Saturday, July 11, 2015

Speaking About Phil Spector's Innocence Is Now Evidently "Off Topic"

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Date: Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 2:17 PM
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Hello Mr. Riordan,

Maybe Louis can shut down his FB page.  His father's innocence is evidently off-topic.  It leaves one speechless.


Sorry, had to delete a post as it was going way off topic. I try not to do that, but I kind of had to.
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  • Odzer Chenma Louis, it doesn't actually make sense that information about your father's innocence is "off topic." I have noticed that nothing positive about your father is permitted into the public realm. And, I also understand that there is a highly coordinated campaign to demonize and terrorize him and those who stand up for his innocence.
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  • Theodore Ey Most of the disparaging remarks about Phil have to do with his appearance. This is how shallow and ignorant people are. These are the same types of people who think of themselves as "classy" & "humanitarians". They fail to see, (or choose not to) Phil's accomplishments/ accolades/ struggles & all the people he has inspired during the course of his lifetime. Not everyone will live to be 75, but those that do, trust me, they won't necessarily age beautifully themselves. I also stand by what I said yesterday, very few people knew who Lana Clarkson was prior to Feb 3rd, 2003. Once she was found in "Evil Phil Spector's" castle, suddenly she was the world's most beautiful woman & everybody's favorite actress. Of course none of her disgusting, dispicable behavior could be brought to light during the trial, such as her narcotic pill popping, promiscuities, her pathetic act of simulating oral sex by sucking on the barrel of a gun, etc.. the judge wouldn't allow it. .heaven forbid, right?. so she remained a pure woman in everyone's eyes..the only "victim" in this case....meanwhile, the "demonic maniac" Phil Spector was sent to prison at the age of 69, after a lifetime of being an upstanding citizen with influence & perennial professionalism.
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  • Odzer Chenma Because Louis has deleted posts about his father's innocence, I don't want to go on at length, but it does seem odd that anything having to do with Phil Spector's innocence is off-topic. This is a matter of Mr. Spector's life or death. I have no idea why Lana Clarkson was glorified. Nor am I interested in Phil Spector's hair or clothing. It's obscene and right out of a third grade girl movie. People do not want to address the facts of this case; the witnesses who lied; and what has gone on with LA Superior Court. I have seen it. Paulette Brandt has seen it. It is abominable. Witnesses freely take the stand and perjure themselves. Evidence is replaced with fabricated narrative. Failure to ensure that people are served lawsuits is rampant. And, I personally believe that Leonard Cohen's three versions of the Phil Spector gun story (now before LA Superior Court), his theft from Phil Spector, etc. is highly relevant and material. The prosecutors used a version of Cohen's gun story that his own testimony contradicted. I don't want to hear an argument about Phil Spector's innocence or guilt that involves his relationship choices. Rachelle Spector has stood by her husband and they are both adults. One thing is very clear to me - there is a coordinated campaign to silence, harass, terrorize, and discredit anyone who stands up for Phil Spector. Otherwise, the information the will be deleted. The news media has been complicit. Nothing is off-topic when an innocent man is in prison and the forensic evidence proves that fact.
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