Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Fan - Who Routinely Copies In His Lawyers - Continues To Criminally Harass Me Over The IRS

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, May 22, 2013 at 7:46 AM
Subject: Fwd: Reply to FBI regarding Kelley Lynch's email, "Re HI" dated May 9, 2013 (Via Blind CC's to IRS, FBI, FTB, CITY ATTORNEY)
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Susanne Walsh,

I have relentlessly advised you, Stephen Gianelli, and others, to stop contacting me.  I view this as ongoing criminal harassment, etc.  Furthermore, you routinely copy in Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, which I view as a violation of Cohen's restraining orders (one of his favorite abused tactics).  Since you are in touch with Kory and Rice, I think they can confirm that Steven Machat lied in his book that Cohen and I entered into a palimony settlement.  The mere notion is absurd since Cohen and I were never in a dating or intimate relationship and everyone who knows me is well aware of that.  He did, however, perjure himself over that issue at my alleged trial and confessed to changing his story under oath.  He also has some serious issues with his three highly embellished stories about Phil Spector and a gun before LA Superior Court and that is now his problem, not mine.  It has, however, been addressed in my legal documents and brought to the attention of Phil Spector and his attorneys. 

Leonard Cohen stole form Steven and Marty Machat.  There is evidence that they own 15% of Stranger Music, Inc. that Cohen sold to Sony.  That corporation was an S corporation and from 1989-1993 Cohen was not a U.S. resident and, therefore, was not permitted to own an S corporation.  No, it's not entirely possible that Cohen settled with Machat.  I've spoken to Machat about the matter recently - including the fact that my alleged prosecutor questioned me over the issue.  Cohen's theft from Machat & Machat evidently annoys him. 

Leonard Cohen received a tax refund in 2005 based on fraud and concealment.  Corporate books, records, etc. exist proving he lied when he said I received overpayments re. my commissions as his personal manager.  Everyone knows I was his personal manager and he has it in a declaration in a lawsuit involving CAK and a failed bond suit.  I discovered this fraudulent refund during my alleged trial, spoke to the IRS, and was advised to file a fraud form 3949(a) about it and the illegal K-1s Cohen has issued me from LC Investments, LLC, a company he owns 100%.  I wasn't a partner and Kory was clear - I asked that the K-1s be withdrawn.  Cohen testified that he knows what a K-1 is.  He also knows what an IRS required form 1099 is and I don't have one for the year 2004 although he, Kory, and the prosecutor lied about this fact. 
I met with Agent Sopko, and her partner, in 2007.  After that, I received an email advising me to report Cohen's tax fraud to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  This was well over a year after the refund so the refund didn't close any IRS matter that involved my informing the IRS of the allegations that Cohen committed egregious criminal tax fraud.  In fact, my accountant - who was not fired (although Cohen and Kory lied about this as well) asked me to advise the IRS and Treasury that he witnessed the offer of 50% community property and will testify to that offer from Cohen to me.  Kory simply lied when he said I read an ad advising people to turn in their employers.  Agent Bill Betzer/IRS advised me to report Cohen's tax fraud to the Fraud Unit on or about April 15, 2005 and Cohen, Kory, etc. were well aware of this. 

The fact that Leonard Cohen - who has committed egregious tax fraud, theft, etc. - would condone (via his lawyers) your ongoing harassment of me is astounding but, as I assume, he views all of this as a game.  Perhaps that is because the DA's office elected not to prosecute him (as the prosecutor in my trial confirmed) and he has the City Attorney covering for him now. 
You have been advised to cease and desist.  Feel free to write the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, with your insane rants.  I find it appalling that you would write Phil Spector's attorney after what Cohen has done to Phil Spector with his good rock and roll stories used to advance his career and - of course - as Machat knows stealing from Phil Soector when Cohen sold Mr. Spector's tapes to Sony. 

Cease and desist.

Kelley Lynch

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From: susanne walsh <>
Date: Wed, May 22, 2013 at 12:00 AM
Subject: Re: Reply to FBI regarding Kelley Lynch's email, "Re HI" dated May 9, 2013 (Via Blind CC's to IRS, FBI, FTB, CITY ATTORNEY)

As predicted and expected, Steven Machat, who a week ago was Kelley's "friend, supporter and partner" in suing Leonard Cohen, is now a "lier and a fraud", what a difference a week makes.. If Leonard Cohen indeed owed Mr. Macchat money, isn't it entirely possible that this matter has been resolved privately, without the involved feeling a need to inform or notify Lynch???

Actually, Steven Machat asked me to provide him with the evidence my attorney (and others) have - so he involved me and not the other way around.  I've spoken to Machat recently and he viewed the communications re. Cohen's concealment of Machat & Machat's ownership interest in Stranger Music, Inc. as legitimate and part of my case against Cohen.  The prosecutor was clearly on a fishing trip when she attempted to sabotage me and the IRS - and lied about IRS matters, corporate assets, etc.  It's all on the record now so there is no denying any of this - including the prosecutors lies that I am in possession of IRS form 1099 for the year 2004 and those requests were merely a ruse.  Sandra Jo Streeter is clearly a sycophant who thinks people should be impressed with Leonard Cohen.  I wasn't and simply refused to meet with him and his tax lawyer after Cohen heard I was going to the IRS re. his egregious tax fraud and the fact that he and certain of his advisers used me horrendously.  Streeter's ruse - the entire Stalinesque Show Trial that involved her gushing in a cell phone over a celebrity, skipping out of the courtroom to advise Cohen that the LA Times would take a photograph, breaking the podium, lying on the record about the IRS, etc.  That's how Carmen Trutanich treats taxpayer dollars - by having his prosecutor attempt to sabotage the IRS for a celebrity fraud who cannot live in Canada due to his tax and residence issues there, as Canada Revenue and I have discussed.  But, Cohen did take the stand and testify about Phil Spector while some creepy DA investigator hung out in the courtroom and was seen lunching with Cohen.  That's why I - and others - are wondering if the DA elected not to prosecute Cohen due to some type of quid pro quo involving Phil Spector.  
The same goes for the IRS, with or without the "help" from Lynch, IRS has had close to ten years to investigate Cohen "tax fraud", if Cohen did indeed owe the IRS tax money, isn't it possible that he has paid that a long time ago, again without a need from IRS or Mr. Cohen, to notify Ms. Lynch?, but the fact that Cohen received a tax refund from IRS, suggest that he did NOT defraud or owe tax money. That this refund has been "challenged" by Lynch proves nothing, neither does IRS's advise to Lynch, that she file a fraud form, that is most likely IRS's way of telling Lynch to stop bothering them and the form she submitted, most likely (my personal opinion, not a fact, so Lynch don't write that I lied about the IRS) went straight in the trash bin.
The IRS did not advise me to file fraud form 3949(a) with respect to Cohen's fraudulent refund or illegal K-1s because they wanted me to stop bothering them.  The mere notion is preposterous.  Cohen has clearly sanctioned this conduct on the part of his fan who routinely copies in his lawyers.  How outrageous.  Agent Sopko's email - in possession of the prosecutor - proves that the refund didn't close the allegations that Cohen committed tax fraud and there was no IRS holding re. Cohen's fraudulent default judgment.  Streeter merely lied to the judge about that issue.  She'll lie about anything from what I can tell.  In fact, she'll even lie to LAPD.  As I advised Detective Viramontes/LAPD - ask her if the real threat is the IRS and FBI.  I also asked him if he thinks she has serious psychiatric problems because i do and that includes pathological lying.