Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Motion For Terminating Sanctions Re. Leonard Cohen's Fraudulent & Retaliatory Lawsuit - Hearing June 23, 2015

Los Angeles Superior Court
Case No. BC338322
17 March 2015

Hearing Scheduled:  June 23, 2015

Notice of Motion, Motion &  Memorandum of Points & Authorities


Exhibit 1:        Defendant Kelley Lynch’s Proposed Answer to Complaint

Exhibit 2:        Natural Wealth Lawsuit – Kelley Lynch’s Summary of Factual Allegations
                        & Statements.  Natural Wealth Real Estate, Inc., et al. v. Leonard Cohen, et al.
Case No. Case 1:05-cv-01233-LTB

Exhibit 3:        Kelley Lynch’s Summary of Fraudulent Misrepresentations in Plaintiff’s
                        Complaint.  Case No. BC 338322.                 

Exhibit 4:        Declaration of Kelley Lynch

Exhibit 5:        Declaration of Joan Marie Lynch

Exhibit 6:        Declaration of John Rutger Penick

Exhibit 7:        Declaration of Paulette Brandt

Exhibit 8:        Declaration of Clea Surkhang

Exhibit 9:        Declaration of Palden Ronge

Exhibit 10:      Declaration of Daniel J. Meade

Exhibit 11:      Clarification of Ambiguities in Default Judgment filed May 15, 2006


Exhibit A:  Robert Hilburn Article; photo of Cohen working at Mt. Baldy.

Exhibit B:  Boulder Combined Court email and attached evidence; Kory & Rice domestic violence related orders.

Exhibit C:  Emails with court reporters re. March 23, 2012 hearing transcript.

Exhibit C-1:  MacLean’s article.  August 22, 2005.
[Leonard Cohen moves offensively in the press and advises MacLean's, as he filed the lawsuit against Lynch, that he was not accusing her of "theft."]

Exhibit D:  Phil Spector Motion in Limine (Excerpted pages – Leonard Cohen gun incident); Mick Brown emails. (Motion - page 14 - "Brandishing" on Leonard Cohen.

Exhibit E:  Trial Transcript (RT 308-309). 

Exhibit F:  Transcript March 23, Hearing.

Exhibit G:  Marty Machat letter dated November 25, 1990; Stranger Music, Inc. – Spreadsheet. 

Exhibit H:  Berger, Berger & Beal letter to Marty Machat dated January 5, 1972.

Exhibit I:  Email to Steven Machat dated March 2, 2015 confirming book excerpts.

Exhibit J:  Transcript of Steven Machat & Kelley Lynch conversation.

Exhibit K:  Elmer Fox, Westheimer & Co. Tax Planning Memo for Leonard Cohen dated August 22, 1977. 

Exhibit L:  IRS Notice dated September 12, 1988.  [Confusion re. alternate SSN & IRS account]

Exhibit M:  Van Penick’s letter to Kelley Lynch dated October 26, 1988.

Exhibit N:  LC letter to Dominque Issermann dated December 7, 1989 (off-shore account).

Exhibit O:  Jonas Herbsman letter to Herschel Weinberg dated January 8, 1990.

Exhibit P:  SOCAN Agreement (with Leonard Cohen).

Exhibit Q:  Leonard Cohen Productions, Inc. Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Formation (changed name to BMT) dated March 11, 1993; Articles of Incorporation of Leonard Cohen Productions, Ltd., Nevada; Statement and Designation by foreign corporation.

Exhibit R:  Kelley Lynch fax to Richard Feldstein dated December 7, 1993.

Exhibit S:  Ed Dean letter to LC and KL dated November 15, 1996. 

Exhibit S-1:  Richard Westin letter to Kelley Lynch dated February 5, 1998 (Blue Mist).

Exhibit T:  Neal Greenberg’s fax to Cohen’s transaction attorney, Jonas Herbsman February 10, 1998.

