Thursday, August 25, 2016

Leonard Cohen's Co-Conspirator Continues With His Public Attacks, Communications With Third Parties, & Endless Harassment of Kelley Lynch & Others - Over Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, IRS & Federal Tax Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 11:55 AM
Subject: Gianelli continues with his slanderous attack on Truth Sentinel
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Kelley Lynch 
Scott, Leonard Cohen hired publicists to spew slanderous statements and false allegations about me into the public domain. I didn't sit on my rights and do not know my stalker, Stephen Gianelli, who appears to be Cohen's co-conspirator representing his legal and other interests. Let me repeat this: these matters are all under appeal in Los Angeles and the federal tax matters remain unresolved. I was unaware of the judgment that was entered against me so I didn't sit on my rights. Unfortunately, LA Superior Court condones the use of fraud, perjury, and misconduct to enter fraudulent judgments, orders, and verdicts. It's extremely disturbing. One of the matters under appeal is a "fraud upon the court" motion I brought. Leonard Cohen's legal pleadings are replete with fraudulent misrepresentations, perjured declarations, and fabricated evidence. It's impossible to understand why any document should be signed under the "oath of perjury" when that it willfully disregarded by the court system. Gianelli continues to contact third parties about me, slanders me relentlessly in those emails, and continues to harass people in my life. The man is out of control. Kelley
Lynch "sat on her rights" for seven years, from the date judgment was entered in May of 2006 (which was in every print and on-line newspaper in the world) to October 2013 when she (belatedly) asked the court to set the judgment aside. That was a 7-year delay in asserting her rights. That is "sitting on your rights" by an measure.

Scott, I want to set the record straight here. I am in the midst of four appeals with respect to the Leonard Cohen legal matters. Those include appeals related to his renewal of the fraudulent default judgment and his fraudulent domestic violence restraining order that I also was not notified of. I didn't sit on my rights. I didn't read Cohen's Complaint until my stalker - Stephen Gianelli - posted it online in April 2010. Almost immediately after relocating to Los Angeles, in June 2013, I filed the appropriate motion to vacate Cohen's default which is evidence of his theft from me and nothing other than a narrative that attempts to explain away his role in sham transactions, shell corporations, and probable tax fraud. This is what motivated Cohen and I can assure you that I did not handle his tax, corporate, legal, accounting, or financial matters. Cohen and his team of professionals that he personally hired did. Leonard Cohen has recently hired a new law firm to assist with the appeals. He therefore has two law firms representing him. There is nothing frivolous about this situation. I continue to pursue remedies with respect to the federal tax and IRS matters. They too are far from over. Gianelli continues with his insanity, works in tandem with third parties to harass me, and his job appears to involve not only discrediting and slandering me but eliciting information. It is my personal opinion that he is also affiliated with the Spector prosecution. Please keep in mind that he worked in tandem with Spector's former assistant, Michelle Blaine, in targeting my email accounts and blogs. An investigator at the DA's office informed me, after concluding that Gianelli was a "shady character," that Gianelli may have found a sympathetic ear with Spector's prosecutor, Alan Jackson, about me. This is how this crowd functions. Gianelli also spent over seven years terrorizing my sons and continues to harass Paulette Brandt. We do not know this man who conducts himself like a common criminal. The stakes are clearly high; and the lows are vile.

The trouble with all of Lynch's contentions is that they have already been litigated - and rejected - by federal and state courts. It is not permitted under the US (or for that matter the UK) justice system for someone like Kelley Lynch to sit on her rights for seven years, and then try to litigate her claims in 2013 (denied in 2014), 2015 (denied the same year) then try to raise the claims in federal court in 2016 (dismissed 3-weeks later) and now to try to appeal from the judgment entered agaist her ten years ago.  There comes a point in every dispute where the court decision becomes final. In the Cohen vs. Lynch matter, that decision became final in 2006. The only one who does not realize it is over is Kelley Lynch.
"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it." John Lennon