Monday, May 20, 2013

Gianelli, With Cohen's Lawyer Copied In, Continues To Criminally Harass Me Over Cohen, Legal Issues, Theft, Steven Machat, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, May 20, 2013 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: Subject: Leonard Cohen's Tax Fraud
To: "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>

To the IRS and FBI,
I would like you to note that my sister is copied in on this email.  Her lawyer personally advised Gianelli to cease and desist.  Steven Machat advised all parties not to email him.

Gianelli threatened me publicly when I noted that I intend to move to vacate Cohen's fraudulent and retaliatory lawsuit after reading the complaint and a handful of other documents Gianelli posted online in April 2010.  Prior to that, I was unaware of the allegations in the complaint.  I was not served the lawsuit and the proof of service is evidence of extrinsic fraud.  I had no female co-occupant named Jane Doe or anything else.  I am not attempting to convince Gianelli of anything.  He merely continues to criminally harass me over Cohen's tax fraud, Phil Spector, my appeal and writ of habeas corpus, and legal issues with Leonard Cohen.

See Steven Machat's conversation with me.  He approved the transcript.  He was under the opinion that the default judgment was illegal and understood that the wrongful altering of my tax returns was a very serious matter.

I see the issue for Cohen is that i don't have money.  He bankrupted me, stole from me, and perjured himself before LA Superior Court while concealing evidence.  I spoke to Scott Edelman.  He no longer represents Cohen.  I wasn't served the default judgment.    Good, let's go back to the beginning.  This time Cohen will not conceal evidence and the case can be heard on its merits.  The ledger is evidence of fraud.  It has nothing to do with overpayments re. my management commission.  Was Edelman aggressive?  I don't call a default judgment in a matter where someone wasn't served successful.  I also don't call lies successful.  I'm not afraid of a lawsuit.  I welcome this opportunity.

Cohen's lawyer is copied in.  It's clear that Gianelli and Walsh work in this manner with Cohen and his legal team.

What's the issue?  Steven Machat has been public and has written about Cohen's theft, etc.

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, May 20, 2013 at 1:17 PM
Subject: Re: Subject: Leonard Cohen's Tax Fraud

You have been threatening to file a motion to set aside Cohen’s May, 2007 default judgment against you since April of 2010 (for over THREE YEARS).
I’ll believe that motion when I see a dated file stamp on it.
In any event, when you announced on my blog in April of 2010 that you would have a motion to set the default aside by “next week”, and that the attorney who filed it – Scott Edelman – was a “hack”, I thoroughly reviewed the judgment and all supporting documents and pleadings, which were available on-line, including the proof of service. Everything appears to be in order with the judgment, and in any event the time to move to set it aside expired long ago.
I very much doubt that Steven Machat told you the default was “illegal” without carefully reading the court file as I have.
But even if you did manage to file a motion ($40.00 motion fee; $430.00 first appearance fee) and somehow get it granted (notwithstanding the voice messages you left for Scott Edelman about the default in 2007 as well as your delay in moving to set it aside, not to mention the proof of service and other supporting evidence, all this would accomplish would be to put you back where you were in May of 2007 – defending a multi-million dollar embezzlement case in the face of clear evidence of your theft prosecuted by one of the most aggressive and successful trial lawyers in the United States.
Good luck.  Because if you manage to follow through with your filing and it is successful it will be a first for you. Then you can figure out how to defend a contested lawsuit.
Bcc: Counsel for Leonard Cohen

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, May 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Subject: Leonard Cohen's Tax Fraud
To: Dennis <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>
To the IRS and FBI,
I think Steven Machat was definitely correct - Cohen's default judgment is illegal and he understood that the wrongful altering of my tax returns is a very serious issue. I intend to include Gianelli's email - targeting me and lying about me - to Steven Machat to my declaration. This man has criminally harassed me since 2009. I would like to note that I have provided the IRS with the evidence Cohen concealed from LA Superior Court (corporate books and records, etc.) and the fraudulent ledger (undermined by the illegal K-1s Cohen issued, etc.) is not a reflection of my personal management fees and does not address phantom income shoved my way by TH, etc. that I have paid taxes on.

In any event, Steven Machat is clear about Cohen and has documented his theft from Machat & Machat in his book. He is clear that Cohen is a hustler who falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts.

Gianelli and Walsh continue to criminally harass me over Cohen's tax fraud and now Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, is copied in. Perhaps Rice thinks Steven Machat has changed his mind. I tend to doubt that and he's extremely pissed off that Cohen refuses to pay him his share of royalties (25%) on When I Need You. I am well aware that this was Machat & Machat's deal with Cohen re. this song. Steven Machat is also clear - Cohen sold Phil Spector's masters to Sony. That's also theft.

I really do not want to hear about Spector prosecutors Dixon and Jackson. They attempted to drag me into the Phil Spector murder trial which I view as a sham. There's a reason Cohen testified about Phil Spector at my insane alleged trial (really an attempt to sabaotage the IRS although the lies are preposterous) with the DA's investigator hanging out with him and lunching with him. How nauseating is that. Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson were featured in my Stalinesque Show Trial. My lawyer is very very clear about this and they should have been confronted on the stand and cross-examined about their views on many things - including Cohen's three versions of the Phil Spector gun stories before LA Superior Court. Which one does the DA believe? This is not ancient history. The prosecutor introduced Phil Spector into my trial and concealed the fact that Mick Brown brought the Grand Jury statements to my attention. I personally found the motions where they used a version of Cohen's story about Phil Spector online at LA Superior Court.

Steven Machat advised me to use excerpts from his book when he told me to sue Cohen for theft, etc. He was very clear about that. He's also clear about this -Cohen and Kory are evil.

All the best,