Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To Jeffrey Korn Re. The Stalker's Legal Arguments On Leonard Cohen's Behalf; He Has Not Entered A Formal Appearance

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 9:16 AM
Subject: Fwd: Impediments to any belated suit for "intellectual property"
To: Jeffrey Korn cc:  Multiple Parties


As I have said, when the Stalker enters a formal appearance I will address his criminally harassing emails regarding Leonard Cohen's legal arguments.  The fraud ledger does not contain an asset valuation of IP and my commission agreements has nothing to do with my ownership interest in IP.  The Intellectual Property is not mentioned in the default.  I would like address the federal tax returns with IRS regarding Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc .and it's ownership in the IP.  I have offered to send you the non-revocable assignments and they were provided to Greenberg, Glusker with the corporate records for TH, LCI, and BMT in October 2004.  Those were the only records I had.  Cohen and his daughter picked up all business and personal files, including his archives, in October 2004.  I wasn't present and they took whatever they felt like taking - including my business, corporate and partnership files, bank statements, accountings, TH financial statements, etc.  Gianelli has no idea what my agreements with Cohen were.  Neither do Greenberg and Westin.  I didn't discuss them and, after receiving Greenberg's IRS Warning letters, Cohen advised me NOT to tell Greenberg about his future income and specifically not to tell him when he received the $1 million advance from Sony (September 2004) and deposited that into his personal account.  I have an email from Cohen acknowledging that commission so I do not understand the Complaint, ledger, or Prins' declaration.  Cohen's complaint acknowledges that BMT was not unwound and the IRS requires final tax returns.  There's no statute and it seems as though Cohen feels entitled to steal my share of IP which is NOT part of his default judgment and it is not his property.

That's Cohen's argument for theft and tax fraud?  Statutes of limitations?  LA Superior Court cannot aid and abet theft.  I wasn't served Cohen's lawsuit and the argument about Chad Knaak is insane.  Furthermore, I had a witness present for Chad's call to Edelman's associate.  His declaration is hearsay and he failed to note that his associate was told that I was NOT served.  I was aware of the suit since Richard Cromelin, LA Times, brought it to my attention and wrote an article quoting me on August 17, 2005.  I therefore called to say I was not served - nearly two weeks later.  What's the issue?  Judge Hess cannot have "found" that I was served since I was not and if he did, he's lying.  There was no discovery and the Stalker now appears to be engaged in illegal  discovery while criminally harassing and stalking me.  I have three emails this morning from Gianeli about Cohen, IRS matters, intellectual property, and Neal Greenberg.  I worked with Greenberg's law firm, Boies Schiller - NOT Greenberg.  I also did NOT say that Ed and Elie did anything.  I said that they were being harassed by Leonard Cohen over Rutger.  I also have an email from Cohen in September 2011, violating his garbage restraining order, advising me that he sees Rutger copied in on emails to IRS, etc. re. federal tax and corporate matters.  What is his interest in my sons?  

No one on this end is interested in your client.  There are very serious federal and corporate and tax matters.  The documents you provided Judge Hess are replete with fraud and perjury - including with respect to service.  It is nothing other than a highly discursive, extremely neurotic fabricated narrative.

As for the issues re conspiracy, etc. in Colorado.  They were not dismissed.  They were not litigated; Judge Babcock had no jurisdiction over Kory; Colorado does not have a civil conspiracy statute; and they will be addressed in my federal lawsuit.  The same is true for Leonard Cohen's approximately $6.7 million in loans from TH that he owes with interest bringing his outstanding debt to TH to approximately $10 million.  That issue is going to be resolved and it should be of critical importance to IRS, State of Kentucky, and FTB.  The federal tax matters are not resolved.  Based on Cohen's complaint, he has taken the position that all tax returns - re. TH, LCI, BMT - are fraud and the K1s transmitted to me and IRS, State of Kentucky, and FTB are evidence of fraud.  I did not handle tax returns.  The IRS has now acknowledged my Identity Theft Affidavit.  It looks like the situation is problematic and I was induced into entering into agreements via fraud.  So far, Cohen has proven he is the alter ego who engaged in self-dealing.

Maybe the Stalker received a raise recently?  My commission agreement and IP ownership interest is identical to Machat & Machat's and Cohen did the same thing to them.  He stole their share of IP, according to Machat, and failed to pay commissions he owed.  He also failed to pay Peter Lopez who worked on the CAK deal for two years.  

Kelley Lynch

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Subject: Impediments to any belated suit for "intellectual property"