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Leonard Cohen's "Fan" Wants to Know If Someone Thinks He Is A Horrible Person? His Actions, Fraudulent Legal Pleadings, Ongoing Lies, Affiliations, Etc. Speak For Themselves

Truth Sentinel Episode 40 (Phil Spector, truth, lies, guilt and innocence, murder trial)

Published on Feb 3, 2015
Truth Sentinel Episode 40 - part 2 of Truth, lies, guilt & innocence looks at the case of Phil Spector and asks if a retrial is needed. We speak to his former assistant Paulette Brandt, to Kelley Lynch and our resident researcher Seth Davis from 2 Real News.

Over the course of the last two episodes I've gained a lot of respect for Kelly Lynch and completely understand why she wouldn't want to make amends with Leonard Cohen. This has been an exceedingly interesting topic and it's been a pleasure working with you on this first season!
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Kelley Lynch 
Thank you, Seth.  I appreciate that.  Kelley  
Christine Holloway 
@Seth: Are you say that Leonard Cohen is a horrible person? :( A shame, because I find Leonard to be a genuine and compassionate person.
Truth Sentinel2 (Truth Sentinel) 

I doubt Seth is saying that at all.. Neither Seth, you or I know Leonard Cohen personally & there are good & bad aspects about most of us human beings.. Admitting our faults & righting our wrongs is all part of the forgiveness process. If a wrong has been committed here then a lot could be gained by attempting to right that wrong and accepting responsibilities for mistakes made. We are simply addressing the balance in a story that Leonard was able to have the upper hand on due to his fame and influence. Leonard is welcome to weigh in on this story but without hiding behind poetry, fame or fan support.
Kelley Lynch 
Scott, I would like to point out that the default judgment Cohen obtained, which is being challenged and the renewal of which is under appeal, is based solely on Leonard Cohen's fabricated allegations. I completely disagree that Leonard Cohen is a genuine or compassionate person, happen to know him well, and believe his actions towards me and my family members speak for themselves. Christine Holloway has written me personally to explain that she is Cohen's fan and does not know him. It's truly intriguing that people, who have no handle on the evidence and do not know the parties involved, feel comfortable drawing certain conclusions. It is also relevant to note that Cohen has intentionally inserted slanderous statements about me into his news accounts. I personally think Leonard Cohen is incapable of righting a wrong, accepting responsibility for anything, or addressing this matter truthfully. That is my personal opinion. Cohen has an army of professionals representing him in the various legal matters that involve me and are before the Appellate Court in Los Angeles. In fact, he has had more attorneys representing him in these matters than Phil Spector had throughout his so-called murder trial. Clearly, Cohen doesn't view any of this as frivolous and believes the stakes are high. In any event, I think it's rather elementary to view this in terms of good/bad although the fact that Cohen willfully bankrupted me, withheld commissions due me, wrongfully converted my property to himself, and feels entitled to behave in the manner in which he has does go to his character. Kelley