Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Operative Continues To Criminally Harass Me And Is Now Defending Spector Prosecutor Alan Jackson & Lunatic Deputy City Attorney Sandra Jo Streeter

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 3:06 PM
Subject: Fwd: "Permitted" has nothing to do with it
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To the IRS and FBI,

When the City Attorney of Los Angeles, during my appeal, permits a man criminally harassing me to repeatedly copy them in (and Cohen's lawyer who doesn't want to be contacted evidently) that raises huge legal issues.  Interesting that this lunatic would raise Alan Jackson as an issue.  What's the problem - the DA's office dragged me into Phil Spector's murder trial when THEY rolled by my house unannounced.  They began threatening me after I filed a complaint with their Major Fraud Unit about Cohen's tax fraud, theft from me in the millions, etc.  They elected NOT to prosecute him and then targeted me with him and the City Attorney.

All the best,

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:50 PM
Subject: "Permitted" has nothing to do with it
To: Kelley Lynch <>

You either deflect the point or are too obtuse to get it - set Dennis Riordan aside for the moment (although NO ONE has given you "permission" to cc him, and no amount of cc's by you to Riordan would so indicate, no matter what Phil Spector has the "ability" to ascertain).

You cc a multitude of persons, prosecutors, officials, governors, agents, lawyers, and reporters - routinely.

When you cc Anderson Cooper (for example), does mean that he is "permitting" you to do so? I am being rhetorical. Of course it doesn’t.

That is because anyone can cc anyone else to any email they want - permission has nothing to do with it.

You have been ccing Alan Jackson for years. Does that mean he "permitted" you to do so? No. In fact, he even requested that you stop doing so, but you persisted.

NOTE:  Jackson evidently thinks that only he determines what unfolds in reality - and the taxpayers should demand to know why he or Major Fraud elected NOT to prosecute Leonard Cohen, the criminal negligence that led to my son's horrific accident at Whole Foods, etc.  WHO do these people work for?  They are NOT a private law firm and neither are the lunatics at the unconscionable Los Angeles City Attorney's Office who haven't met a lying celebrity they won't cover for - on the taxpayers dime.  Unconscionable governmental conduct.  

What point am I making? (Try to follow me here. I know it’s hard, but try.)

If someone, anyone, cc's a member of the City Attorney's Office that does NOT mean that they are "permitting" or in any way encouraging the email or endorsing the content of the email in any way - no more than all (or any) of the people or organizations you cc are "permitting" or encouraging you to do so or are endorsing the content of your emails.

Adding someone to the cc field of an email is a unilateral act by the sender without any significance beyond that.