Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kelley Lynch & Ann Diamond On Leonard Cohen

Kelley Lynch Email to Doron Weinberg - 08-2008 - Leonard Cohen 

(This and Ann Diamond's draft article for Rolling Stone - that Cohen threatened her over - are what actually caused Leonard Cohen's extraordinary flight form Europe into Boulder in yet another attempt to silence Lynch)

Ann Diamond's Draft Article - July 2008 - Corrected for the IRS by Kelley Lynch

Ann Diamond Article - Original - Revised (by Ann Diamond 04-04-11)

Draft article for Rolling Stone

 Ann Diamond - Defamatory Publications

Leonard Cohen Threatens Journalist Ann Diamond - Over The Truth
NOTE:  He didn't threaten biographer, Sylvie Simmons, I would imagine.  I have now spoken with an attorney from Harper Collins and have provided him with evidence that Cohen concealed from LA Superior Court.  There is nothing false in this article.  I wonder what Rolling Stone thinks about Cohen threatening a journalist?  It's interesting that Cohen's lawyer wrote Agent Tejeda/IRS that Agent Sopko's March 2008 email to me was a game changer but has the audacity to threaten Ann Diamond and alleged that Cohen's in good standing with the IRS.  Leonard Cohen has gone out of his way to avoid an accounting.  His fraudulent ledger is NOT an accounting.  An accounting takes into consideration corporate ownership interests, assets (including loans and Cohen's totaled millions from TH and I have evidence that Kory wrote and asked if TH would forgive them), equity, and liability.  Leonard Cohen concealed from LA Superior Court the fact that his attorney, Westin, extinguished the private annuity in 2003 and there was no fiduciary obligation.  I had no fiduciary obligation re. BMT.  I owned stock and had no role in the entity.  I had no fiduciary obligation or relationship - whatsoever - with LCI but Cohen and Kory seem to think illegal K-1s are acceptable.  Kory even testified that I wanted them withdrawn.  That's precisely what the IRS felt should have happened.  I spoke to them about this.  Leonard Cohen's conduct is deranged and my Boulder attorney felt that Cohen and Kory were behind the activity with Boulder PD.  He also felt that he was a witness.