Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen's Desperation, Delusions & The Federal Issues That Have Now Arisen Re. These Fraudulent Orders

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 4:32 PM
Subject: Re:
To: DOJ cc:  Multiple Recipients

Hello DOJ,

I want to address this insanity with you.  I have sent you the email I received from Boulder Combined Court that confirms that the Boulder order was not a "domestic violence" order.  However I was arrested, charged, held, prosecuted by the Family Violence Unit, convicted, and sentenced for violating a California domestic violence order.  The registration of that order on May 25, 2011 is what unlawfully transformed it into a domestic violence order and I was tried and sentenced using domestic violence statutes.  The Boulder Verified Motion also addresses some of Cohen's reasons for obtaining this order.  That includes my communications with third parties (Cohen testified about IRS, FBI, DOJ, Dennis Riordan), journalists, and my online posts refuting his fraudulent and slanderous narrative.  Leonard Cohen testified during this trial that he obtained this order because he was performing in Colorado.  However, he was not performing until nearly a year after he flew into Boulder and testified before a secret hearing.  That followed his lawyer's threatening letter to Ann Diamond re. the article she wrote for Rolling Stone.

I would like a formal DOJ opinion on this entire situation and the unlawful modification of the Boulder order, etc.  That would include the attempts to extort money from me for fines/fees related to domestic violence and the statutory requirements related to domestic violence as well as Streeter's communications with a domestic violence counsellor.  There was and is no domestic violence and Cohen's testimony re. the statutory required dating relationship merely proves perjury on his part.  Leonard Cohen is a desperate and pathetic man.  That is my personal opinion.  Furthermore, if he thinks I would attend his concert he really should receive a psychiatric evaluation and drug test.  It is inconceivably deranged.  I would also like a DOJ opinion about Cohen's registering this order in Los Angeles when I resided in Berkeley.  Los Angeles would not have jurisdiction over me. 

All the best,

PD:  Now I want to talk to you about that – that default judgment that you had mentioned earlier.  Now, you know what a default judgment is, correct?  Cohen:  I – I have some – a knowledge of it, yes.  PD:  Okay.  So you know that a default judgment means that Ms. Lynch didn’t actually participate in that litigation, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, that’s what it means.  PD:  Okay.  And that means that Ms. Lynch didn’t give her version of what happened to the Court, correct?  Cohen:  She neglected to give her version.  PD:  I’m not asking if she – I’m asking if she actually did give her version.  Cohen:  A default judgment implies that – that only one version was given.  PD:  Okay.  And so that version was yours, correct?  Cohen:  That version was upheld by the Court, yes, Sir.  PD:  I’m not asking you about the Court.  I’m asking if that version was yours.  Cohen:  It was mine on the basis of a forensic accounting.  PD:  But it was your version, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  And that judgment was made in her absence, correct?  Cohen:  Yes.  PD:  Okay.  As far as you know, she didn’t have an attorney at that time?  Cohen:  She fired her attorneys.  PD:  Now, you also mentioned earlier a 2008 Colorado order, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Now, you didn’t get this order in California in 2008?  Cohen:  2008?  PD:  Yes, You didn’t get that order in California?  Cohen:  You said California.  I thought you said Colorado.  PD:  Right.  So you got it in Colorado, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  And you actually, you said you were on tour in Colorado?  Cohen:  It was one of the cities I visited, yes.  PD:  How long were you going to be in Colorado?  Cohen:  A week.  PD:  And you said that you got the order in Colorado because you were going to be on tour there, correct?  Cohen:  That was one of the reasons, Sir.  PD:  And that Ms. Lynch lived there, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  What was the other reason?  Cohen:  The other reason was the bombarding of the emails continued.  PD:  Okay.  But you got it in Colorado because Ms. Lynch was there?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  Do you know how long Ms. Lynch was there?  Cohen:  Not exactly, no Sir.  PD:  And you – how did you know Ms. Lynch was in Colorado?  Cohen:  Because of the emails that she wrote us are from Colorado.  PD:  Now, you got a permanent order in Colorado even thought you were only there for one week, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  But I – may I continue?  PD:  Is that a yes?  You got an order, a permanent order in Colorado, even though you were only there for one week; yes or no?  Cohen:  I was only there for one week, but that was not the reason I got the order.  PD:  Okay.  But, yes or no, you got the order – Court:  You are being argumentative, Mr. Kelly.  PD:  Isn’t it true that you got that permanent order in Colorado even though you lived in California at that time, correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Okay.  And you didn’t register this order [Colorado] in California in 2008, did you?  Cohen:  No, Sir?  PD:  You didn’t register the Colorado order in California in 2009, did you?  Cohen:  No, Sir.  PD:  You didn’t register it in 2010?  Cohen:  No, Sir.  PD:  It wasn’t until 2011, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  Now, do you know how long Ms. Lynch was living in Berkeley?  Cohen:  Not exactly.  PD:  Do you know if she was in Berkeley as of February of 2012?  Cohen:  2012?  PD:  Yes.  Cohen:  Yes.  PD:  Okay.  And when did you find out that she was living in Berkeley?  PD:  When her emails from Berkeley began to arrive in my mailbox.  PD:  And that’s how you found out?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  Now, you registered that order in Los Angeles?  The Colorado order, you registered that in Los Angeles, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  You didn’t register it in Berkeley, California, did you?  Cohen:  It was registered in the Court in Los Angeles, California.  PD:  Okay.  Not – at the time, you didn’t think Ms. Lynch lived in Los Angeles, California?  Cohen:  It was registered in – in the Los Angeles Court.  PD:  But at the time, you didn’t think Ms. Lynch lived in Los Angeles, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD 297-301