Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To IRS, FBI, DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen's Testimony, SWAT, Killer King, Coordinated Custody Matter & Phil Spector

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Re:
To: IRS, FBI, DOJ cc:  Multiple Recipients

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

This section of the transcript relates to the coordinated custody matter and Cohen testifies about a number of issues.  First of all, it is clear that my lawyer has no idea what he is talking about.  He thinks my son, whose name is not Ray Lynch, was given to my father.  Let's review the evidence I presently have re. SWAT/Killer King.  I have in my possession Steve Lindsey's declaration, filed in the custody matter, confirming that he phoned LAPD and stating that my neighbors called as well.  I know of no neighbor that phoned LAPD.  During the incident, Lindsey called and screamed at me that my sister called or something about my sister.  I am aware that LAPD spoke to Tara Cooper in my office but she is not my sister.  They phoned her while the situation was unfolding evidently.  LAPD told me that a male called 911 and they saw a post-it note about my sister phoning.  My sister has confirmed that she did not contact LAPD.  In any event, I wills scan Lindsey's declaration for you.  I did not call LAPD or 911.  I have spoken to various LAPD divisions and was told "shots were fired," etc.  Rutger was present for the incident, told LAPD he took his brother down the street and dropped him off with Cloris Leachman, and - after confirming that they would shoot me or the dog - LAPD advised Rutger that my dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions.  Inglewood PD advised Rutger that they were present which sounds outrageous.  I have never seen Cohen's 2005 October declaration.  My lawyers told me it related to the restraining order.  After SWAT, I was taken nearly 3 hours in traffic to Killer King and questioned about Phil Spector.  I am looking at the first page of the Killer King report and it is NOT me - the name is spelled differently (Kelly); different SSN, date of birth, place of birth, religion, and someone else's medical number.  I have been into Social Security and discussed this with them and they told me the information relates to someone with a similar name to mine but not mine.  It's not me and that is not my file.  That is evidence of serious fraud.  I was illegally drugged.  Dr. D'Angelo, after advising me to wait my turn, released me and advised me and Rutger that there was nothing in that report that would effect a potential custody matter.  At that time, I wasn't even aware that one was coordinated but I had my thoughts that this is what the incident was actually about.  Dr. D'Angelo called Rutger at some  point in 2007; advised him that Ray's father attempted to convince him that I needed to be committed and may have threatened him; and Dr. D'Angelo did not agree with him or LAPD, released me, and told Rutger there was no alcohol involved.  There was also no drugs involved.  I lived 8 minutes from UCLA and this matter demands an investigation.  David Moorhead felt the DA of Los Angeles could potentially have been behind that incident.  Homeland Security felt the same way.  I phoned Yvonne Burke, my former landlord, about this situation and contacted Congressman Henry Waxman.  

There was no incident at Kory's office.  The meeting was well documented for Boies Schiller and afterwards Ray told me I forgot to advise Kory to "go fuck himself." 

All the best,

PD:  Now, I also want to talk to you – in 2005 there was a custody issue with Ms. Lynch and her son, Ray, Ray Lynch.  Do you remember that?  Cohen:  I know there was a custody issue.  PD:  Okay.  Now, you now that the police came to her house, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  And her son was given to her father, correct?  Cohen:  Do you mean at that moment?  PD:  Around that time, yes, in 2005.  Cohen:  Do you mean when the police came to her house, her son was given to father or subsequently?  PD:  Subsequently.  Cohen:  I – I’m not completely aware of the details of that custody battle.  PD:  Okay.  But you were aware that the police was at Ms. Lynch’s house, correct?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  Do you know how the police got there?  Cohen:  I believe it was Ms. Lynch called them.  PD:  You believe Ms. Lynch called them?  Cohen:  Yes.  In one of her domestic partner’s emails, he says that “You yourself called the police.”  PD:  And when was this – Cohen:  Otherwise – that’s – that’s the only information I have about the police.  PD:  When was that email that you’re referring to?  Cohen:  I don’t remember.  PD:  Can you give an estimate?  Cohen:  2005.  PD:  Okay.  You actually wrote a declaration in 2005, correct?  Cohen:  No, Sir.  PD:  You never wrote a declaration in 2005?  Cohen:  No.  PD:  May I approach?  Court:  Yes.  PD:  May I approach the witness?  Court:  Yes.  PD:  Let the record – actually, I believe she’s marked this already. 

Defense Exhibit A – Leonard Cohen 2005 Declaration [in support of 1st restraining order?]

Court:  What’s the title of the document, Mr. Kelly?  PD:  Defense A will be the – it will be a declaration of Leonard Cohen.  Do you recognize that document I just gave you?  Cohen:  All those things are correct.  PD:  Okay.  And you actually wrote that declaration in 2005, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Okay.  No in that declaration you say that on May 25, 2005, LAPD responded to a 911 emergency call at Ms. Lynch’s resident.  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  How did you know that information?  Cohen:  Ms. Lynch wrote hundreds of emails about that incident.  PD:  And in – in 2005 she wrote hundreds of emails?  Cohen:  Over the years she’s written hundreds, if not thousands, of emails about that particular incident.  PD:  But, you wrote this in October of 2005, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  So she wrote hundreds of emails between?  Cohen:  I don’t know how many emails she wrote in that period.  PD:  Okay.  Isn’t it true that your attorney wrote a declaration in her custody issue?  Cohen:  That’s true, yes.  PD:  Okay.  So your attorney got involved in Ms. Lynch’s custody with her son, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, after an incident in my attorney’s office.  PD:  Okay.  So that’s correct?   Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  And you also said in your declaration that Ms. Lynch had a psychiatric evaluation?  Cohen:  That’s true.  PD:  How did you know that information?  Cohen:  Ms. Lynch wrote about that in her emails.  RT 293-207