Sunday, May 19, 2013

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Is Up For Re-Election

City Council members, angered over the amount of time it took to get legal opinions out of his office, threatened to hire their own attorney to provide them with advice.

Perhaps if Trutanich and his taxpayer paid lawyers were not so busy targeting innocent people - like Coyote Shivers and Kelley Lynch - over celebrity frauds with civil liability his office could actually handle City legal opinions.  Do not believe a word this man says.  His office continues to lie about me and is covering for Leonard Cohen who has deprived the U.S. taxpayers of millions of dollars.  There mere fact that Family Violence Unit lawyer, Susan Schmitter, whines about budget woes does not mean they have them.  The evidence completely undermines this absolutely insane declaration.  Well, clearly Schmitter will also do anything for a buck - including lie about tax matters that are none of her business.  And then there's the Phil Spector matter.  What does Phil Spector have to do with a fraud restraining order issue?  You would have to be on drugs to follow this logic.