Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gianelli Writes Me About Writness Tampering & Steven Machat - Who Has Accused Leonard Cohen Of Theft, Evading Taxes Uses Corporations, And Called Him A Hustler & Fraud In His Book

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, May 23, 2013 at 4:16 PM
To: STEPHEN GIANELLI <>, Dennis <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>


I've addressed your witness tampering with my son, Rutger.  He is a material witness.  The judge at my Stalinesque Show Trial (featuring testimony about Phil Spector, a gun, DA Steve Cooley, and Alan Jackson - as well as the IRS which the judge had no jurisdiction to hear) was well aware of this and didn't permit him to testify.  Therefore, and you are a lawyer so stop lying to me about this, the issue re. Rutger (and Agent Tejeda/IRS) as a material witness has been addressed in my Writ.  That writ was accepted and filed as an oversized brief by Judge Ricciardelli on May 3, 2013.  If you want to lie about Judge Ricciardelli's order, contact him directly and tell him the order I am looking at is a bald-faced liar, that you are an individual addressed in that Writ, and that I believe you engage in criminal witness tampering, harassment, etc.  That is my personal opinion and it appears obvious. 

There's nothing vague about advising you to CEASE AND DESIST which my sister's lawyer, when he spoke to you, advised you as well - with respect to her.  You publicly lied about my sister (who you do not know but you appear to think you do) - on Cohen's behalf - when you falsely accused her of starting her and her husband's business with Cohen's cash.  That's a bald-faced lie and you then attempted to blackmail her with this information.  You don't know my sister or my former roommate and have no idea what you are talking about.

Rutger would never give you an assessment of me.  Make no mistake about that - regardless of what you believe.  Ray Lawrence has never seen me drunk.  Ever.  I haven't seen him since February but I have had other roommates who are well aware of the fact that I am not crazy, a drunk, or out of control.  Steven Machat lied that Leonard Cohen and I entered into a palimony settlement.  Ask Cohen.  He'll tell you it's a bald-faced lie.  He also implied that Cohen stole bearer bonds,  has stated publicly that Cohen stole from him; uses corporation's to evade taxes; has US tax problems due to his green card; and is a hustler who uses religion as a fraudulent cover. 

I agree with Pavelic's position on the DA's office.  He wrote me that Phil Spector should never have been charged.  I have emails from Bill Pavelic and don't need a liar like yourself telling me what he did or didn't say. 

I have been clear with you about Cutler:  MARRY THE MAN.  He worked for Phil Spector.  I brought the activity with respect to Phil Spector, Cohen's various versions of his gun story re. Phillip (three are now before LA Superior Court), Cooley, Dixon, etc. to his attention.  The Grand Jury Legal Adviser then advised me to bring Cohen's three versions of his gun story (since Mick Brown/UK Telegraph confirmed in writing that he reviewed the Grand Jury Transcripts and Cohen's statements were presented to the Grand Jurors in the Phil Spector matter and most certainly appear in at least two prosecutorial motions readily available at LA Superior Court) to the attention of Phillip's appellate attorney.  If Bruce Cutler betrayed Phil Spector that is his problem.  I wrote Phillip about Cutler's conduct and heard back from him immediately thereafter. 
CEASE AND DESIST.  Those are not vague terms.  Stop criminally harassing my family.  Stop witness tampering with Rutger.

Kelley Lynch

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 4:02 PM, STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <> wrote:
What do you mean you have "addressed" my "witness tampering" with Rutger?

I think the terms cease and desist are exceedingly clear - as are witness tampering.  Even a lying lawyer with motive who has relentlessly targeted me, members of my family, and others, should understand these simple legal terms.  

You are always quite vague.

If you are implying some kind of mutual exchange Rutger (as you are fond of putting it) has always been quite clear: you are not well enough to address legal issues right now; the issues with Karen were caused by things you stirred up; you need to stop emailing public officials and you need psychiatric treatment.

This lunatic does not know Rutger and Rutger has never said that I am not well enough to address legal issues.  In fact, an upcoming motion will prove otherwise.  See future exhibits.  Gianelli doesn't know my sister.  We never discussed public officials and she knows I have no psychiatric problems.  Her lawyer advised Gianelli to cease and desist.  This man is dangerously unstable and his obsession with my family members is sick, vile, vulgar, obsessive, and shocking. 

I agree wholeheartedly with Rutger's assessment of you.

Rutger hasn't given anyone an assessment of me.  He's not stupid and knows that Gianelli has targeted me relentlessly since 2009. Gianelli has also targeted Rutger over his Whole Foods matter - as have Cohen and prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.

I also agree with Ray Lawrence's description of "drunk, crazy and out of control" and Steven Machat's statement that "Kelley Lynch is at best a pathological liar".

I haven't seen my former roommate since February and have no idea what he is talking about.  Steven Machat has lied about me.  In his book, he wrote that Leonard Cohen and I entered into a palimony agreement which is - to borrow Machat's prhase - bullshit.  I haven't lied and have been clear with Machat - leave me out of the Machat & Machat theft issue with Leonard Cohen.  Machat is a lawyer, asked me to provide him with evidence (which I did), and advised me that he intended to sue Cohen and Kory who he referred to as evil.  He is correct in that assessment.

I agree with Pavelic's 2009 email that you are "obviously a disturbed woman" and Bruce Cutler's description of you as a "stalker".

I have received a number of private emails from Bill Pavelic who advised me that charges should never have been filed against Phil Spector.  He seems to have a keen understanding of the incestuous relationship between the DA's office, City Attorney's office, and certain elements of law enforcement and LA Superior Court.  There is a reason that people understand that LA is corrupt.  That is a well known fact. As for Bruce Cutler - if he betrayed Phil Spector, that is his problem.  Judge Larry Fidler's clerk, Wendy, after hearing the situation (re. Cohen's three versions of his Phil Spector gun story - including one used in motions to Judge Fidler) advised me to write the DA and copy Judge Fidler in if I felt more comfortable, as I advised her that the DA's office had threatened me, retaliated against me, etc.  I decided to address this situation in my Writ of Habeas Corpus as prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter decided to conceal the email Cohen sent her with a version of the Phil Spector gun story that impeached his testimony on the stand and proves that - time and time again - Cohen will lie under oath.  He also testified at the March 23, 2012 hearing that I stole nothing from him but his "peace of mind." Bruce Cutler is Phil Spector's problem - not mine. 
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