Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to Dennis Riordan and Bruce Cutler Re. Phil Spector, Leonard Cohen's Fraudulent Default Judgment & the Spector Prosecution

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 7:06 PM
Subject: My response to Gianelli's latest slanderous attack on the Truth Sentinel/Phil Spector Interview Site
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Mr. Riordan and Mr. Cutler,

This dangerous clown should continue to lie to other people and leave me out of his insanity.  He's probably on the phone with Jackson and Dixon nightly.  Maybe they discuss their fears of Eminem's lyrics to "Puke" and "Love the Way You Lie" or Streeter's views that she's a terrorist who is allegedly on the CIA's disposition matrix.


Lynch was fully aware that a multi-million dollar judgment was entered against her in 2006. It was in all the papers, and all her family and friends knew. Lynch emailed Cohen and others incessantly about his "fraud judgment". And Lynch has been emailing me since April of 2009 about Cohen's "fraud judgment" against her. Once you know there is a judgment against you, you are not allowed to delay even a few months. She delayed seven years. So all of this frantic activity is too little YEARS too late.
Kelley Lynch 
Scott, because Gianelli is publicly lying about and slandering me, I want to respond once again. I was aware that a judgment, to the media misreporting this information, was entered in March 2006. That was false information and this is why people are served complaints, etc. because one should not be forced to rely on faulty news accounts. Gianelli doesn't know me or my family. He simply terrorized my sons for seven years, contacted my elderly parents, harassed my sister and her husband for years, attempts to intimidate witnesses and others, and continues to harass me and Paulette Brandt. I haven't been emailing Gianelli. I have advised him to cease and desist, corrected information he and others have posted online (including when he had his blog devoted to me and Phil Spector), and address his blatant lies to the government and third parties. The man is an agent provocateur/infiltrator. He has been harassing and targeting me since hearing from Cohen's lawyers in May 2009. I didn't see the Complaint until Gianelli posted online in April 2010. LA Superior Court is aware of that fact and it has been addressed by the judge. The fact that Cohen willfully bankrupted me, and I was unable to return to LA prior to when I relocated, should not be used to permit Cohen to steal from me via default judgment, use this false information to defend himself re. IRS and federal tax matters (that I did not handle for him), or to advance slanderous statements that are regurgitated by the news media, etc. Leonard Cohen uses legal pleadings to disparage me and others. Stephen Gianelli represents Cohen. That's my opinion and nothing will ever change my mind. In fact, I have evidence that Cohen personally approves of Gianelli's conduct. I've submitted that to the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and others. It's my opinion that Gianelli is posting on the Spector interview page, rather than Cohen's, for reasons related to the fact that Leonard Cohen aligned himself with the Spector DA and ended up on the stand testifying about Spector and a gun during my proceedings. The prosecutor elicited that testimony based on concealment of evidence and Cohen's perjured testimony that he was a recipient of an email of mine to Dennis Riordan, Phil Spector's appellate attorney. The prosecutor - NOT I - introduced the Phil Spector issues into the trial. In any event, the crowd in LA Confidential looks desperate to me. Gianelli wouldn't be online attacking me if these issues were moot or irrelevant. Keep in mind that he's been at this for over seven years. I continue to believe he is affiliated with the Spector prosecutor while representing Leonard Cohen's interests.