Friday, November 14, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To Kevin Huvane & Bryan Lourd Re: Leonard Cohen, The Stalker, LA Confidential & Allegedly Annoying A Thief & Oliver Stone's Delightful Interview

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 2:52 AM
Subject: Fwd: My last email
To: Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd cc:  Multiple Parties

Hello Kevin and Bryan,

The Stalker sent me, yet again, a "last letter."  I was happily married when I was in New York.  My husband's family had substantial wealth.  I enjoyed working for Marty Machat and Phil Spector.  Leonard Cohen advised Billboard that I was a blessing to his family.  I helped raise his daughter.  I was his son's personal manager for approximately 6 years.  What Leonard Cohen has done is outrageous - that includes withholding commissions he owes me and the IP assets he stole  He is attempting, as Boies Schiller understood, to blame his wrongdoing on me and then had the audacity to raise my religious beliefs as an issue.  I did not accept millions of dollars to lie about people like Arthur Indursky, Don Friedman, Stuart Fried, and Greg McBowman.  I was given legal advice that i had no option but to go to. IRS.

Leonard Cohen has merely concocted a fabricated narrative and may be delusional enough to think I want to communicate with him.  It is positively pathetic but, as Machat noted he is also a misogynist.  In any event, the arrogance is appalling.  Oliver Stone is a powerful celebrity.  Does he find Cohen's positions and conduct enlightening?  It is a story of greed, arrogance, and stupidity.

I would assume Michelle Rice sent a cover-your-ass letter.  This woman has spent years targeting me.  She has no idea what occurred.  Leonard Cohen did not know her.  She is nothing other than someone willing to do anything for a buck.  Leonard Cohen does not like to pay people.  The news media has merely created an idealized sage.  No one with any degree  of dignity or compassion would conduct themselves in the manner Cohen has.  The idea that he thinks I would drive by his house speaks volumes about his narcissism.  I have a fraudulent $10 million judgment and LA Superior Court has no authority to aid and abet theft.  

As the Stalker noted in his "last letter," I have been under surveillance.  Why?  I evidently annoyed someone who has stolen from me, spent years hiring lawyers to target me and my family, and an individual who cannot stop lying.  The City Attorney is a shameless entity and Steve Cooley's actions speak for themselves.  There was and is no domestic violence.  That's just another Leonard Cohen lie. The system works beautifully for the liar.

I've watched Oliver Stone's delightful interview and he is indeed a Buddhist. I couldn't agree more with him about Russia being our natural ally.  The situation is utterly and absolutely moronic and sophomoric.  

All the best,

Wonderful Oliver Stone on Channel ONE in Russia.. !
Superior interview!
This is "Vladimir Posner/Oliver Stone Interview" by Jacques Clouseau on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Li'l Red by PhillyBoyWonder (print image)

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