Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To IRS, FBI & DOJ Re: The Lengths Leonard Cohen Has Gone To Target Me & His Fraudulent Personal Tax Returns & Fraudulent Tax Refunds

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Subject: Re:
To: IRS, FBI, DOJ cc:  Multiple Recipients

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I want to review this section briefly.  The public defender is now moving onto tax information.  Cohen knew where I was and was monitoring me.  I have no idea how the public defender knows that Cohen's investigator told Cohen where I was in February 2011.  I have no information regarding that.  The Proxy Stalker wrote that he personally advised Berkeley PD of my whereabouts.  I would assume that Cohen felt comfortable, once he had summoned LAPD's celebrity unit, proceeding in Los Angeles.  After all, the City Attorney was more than willing to go the mile for him and the prosecutor lied throughout my trial and then retaliated.  The DA joined forces with Cohen and the City Attorney in targeting me.  Cooley probably wouldn't want to pay his investigators to travel to another State or Northern California to sit through proceedings  And they would have to pay for hotel accomodations, etc.  Therefore, I assume the plan was to proceed in California and, do keep in mind, that the DA's office told Cohen or his representatives (according to LAPD's report) to file "intent to annoy" charges against me a number of years before it happened. However, Deputy District Attorney Bill Hodgman had no recollection of any meeting or conversations about Leonard Cohen but his name is in the LAPD report so that's quite strange.  A female investigator was in Berkeley, California.  She stopped by my former landlord's.  She also visited my former place of work and I was told, by Tyler Paxton and Michael Ingrassia, that the individual was sleazy.  Leonard Cohen hired Close Range who works with LAPD's TMU and the District Attorney routinely.  Clearly, that aspect of this situation demands an investigation.  In any event, it's quite clear that the stakes are high.  And, keep in mind, Cohen was clear with Judge Hess;  his main issue should the void judgment be vacated is the fact that he relied on his complaint and some version of the fraud expense ledger to file and amend his tax returns.  I have now challenged those returns and the refunds Cohen obtained as fraudulent.  I did not discover the IRS refund until April 9, 2012 (when my lawyers were handed the IRS binder), still do not have the entire contents of that binder, and didn't find out about Cohen's fraudulent FTB refund until December 2013 when this was raised in Kory's declaration in response to my motion to vacate.  I then contacted the FTB's fraud unit and challenged that refund and those returns as well.

All the best,

PD:  Now, how many times since 2004 have you actually seen Ms. Lynch, not including this case?  Cohen:  I haven’t seen her since that period.  PD:  Okay.  So not one time?  Cohen:  Not that I remember.  PD:  Okay.  Now, in that span since October of 2004 to today, do you know where Ms. Lynch was living?  Cohen:  Yes, I do.  PD:  And where was she living?  Cohen:  She was living in many places, Sir, because she sent me repeated emails in which she would describe her situation.  PD:  Okay.  So you were aware that she was during that period lived in New Jersey, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  And you testified that she lived in Colorado, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  You were aware that she lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Now, you also were aware that recently she was living in Berkeley, California, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  In fact, you actually – you hired someone to find out where she was – to find out her whereabouts, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  You hired an investigator?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  And that investigator told you, I believe, in February 2011, that she was living in Berkeley, California, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  And that’s actually the same investigator that’s been coming to Court here, correct?  Cohen:  I’m sorry?  PD:  The same investigator that told you where she was living in Berkeley, he’s been in Court here, correct?  Cohen:  No, Sir.  PD:  It’s been a different person?  Cohen:  I don’t know who the investigator was.  PD:  Okay.  But you were notified that she was living in Berkeley, California recently?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  RT 277-279