Sunday, January 10, 2016

Who Does The Restraining Order Mafia In Los Angeles Want Kelley Lynch To Be Assigned Her Next Dating Relationship With?

Leonard Cohen's Perjury Confession.  What version of this narrative does LA Confidential believe?  And now, Cohen's operative stalker is writing third parties embellishing this insanity.  Leonard Cohen, who doesn't discuss his mistresses or tailor, now discusses relationships in statutory language while falsely accusing Lynch of having sex with Oliver Stone.  The restraining order Mafia is out in full force & effect.

Streeter:  Okay.  And did you ever have an intimate relationship with her?  Cohen:  Yes, I had a brief intimate relationship with her.  RT 49 - 50

.  PD:  Okay.  Now, you also mentioned earlier that there was a brief intimate relationship between you and Ms. Lynch, correct?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  You wouldn’t say that that was probably the best idea, to have a romantic relationship with your business partner, correct?  Streeter:  Objection; relevance.  Court:  Overruled.  Cohen:  I don’t think it goes to the description of romantic.  PD:  But it was a sexual relationship, correct?  Cohen:  It was an intimate relationship, yes.  PD:  Was it a sexual relationship?  Cohen:  It involved a sexual -- yes.  PD:  Now, it was - It was actually spanning years, correct?  Cohen:  I’m sorry?  PD:  It actually spanned years, correct?  Cohen:  I don’t know how long it spanned, Sir.  PD:  Okay.  But you would agree with me that it was on and off for a period of time?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  PD:  Now why did that – that part of the relationship, what you called the intimate part of the relationship, why did that end or when did it end?  Court:  Those are two different questions.  PD:  I’ll go with the latter.  PD:  When did it end?  Cohen:  I don’t remember exactly when it ended.  Like many relationships, it -- it just dissolved.  PD:  But it’s fair to say that it ended before your business relationship ended, correct?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  Okay.  And do you know why it ended?  Cohen:  I would say that part of the relationship exhausted itself and dissolved naturally.  RT 276  PD:  Okay.  Do you remember testifying on March 23rd at another hearing?  Cohen:  March 23rd, yes.  PD:  Of this year.  You were in this courthouse testifying, correct?  Cohen:  That is correct.  PD:  Now, you were asked if this was -- if your relationship with Ms. Lynch was purely a business relationship.  Do you remember that?  Cohen:  I did.  PD:  And you actually said that it was, yes, purely a business relationship.  Cohen:  I have said repeatedly that there was an intimate relationship, but the lady denies it.  So I did not want to insist.  PD:  I’m not asking you about what Ms. Lynch said.  I’m asking about what you said.  You said that yes, that it was purely a business relationship, correct?  Cohen:  May I explain.  PD:  I’m just asking for if that’s what you said on March 23rd.  Cohen:  Yes.  PD:  In fact, you were asked a follow up question that -- asking you if that was the extent of it, and again you said yes, that was the extent of it, correct?  Cohen:  Correct.  RT 273-277

Streeter:  Finally, there was a question about a previous testimony you’ve given, the description of your relationship with Ms. Lynch.  Why at that hearing did you say that you only had a business relationship with Ms. Lynch?  And now just once or twice.  Why did you say that?  Cohen : Because, as it turns out, the friendship that Ms. Lynch displayed was false and deceptive, so it was not really a friendship … The intimate relationship we had, she denies.  So I’m not going to insist.  So, therefore, it was not – from that point of view, there was not an intimate relationship and there was not a friendship; it was all business.  It was all business from the point of view of Ms. Lynch.  Streeter:  And in your mind – PD:  Objection; speculation as to what Ms. Lynch thought.  Streeter:  In your mind, if a woman says that you don’t have an intimate relationship with her but you do, why does that matter?  Cohen:  I’m sorry, Ma’am?  Streeter;  Why does it matter if – if you’ve had an intimate relationship like Ms. Lynch, she said you don’t – didn’t have one, why does it matter?  Why does that impact that answer to the question, that particular question a couple of weeks ago?  PD:  Objection; vague.  Court:  Sustained.  I think we’ve adequately covered this subject.  RT 321