Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Criminal Stalker's Ongoing Lies & Obsession with Kelley Lynch

7/7/2015 UPDATE: NO Notice of Appeal filed NO Motion to Vacate Registration of Colorado Order filed NO Tax Court Petition filed NO Opposition to Sanctions Motion filed   A notice of appeal is a once-page document that basically says “I appeal _____________”and is dated, signed and filed. If form DV-600 may not be used to register an out-of-state order that is not premised on domestic violence, how complicated could that motion be? It is unsurprising that there is no tax court petition on file given the lack of a notice of assessment and/or determination within the last 60 days – and therefore no Tax Court jurisdiction. As to these other matters, including the “RICO suit” it is clear that Lynch is  not serious about those matters either. Since she doesn’t work, has paralegal skills,  and has been threatening these filings for months or years.   She could have written a hundred motions to vacate the Colorado order and 20 RICO suits by now. And a Notice of Appeal takes ten minutes to type and print.
UPDATE: On June 19, 2015 Federal magistrate Judge Paul Abrams DENIED Phil Spector's "appeal of last resort" - Spector's "petition for writ of habeas corpus" filed in 2012 after the California Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court rejected his earlier appeals.
UPDATE - On June 23, 2015 Judge Robert L. Hess of the Los Angeles County Superior Court DENIED Kelley Lynch's SECOND attempt to set aside Leonard Cohen's $7M judgment against her. This time Lynch supported her motion with at least three declarations that she forged the signatures of the "witness" on. When she got caught forging the signatures, she responded by claiming at first that the signatures were genuine, then she changed her story to Judge Hess to "I have written powers of attorney". But she FAILED TO PRODUCE those "written powers of attorney" to Judge Hess - who for obvious reasons did not believe her. After all, why would a witnesses bother to sign a "power of attorney" allowing Lynch to sign their names to a declaration, instead of simply signing the declaration itself? THEY WOUNDN'T. Lying liar caught lying AGAIN.
+Stephen Gianelli No declarations were forged. Stephen Gianelli is a criminal stalker with motive. He appears to be an unofficial member of Cohen and the Spector prosecution's legal teams. All declarations can be read at the below link. The witnesses themselves wrote the judge about these false allegations and their original signatures were presented to the court. I am in possession of the limited powers of attorney but it's unbelievable that anyone would hire this madman. A Petition was filed with Tax Court. My fee waiver was finally approved. An Opposition to Leonard Cohen's latest retaliatory legal document will be filed as will a motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order; notice of appeal re. the unlawful sealing of documents and the order denying my Motion addressing fraud upon the court. A federal RICO suit will be filed as well. Stephen Gianelli is obviously moonlighting and part of his job involves an inconceivable obsession with me, my family, friends, and others.