Exhibit U:  Richard Westin letter to Kelley Lynch dated June 1, 1998; Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of Blue Mist Corporation; Trial Transcript (page 279-293).

Exhibit V:  Cohen’s Opposition to CAK’s Motion for an Order of Attachment dated August 30, 2000.

Exhibit W:  Leonard Cohen’s Declaration dated August 30, 2000[CAK litigation, Case No. 00 Civ. 1068 (DAB), United States District Court, Southern District of New York].

Exhibit X:  Ken Cleveland fax to Kelley Lynch dated June 24, 1999; Leonard Cohen POA to IRS; Leonard Cohen letter to Mt. Baldy Zen Center dated November 1, 1996.

Exhibit Y:  Ken Cleveland fax to Kelley Lynch dated July 22, 1999.

Exhibit Z:  Reeve Chudd letter to Kelley Lynch dated September 8, 1999.

Exhibit AA:  LC Investments, LLC Certificate of Formation dated October 19, 1999; Operating Agreement dated August 21, 2000.

Exhibit BB:  Leonard Cohen’s email ( dated May 19, 2000 to Kelley Lynch (

Exhibit CC:  Richard Westin Memorandum dated May 23, 2000.

Exhibit DD:  BMT letter to IRS re. 341(f) election.

Exhibits EE: BMT 1999 and 2000 federal tax return.

Exhibit FF:  Cohen signed Assignment (signature page only) dated September 15, 2000. 

Exhibit GG:  Richard Westin’s September 16, 2000 letter to Kelley Lynch. 

Exhibit HH:  LASD Inventory dated October 18 & 24, 2005.

Exhibit II:  May 21, 1994 letter to Kelley Lynch from Tom Robbins.

Exhibit JJ:  Don Friedman’s letter to Stuart Bondell, Sony, dated September 19, 2000.

Exhibits KK:  Westin fax to KL and Greg McBowman dated September 20, 2000. 

Exhibit KK-1:  Fax from Richard Westin to Cohen and me dated October 10, 2000. 

Exhibit LL:  Richard Westin Proposal to Leonard Cohen dated November 19, 2000.

Exhibit MM:  Richard Westin Proposal to Kelley Lynch and Leonard Cohen dated December 4, 2000.

Exhibit NN:  Leonard Cohen letter to Westin dated December 7, 2000 (wrapping Greenberg in A/C privilege).

Exhibit OO:  Annuity Agreement dated December 7, 2000.

Exhibit PP:  Kelley Lynch/TH Promissory Note; Corporate Minutes dated December 21, 2000.

Exhibit QQ:  Traditional Holdings Formation documents; Lynch & Cohen Powers of Attorney to Westin re. TH; State of Kentucky Email; TH – 2001, 2002, 2003 Annual Reports; Application for Employer ID – prepared by Westin who signed Kelley Lynch’s name.

Exhibit RR:  Traditional Holdings Stock Certificates No. 1, 2, 3; Stock Ledger.

Exhibit SS:  CAK Settlement Agreement dated December 7, 2000.

Exhibit TT:  KL Indemnity Agreement dated January 8, 2001.

Exhibit UU:  IRS Notice:  August 13, 2001 - $1 million prepayment TH deal.

Exhibit VV:  Grubman, Indursky & Schindler letter dated April 18, 2001 to Cohen and TH.

Exhibit WW:  Trial Transcript (pages 285-288)

Exhibit XX:  Lynch & Westin emails (cc: Cohen) dated February 11, 2002.

Exhibit YY:  Richard Westin letter dated March 6, 2002.

Exhibit AAA:  David Woltz, IRS Office of Chief Counsel, letter to Richard Westin dated October 8, 2002.

Exhibit BBB:  State of Kentucky Schedule K-1 for Lynch & Cohen – 2003.

Exhibit CCC:  Neal Greenberg IRS Danger Warning letters dated January 16, 2004 and June 25, 2014. 

