Monday, November 24, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To IRS, FBI & DOJ Re: Leonard Cohen, Federal Tax & Criminal Activity Addressed In The Alleged Emails

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 10:50 AM
To: IRS, FBI & DOJ cc:  Multiple Recipients

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

The criminal harassment with respect to the Stalker Proxy continues.  He is dangerously unstable and contacting friends of mine, Norman Posel (Boies Schiller), and others.  This man is clearly on someone's payroll.  I will once again file formal complaints with Google about this situation as the Stalker is now using three separate gmail accounts to harass, stalk, and intimidate people including witnesses who have provided me with declarations.

In this section of the transcript, the public defender addresses the fact that my alleged emails were sent to recipients who were not Leonard Cohen.  I would like you to review these emails.  They were also addressed to IRS and FBI and address a tremendous amount of criminal conduct.  I have literally been prosecuted for addressing criminal conduct and documenting everything for IRS.  LAPD's report is clear - the alleged emails are generally requests for tax information.  I will scan what I have of that report today as IRS should thoroughly investigate that situation.  This particular thread contains a request that Cohen provide me with tax information and rescind the illegal LCI K-1s; it addresses the fact that the default judgment essentially alters previously filed federal tax returns (where I am listed as a partner on numerous entities).  The thread addresses the confusion re. "Dear Heather" and the fact that Cohen's complaint, and specifically Prins' declaration, falsely note that I was not entitled to commissions paid with respect to royalties deposited into Cohen's personal account.  It goes without saying that the assets related to those royalties are owned by BMT.  The intellectual property, non-revocable assignments, and my 15% ownership interest in the IP are addressed.  The emails also address the fact that Cohen told me that he re-obtained a green card because Canada Revenue asks where you filed your prior year's tax return while IRS does not.  It also addresses the 1977 tax memorandum, prepared for Cohen specifically, that advises him that he does not have to pay taxes in Canada, U.S., or Greece (where he has reisdences) but cautioning him not to have a green card.  That memorndum was prepared in 1977 and Cohen obtained his green card in 1970.  He did not abandon that green card until after Marty Machat's death in 1988.  When Van Penick raised concerns about Canadian tax and residence issues, Cohen decided to reapply for a U.S. green card and was granted one in 1993.  Where was he paying taxes during that period of time?  One does wonder what was going on with the City Attorney's office.  I suppose my public defender was correct - they intended to sabotage IRS and discredit me.  Testimony about Phll Spector is coming right up.  For some reason, Cohen appears to know that people "near" to Cooley were reading my emails.  I find that fascinating.  But, as my public defender said, Cooley/DA does not want the Spector verdict overturned so I wouldn't put anything past LA Confidential.

All the best,

PD:  In fact, you actually read every single one of those emails, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  And you – you said that you read them from beginning to end?  Cohen:  I can’t say that I read every one from beginning to end, but I scanned every one of them.  RT 304  PD:  And did you think that these other recipients were reading every single email?  Cohen:  Some of them were and some of them weren’t.  Streeter:  Objection.  Court:  Overruled.  PD:  Do you think Steve Cooley was reading all of these emails?  Cohen:  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was.  PD:  Okay.  But you don’t know?  Cohen:  No, Sir.  PD:  Do you believe that he was?  Cohen:  I believe that people close to him were.  PD:  Do you believe that the IRS was reading every single one of these emails?  Streeter:  Objection; relevance.  Court:  Sustained.  RT 305  PD:  You testified yesterday that you were concerned that people would get these emails and they would read these emails and think information that was true about you.  Do you remember saying that?  Cohen:  That information was ... PD:  Well, you said that you were worried that other people would think regarding these emails.  Cohen:  Other people were disturbed by the emails, friends of mine and business associates.  PD:  Now, did you – when you got those emails, you didn’t call the police, did you?  Cohen:  At a certain point I did call the police.  PD:  But not when you got all those emails; you didn’t make a thousand calls?  PD:  Not every time, no.  PD:  Okay.  How many times?  Cohen:  We brought – we brought the emails and the voice mails to the attention of the Beverly Hills Police in – I believe it was, but I’m not sure, 2007.  PD:  Okay.  Well, I’m talking about the last year.  Cohen:  Yes, we brought – we brought the matter to the police attention in the last year, yes.  PD:  And that was when you brought a CD of just fairly recently to the police station, correct?  Cohen:  We brought thousands of emails and hundreds of voice mails to the police, and they decided to act on this evidence.  RT 307  PD:  Now showing you the email that was Sunday, December 18th, 2011.  Now this one – while it has different recipients, the text of the email addresses Bruce, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir, but – PD:  Is – that’s a yes?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Another one references Ron; yes or no?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Another one references Cooley.  Another one references Steven, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  You would agree with me that there are different people that were referenced in the text that were addressed on the text of the email; yes or no?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  RT 306-308