Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Only Thing "Over" Is The Criminal Stalker's So-called "Holiday"

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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Gianelli remembers what I used to say about the situation in Colorado.  That situation demands an investigation and that includes the fact that the Sheriff's Department, who attempted to serve the owner of Juanita's, was told he no longer works there.  More liars in the justice system.  The jurors were misled and they wanted to know when "trespassing" charges were brought.  Eight months after I attempted to report the situation to the police  (with respect to a man who exposed himself in front of a child) and two days before the hearing.  The City Attorney told me I should have run out on the bill which I find outrageous but predictable.  There was no trespassing.  I asked the manager to call the police and they advised me that I could wait.  I know what the owner thinks to some degree.  I was friendly with his niece whose boyfriend I tutored.  The entire situation with Boulder PD and me demands an investigation and that includes Gianelli's statement that "Pat Dixon" was behind the Deneuve Construction roll-by.  I won the trial on the only issue I was falsely arrested over and the jurors didn't believe Boulder PD which is the good news.  

Leonard Cohen failed to serve me; filed fraudulent tax returns; and obtained fraudulent tax refunds using his fabricated and fraudulent complaint narrative.  The judgement cannot transfer the property of suspended corporations and a legal judgment is not an instrument with which to commit theft, extortion, or embezzle corporate assets.  Leonard Cohen has obligations towards me and the entities themselves.  He has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and probably Phil Spector whose masters (according to Machat) Cohen sold to Sony.  

Judge Babcock is wrong and I was clear with him - I refuse to participate in tax fraud or any attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud, etc.  Gianelli has relentlessly harassed me over the fact that there was no order filed re. Hess' 2014 order so what was there to appeal?  Four matters before LA Superior Court are under appeal.  That includes the fraudulent domestic violence order which clearly implicates VAWA funding fraud.  I didn't file a motion to reconsider.  That's a Cali catch-all.  I filed a motion addressing egregious fraud upon the court.  The intrinsic fraud issues relate to Cohen's legal pleadings filed in response to my motion to vacate.  California seems to think that fraud, perjury, etc. are acceptable means by which to plead one's case and someone should just sit there and not confront the fraudulent allegations.  Kory's declaration was related to federal tax matters so that's clearly at issue.  There was and remains no order to reconsider and these issues are being taken to the U.S. Supreme Court since LA Superior Court has no jurisdiction over me.  

Gianelli is using this email in an attempt to elicit information as well.  He must be on a working vacation while continuing to defend and represent Leonard Cohen's legal issues.  Nothing in Cohen's Complaint is true and that was transmitted to IRS.  Federal tax matters are not issues LA Superior Court has the authority to hear.

These criminals are quite arrogant.  Cohen is the party who has wasted court assets.  The man cannot stop lying, stealing, or slandering me.  The stakes must be high.  I will address Agent Tejeda's so-called exoneration of Cohen in federal court as well.  I don't think Cohen should have thanked the taxpayers so soon.  



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"This situation is far from over." Ha!