 and I now have information (that I diligently pursued for two years) confirming that the Boulder order is NOT domestic violence and explaining the 2/15/2009 expiration date.  I can assure you that Vanderet will not express "remorse" for his unconscionable role here.  I am the victim who has been targeted so I believe Vanderet is truly twisted.  In fact, the ongoing criminal harassment is the reason I am writing this email.  My sons have been relentlessly targeted as have many others but Leonard Cohen is wealthy, has a team of lawyers willing to do anything for him, and - as the prosecutors continually noted to judges - this case is unusual because it involves a "celebrity."  In any event, the fact pattern is complex - not starstruck prosecutors.

I was clear that the prosecutors carried out a "vicious attack" on me.  The prosecutor, Sandra Jo Streeter, also lied extensively about me; lied about IRS and federal tax matters; and retaliated.  I am very confident about that.  Cohen testified that he hasn't seen me in 7 or so years.  If the man has delusions that I might drive by his house there's nothing I can do about that.  My medical doctor just asked me, after hearing about GIanelli and the ongoing insanity, if Cohen has a history of drug abuse.  He has a long and publicly documented history of drug abuse.  I wasn't "willing" to go to "anger management."  It's a domestic violence statutory requirement and there was NO "domestic violence."  Cohen merely perjured himself on the stand and acknowledged changing his testimony.

I didn't contact Cohen with an intent to annoy; the statute is unconstitutionally vague; there are outstanding and legitimate federal tax and corporate issues; and whether or not Cohen was annoyed is not an element of this farcical "crime."  The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that annoyance statutes are unconstitutional and now it has been used against me with respect to the "government" who appears to have worked with Gianelli to arrest and prosecute me on at least two occasions; advised him to continue criminally harass me; and instructed him to communicate official messages from their City Attorney Office to me.  Hailey is clear - the prosecutor "displayed' thick binders and was well aware that Hailey was present.  What is a business and personal relationship?  I was Cohen's personal manager and believed we had a friendship but we evidently did not.  Well, His Holiness Kusum Lingpa did call Cohen "an asshole who is going to hell" and Cohen did read that to the jurors so I suppose he used an obscenity.  That's perfectly acceptable in Tibet.  Yes, allegations related to tax fraud were one of the main issues in my trial.  Cohen testified that I assailed his reputation by asking "Are you still on drugs?"  However, he was almost simultaneously giving interviews to Sylvie Simmons confirming his long history of dabbling in drugs such as LSD, meth, etc.  Cohen did NOT fire me in 2004.  I refused to meet with hm and his tax lawyer, unravel these structures, hand over the corporate books and records to him personally (and chose instead to have them transmitted to his lawyers by mine), etc.  I did quote Dennis Riordan when I advised Vanderet that I evidently had "engaged in excessive and unauthorized rambling."  I know Mr. Riordan felt Barry Bonds had when he responded to what I viewed as an incoherent question by a prosecutor.  I don't want to own any guns.  There's far too much violence in the United States but that was not part of the original Boulder, Colorado order so that's a serious federal matter now.

Hailey addresses all the requirements of the domestic violence statutes:  anger management, psychological training (although that was not an issue), alcohol education (although the prosecutor understood I was stone cold sober and advised the jurors of that fact so go figure what these people are thinking apart from slandering me), and a mental health evaluation.  Judge Vanderet confirmed he did not require one.  Barela did the same.  Evidently that wasn't a requirement but I think it should be for the people who have lied about me, falsely arrested and imprisoned me, and continue to criminally harass me.  

Did Cohen "fear" I would contact him as soon as I was released?  Well, that must be a lie or wishful thinking because I have not and never will.  I have NO INTEREST in this vile and vulgar man.  I am dealing with serious federal tax and corporate matters.  As a lawyer just wrote me - the issues make one's head spin.  Believe me, Cohen liked seeing me shackled to a chair.  Don't fall for his carefully crafted speech.  He's really quite deranged.  Well, the IRS should speak to my lawyer who understood my emails contained requests for tax documents.  Cohen's lawyer lied - neither IRS nor I have the IRS required form 1099; Cohen has not rescinded the LCI illegal K-1s; etc.

Hailey is clear:  Leonard Cohen believes corporate assets belong to him - including, but not limited to, his nearly $6.7 million in loans from TH which he refuses to address.  He signed the Annuity Agreement acknowledging that he could receive loans/advances and was required to repay those within 3 years at 6 percent interest.  The Corporate Tax Matters Partner Demand letter just addressed that fact.  See attached.  Yes, the judge entered a fraudulent judgment against me; wrongfully converted my property to Cohen's; and illegal financial interest continues to accrue.  

I was taken to Killer King, after the outrageous SWAT incident (where LAPD concluded that my dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions; I was in a leopard string bikini and they had seen me).  The entire Killer King file is fraudulent - including the illegal use of someone else's social security number and medical number.  

There is no truth in any of this.  There are merely vicious and abusive tactics.  The Criminal Stalker who has been criminally harassing me, my sons, sister, friends, etc. is in no position to tell anyone they are mentally ill.  In any event, it is not a defense to the allegations re. Cohen's criminal tax fraud, theft, etc.  It doesn't matter if I'm Mother Teresa or Satan which is how Steven Machat views Cohen's lawyer, Robert Kory.  He views Cohen and Kory as evil liars.  So do I.  Maybe Hailey was impressed with, as Boies Schiller said about Cohen, another Hollywood fraud.

Why are my emails to the CIA evidence of mental illness?  I asked Detective Viramontes, re. the Valentine's drone card to FBI and DOJ, if he thinks Streeter has psychiatric problems?  I've asked CIA to address the disposition matrix and Streeter's position that my email to FBI and DOJ was a threat to her.  She isn'[t mentioned in the image someone else created.  She was mentioned in my P.S. to FBI and DOJ re. the type of insanity that is taking place in LA Confidential.

For the record, I am NOT bccing Gianelli; not forwarding him emails.  He did, however, just contact the State of Kentucky to slander me over my legitimate request for information related to Cohen's testimony that Westin "rectified" something re. the TH entity that appeared to involve my ownership interest.  I have also contacted CIA re. my FOIA request regarding Leonard Cohen's fabricated stories about his role in the Bay of Pigs; Castro's forces capturing and interrogating him; and, his plan to join the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War.

All the best,



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