Monday, November 10, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS Re. How Cohen's Perjured Testimony Served As Foundation For The Phil Spector Gun Story (That Is Now Contradicted By Cohen's Own Testimony)

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 7:34 PM
Subject: Fwd: KL Computer Files - April 18, 2011 Evidence
To: "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, Dennis <>, "Doug.Davis" <>


I reviewed the manner in which Streeter lied, and concealed IRS information and requests, throughout my trial.  The 8.11 AM email is to Dennis Riordan addressing my legitimate tax matters and mentions that Cohen told me, for 20 years, that Phil Spector never held a gun on him.  He did but this email, which Cohen perjured himself over after looking at it and saying he was copied in, allowed the City Attorney to raise issues related to Phil Spector and a gun.  The 5:44 AM email, which Streeter acknowledged "seeing," addresses very serious tax issues. These emails raise many serious issues related to the City Attorney's willful use of perjury and fraud to obtain a "verdict" based on a domestic violence order that does not exist.  California "domestic violence" statutes do not apply to non-domestic violence foreign orders.  The Boulder order could only be modified by the Boulder court.  The Stalker's criminal harassment over that issue will not change that fact.


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From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 1:07 PM
Subject: Fwd: KL Computer Files - April 18, 2011 Evidence
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Please review the attached PDF files.  they are "evidence" used against me during my trial.  Streeter willfully concealed the 5.44 AM email to Rice regarding very serious federal tax matters.  What do you think the City Attorney's Office and LAPD felt was going on here?  One cannot help, after reviewing everything in this matter, concluding that my trial was nothing other than obstruction of justice.  Why did the City Attorney go to such lengths for Cohen?  It involved the DA and Phil Spector.  Both Jackson and Trutanich were running for DA.  But, what do you think Mike Feuer's motive is?  How about the various judges?  No one can believe a default was entered against me without consideration of the actual corporate records.  LA Superior Court thinks it has jurisdiction in a matter where the parties added into the judgment are not named as Plaintiffs?  It's out of control.

I would like an investigation, believe I am entitled to one, and perhaps you can figure out what LAPD thought it was reading with respect to my emails.  Or the City Attorney.  Or the District Attorney.  How about Judge Robert Vanderet?  I never testified that an order doesn't apply to me.  He just lied about that.  And, he lied and said I was aware of the IRS matters and was referring to the IRS binder, I believe.  There's nothing in transcript that would permit him to draw that conclusion.  He couldn't wait two hours for Agent Tejeda?  Something's wrong.  Fortunately, I'm moving onto to federal court  These are federal tax matters and a federal judge should understand that.  I want a federal judge to tell me when LA Superior Court, the City Attorney, LAPD, and a Canadian citizen can use a fraudulent TRO to prevent me from requesting tax information, etc.  

I guess it really helps to be a celebrity.  People must have been thoroughly impressed.  LA's Celebrity Justice Program.

All the best,

Streeter:  Do you recall getting an email from Ms. Lynch on approximately April 18th, 2011 at about 5.44 AM? … I misspoke.  It’s 8.11 AM.  RT 160

Streeter:  Does that refresh your recollection as to whether or not you received an email on April 18, 2011 at approximately 8:11 AM in the morning?
Cohen:  Yes, this is the email I received.  RT 161
Streeter:  Is your name mentioned in any way with Phillip, Mr. Cohen? [Refers to April 18, 2011 email to Dennis Riordan]
Cohen:  Yes.  It says, Cohen told me Phillip never held a gun on him and that would support what he told the LAPD [sic – LASD].  RT 161

NOTE:  5.44 AM email to Michelle Rice (part of this thread and for my reference) is willfully concealed from the jurors.  Leonard Cohen was not copied in on these emails, reviewed the document, and lied on the witness stand.

Michelle Rice:

It is now April 9, 2011. I would like to amend my federal tax returns. At this point, even though I was not served Cohen's lawsuit and the proof of service (below), is perjured, Cohen has gone into court to prove that he defrauded me re. Traditional Holdings, LLC and Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. Therefore, I need to complete a forensic accounting that takes into consideration all assignments (that Cohen understood were non-revocable) dating back to 1967. The assignments include all streams of royalty income - including book publishing. These assignments do NOT relate to my commissions as Cohen's personal manager. I was never Cohen's business manager and the lies and fraud in his lawsuit are inconceivable.

There is nothing belated in this request and law enforcement is not going to be used to prevent me from amending my tax returns.

Once the forensic accounting has been done, I will then file a final amended return showing the amount that Cohen has stolen from me. That amount will include my commissions that were withheld after I changed accountants, was advised Cohen committed tax fraud (criminal in nature), refused to meet with him/Westin, refused to hand over the corporate books and records, refused to participate in what I viewed as illegal mediations, refused to accept an offer of 50% community property (presumably to lie and say Cohen was defrauded by his advisers), etc.

In order to prepare this accounting, I need all royalty statements dating back to 1967. As for the actual narrative of what factually occurred - that will be addressed in my book "River Deep, Mountain High" and if Cohen would like to meet me in court to hash out any fraudulent allegations of slander, etc. that will be just fine. He should be prepared to call Freda Guttman to the witness stand and I will call my former brother-in-law, Van Penick, about the allegations of molestation, Cohen having sex with his 15 year old nanny, etc.

Cohen should be clear about this - he doesn't have attorney/client privilege with me and I was not on his legal team. Cohen wrapped

Westin and Greenberg into attorney/client privilege and I personally believe all three of them created the criminal tax fraud that Cohen then used to destroy my life - targeting my children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, etc. Karen and David McCourt did NOT use Cohen's "cash" to start their business but, as usual, Cohen lies as easily as he breaths. Fortunately, they are well represented and I absolutely believe they should file a lawsuit against Cohen over these allegations. Cohen also falsely accused my parents of depositing his money into off-shore accounts. And, it appears to me, that Cohen perjured himself in Phil Spector's murder trial and he should recall that I had my attorney (Steve Cron) present for the interview with the LAPD detectives.

For the record, I advised Steven Machat that I sent Boies Schiller a copy of Marty Machat's letter to Carter/Irving Trust transmitting Machat & Machat's check for $30,000. That represented Machat & Machat's final payment for their 15% share of intellectual property that was (at that time) assigned to Stranger Music, Inc. It's clear to me that Cohen has a pattern of defrauding his advisers, lying, and -
obviously - committing perjury. I will address my views on the lying thief and con artist (Leonard Cohen) in my book but am once again demanding the information I require to amend my federal tax returns for the years (as of now) 1999 - 2011. Cohen's fraudulent default judgment wrongfully altered my federal tax returns and LA Superior Court has no jurisdiction over my federal tax returns as all attorneys understand. Furthermore, Cohen was not the beneficial owner of these entities.

Finally, I am demanding that Cohen rescind the illegal K1s he issued to me from LC Investments, LLC. These were transmitted to the IRS and State of Kentucky. Cohen stated in his declaration that he is the 100% owner of LC Investments, LLC. Please review all corporate books and records that were willfully concealed from the court in Cohen's fraudulent garbage lawsuit against me that was and remains retaliation.  for my reporting his tax fraud to the IRS.

Kelley Lynch

Enclosed:  Kelley’s Conversation w/ Steven Machat