Monday, April 8, 2013

Kelley Lynch Posted Her Letter To Spector Prosecutor Alan Jackson On Scribd And Did NOT Delete That Post - Someone Else Did

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Hello Mr. Riordan,
I posted my letter to Alan Jackson on Scribd.  That letter was hand delivered to DA Steve Cooley, DDA Alan Jackson, and DDA Truc Do by Investigator William Frayeh.  Gianelli's insanity about Ann Diamond contacting Scribd was a bald faced lie because she was not quoted in that letter.  For the record, Scribd wrote me that the individual who deleted it was the individual who uploaded it.  I did NOT delete this post to Scribd and this raises very very serious issues.


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Subject: [Scribd Support] Re: Post to Scribd Deleted (ticket #270137)
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Jason (Support Desk)
Apr 08 01:20 pm (PDT)
Our records show this document was deleted nearly a year ago by the person that uploaded it to Scribd. It was not removed by Scribd employees.
Best regards,
Jason Bentley
Scribd, Inc.
Kelley Lynch
Kelley Lynch
Apr 06 11:48 am (PDT)
Hello Scribd Support,
I am interested to know why a letter I posted to Scribd has been deleted.
That letter was hand delivered to Los Angeles DA Steven Cooley and Phil
Spector prosecutors, Alan Jackson and Truc Do. It related to Leonard
Cohen's tax fraud as well as Phil Spector's trial. I would like to know
who contacted you to have the letter removed and why. It seems like a
grave infringement on freedom of speech and, in fact, is evidence and
addresses factual and truthful matters.
Thank you.
All the best,
Kelley Lynch
cc: Phil Spector and Dennis Rioran, Esquire
The document 'Phil Spector Kelley Lynch - Alan Jackson Draft Letter' has
been deleted
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