Exhibit DDD:  Westin emails re. Old Ideas, LLC; Dear Heather liner notes – publishing Old Ideas, LLC.

Exhibit FFF:  KL email to Leonard Cohen with forwards of emails to Stuart Bondell (Sony International), Ian MacKay (Sony Canada), and Denise Donlon (Sony Canada) dated July 22, 2004.

Exhibit GGG:  Kelley Lynch (tsimar) email to Leonard Cohen (baldymonk) dated September 16, 2004 [Commission – 1099 information].

Exhibit HHH:  Diane Baxa, City National Bank, email to Kelley Lynch dated March 29, 2013.

Exhibit III:  Trial Transcript (pages 301-303; 319; 290-293)

Exhibit JJJ:  Richard Westin email to Kelley Lynch dated September 24, 2004. 

Exhibit KKK:  Westin emails to Lynch dated September 20, 2004 (LCI “Office”)

Exhibit LLL:  Westin letters to State of Kentucky; Lynch and Cohen) dated October 6, 2004. 

Exhibit:  LLL-1:  2001, 2001, and 2003 Traditional Holdings, LLC tax returns.

Exhibit MMM:  DiMascio letter to Robert Kory dated November 13, 2004 (CNB account freeze).

Exhibit NNN:  USPS Mail Fraud Notice & Confirmation No.OR18421598.

Exhibit OOO:  Kelley Lynch email to DiMascio & Berardo dated January 5, 2005 (accounting fraud re. expense ledger).

Exhibit PPP:  DiMascio &Berardo letter to Kelley Lynch dated February 7, 2005.

Exhibit QQQ:  Trial Transcripts (pages 351-358)  – Cohen & Rice testimony.

Exhibit RRR:  Kory letter to DiMascio dated February 11, 2005 (Traditional Holdings, LLC “problematic” loans to Leonard Cohen).

Exhibit SSS:  Steve Lindsey email to Kelley Lynch dated May 2, 2005. 

Exhibit TTT:  Ann Diamond (draft article for Rolling Stone). 

Exhibit UUU:  King Drew May 225, 2005 fraudulent report.

Exhibit VVV:  Trial Transcript (pages 293-297)

Exhibit WWW:  KL email to Cohen & Kory dated July 30, 2005 & August 3, 2005 (advising them that I have reported the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud).

Exhibit XXX:  Kelley Lynch State Bar Complaints re. Cooley & Lindsey’s custody lawyers dated February 17, 2007.

Exhibit YYY:  State Bar Letter re. Cooley dated February 28, 2007.

Exhibit ZZZ:  Judge Lewis Babock’s Order dated September 5, 2005; Trial Transcript (pages 355 …)

Exhibit AAAA:  IRS Binder Index (April 9, 2012 Trial Evidence).

Exhibit BBBB:  LAPD Report (emails are generally requests for “tax” information.)

Exhibit CCCC : Trial Transcript (RT 40).

Exhibit DDDD:  Trial Transcript (RT 56-57).

Exhibit EEEE:  Bail Hearing Transcript (RT 6 – DA Investigator). 

Exhibit FFFF: (April 18, 2011 email testimony - RT 160-161; 266)

Exhibit GGGG:  Trial Transcript (Spector & Cooley:  RT 40, 60-61, 56-57, 157-159, 305, 265-266); Mick Brown emails.

Exhibit  GGGG-1:  (SSN & Driver’s License:  RT 301-303, 319)

Exhibit HHHH:  Schedules of Perjury – Declarations Leonard Cohen, Michelle Rice, Robert Kory, and
Kevin Prins; Misrepresentatives in Declaration of Scott Edelman. 

Exhibit IIII:  Cohen Affidavit - Natural Wealth (Complaint attached as Exhibit “A” to Tactical Allocation’s Ex Parte Application in Intervention for Order Protecting & Preserving Evidence Related Case No. BC341220).

Proof of Service