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The Criminal Stalker Defends Gary & Louis Spector; Lies About Many Issues; & Falsely Accuses Kelley Lynch Of Dragging Leonard Cohen Into The "Debate" When Louis Spector Did

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 1:32 AM
Subject: Fwd: Louis Spector's blog and Kelley Lynch's attempt to make the discussion about Leonard Cohen
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Hello Mr. Riordan,

As anticipated, Stephen Gianelli is writing defending Gary and Louis Spector who I most certainly did not attack.  Please take a look at all comments.  I wonder if Gianelli was on the phone with Alan Jackson about this.  Marty Machat didn't share the Criminal Stalker's views on Veronica Spector.  Neither did Janis Zavala.

I'm not a virtual stranger to Phil Spector and neither is Paulette Brandt.  I have no interest in Phillip's money and never have.  I could care less if he's famous.  I have known Phil Spector most of my adult life and Paulette has known him her entire adult life.  He's a very dear friend of ours.

Louis Spector is the individual who raised Leonard Cohen.  I said I didn't want to discuss him and that's precisely what Louis Spector ultimately concluded.  Gianelli is the individual obsessed with Cohen and criminally harasses me all day every day with his legal opinions and insanity about Cohen.  Cohen's default judgment is evidence of extortion and theft.  He is also not the corporations.  The evidence before the court proves this fact.  

Stephen Gianelli does not know you; has no idea what our relationship is or whether we communicate privately; but doesn't like the fact that I have written you about my misdemeanor case that involved testimony about Phil Spector and a gun.  Former DA Steve Cooley literally aligned himself with Cohen who lied that he was copied on emails to you, Mr. Riordan.  He later confessed that he wasn't.  However, the prosecutor asked him to look the email over to be certain that was the one he received.  His little routine on the stand when he was nailed in this lie was pathetic.

I didn't take one penny from Leonard Cohen who has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector.  I don't negotiate with terrorists.  The abysmal parent, as everyone in reality understands, was and remains my younger son's alleged father.  My relationship with my sons is none of this Criminal's business. He criminally harassed, stalked, threatened, and intimidated my sons and other members of my family.  

Leonard Cohen's furious evidently that I am seeking legal remedies.  This situation is far from over.  I will file my various court documents within the next week or so; appeal the Court's decisions - including with respect to the attempt to seal and conceal evidence; file the motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order; and file a federal RICO lawsuit.  

I sent you Louis Spector's posts yesterday proving that he - not I - raised Leonard Cohen.  Gianelli, of course, is lying as usual.  He is now publicly lying that the IRS determined that Leonard Cohen is the only person in America who is not obligated to provide someone with a 1099 and other IRS required tax information.  Gianelli is busy moonlighting.  He's a bald faced liar with motive who worked with Michelle Blaine to target my email accounts and blogs.  The Criminal Stalker also posts with "Kelly Green" who HATES Bruce Cutler.  I'm onto this dangerous clown and he is as transparent as the day is long.  

Phil Spector has suffered inconceivably but what is Gianelli's interest in his sons?  That's a better question?  

I don't know Alan Hootnick so he can answer the Criminal Stalker's final comment himself.

Gianelli is also attempting to elicit information.  This is his M.O.

All the best,

Sorry, had to delete a post as it was going way off topic. I try not to do that, but I kind of had to. Because this is also going way off topic, I decided to change/edit this to "let's talk about Phil Spector" Now, feel free to talk about his innocence or his guilt.

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  • Odzer Chenma Because Louis has deleted posts about his father's innocence, I don't want to go on at length, but it does seem odd that anything having to do with Phil Spector's innocence is off-topic. This is a matter of Mr. Spector's life or death. I have no idea why Lana Clarkson was glorified. Nor am I interested in Phil Spector's hair or clothing. It's obscene and right out of a third grade girl movie. People do not want to address the facts of this case; the witnesses who lied; and what has gone on with LA Superior Court. I have seen it. Paulette Brandt has seen it. It is abominable. Witnesses freely take the stand and perjure themselves. Evidence is replaced with fabricated narrative. Failure to ensure that people are served lawsuits is rampant. And, I personally believe that Leonard Cohen's three versions of the Phil Spector gun story (now before LA Superior Court), his theft from Phil Spector, etc. is highly relevant and material. The prosecutors used a version of Cohen's gun story that his own testimony contradicted. I don't want to hear an argument about Phil Spector's innocence or guilt that involves his relationship choices. Rachelle Spector has stood by her husband and they are both adults. One thing is very clear to me - there is a coordinated campaign to silence, harass, terrorize, and discredit anyone who stands up for Phil Spector. Otherwise, the information the will be deleted. The news media has been complicit. Nothing is off-topic when an innocent man is in prison and the forensic evidence proves that fact.
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  • Alan Hootnick It is shocking how some of the people closest to Phil stabbed him in the back and betrayed him. There is nothing more despicable than a traitor
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    • Phil Spector-Through The Eyes of His Son Louis. I do hope you are not referring to me Alan. I've never betrayed my father or stabbed him in the back.
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    • Alan Hootnick The guilty know who I am referring to
      Unlike · 2 · 7 hrsAlan Hootnick Louis, what we are trying to do is to show that those who spread lies and character assassination cannot expect to get away with their campaign of hate forever because there are still enough decent people left in this world to defend the truth and to defend innocent people who have been imprisoned unjustly
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  • Alan Hootnick I do not expect any of the haters to be convinced by what we say, because they suffer from a bizarre demonic prejudice which cannot be overcome by reasoned arguments. However, all fair-minded people should not remain silent and should not lose hope that some day justice will be done. And then a lot people around here will owe Phil a big apology
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  • Phil Spector-Through The Eyes of His Son Louis. I would appreciate if you would not make accusations about my actions. If you do not know why I do something, don’t make assumptions, simply ask. I deleted the past post not because you were talking about my father’s innocents but because I felt you...See More
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    • Odzer Chenma Louis, I hope you aren't referring to Leonard Cohen. He has used the news media and attempted to silence me inconceivably. If you are referring to Leonard Cohen, please recall that you brought him up. Not I. I am speaking to the court now. There i...See More
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    • Odzer Chenma Let's start with the forensic evidence. Personal views on Lana Clarkson are irrelevant. It's not an argument. Here's the evidence. Everyone who understands forensic science, without motive, knows that this woman shot herself.
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    • Phil Spector-Through The Eyes of His Son Louis. No one is talking about Leonard Cohen and the document you provided is writen from the defendant side, therefor bias as one from the prosecution's side would be. If you wan't a fair debate, you should provide both sides of the case, not just the defendant's side. And if personal views of Lana Clarkson are irrelevant, then why is she being trashed here.
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    • Odzer Chenma I'm not going to argue with you all night. Lana Clarkson is not being trashed. The issues are material. Your father has the best forensic experts in the world. There was and remains no evidence that they lied and it's absurd to assume that five sep...See More
      Like · 3 hrs Frieda Singer Regarding the selected FEW "Issued" posters on this page.......It really says a LOT about one's character AND state of mind when they Bully-Barge into a place and begin...AND Continue to indiscriminately And Viciously attack!!!...................Sanity becomes EXTREMELY Questionable!!
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    • Odzer Chenma Frieda, no one has attacked anyone. It does seem odd that any attempts to discuss that Phil Spector is innocent are met with such aggression. It's irrelevant if Phil Spector was a saint. No one is. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Clarkson's de...See More
      Club promoter Punkin Pie is making a film about Lana Clarkson—who she says Spector didn’t...
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    • Phil Spector-Through The Eyes of His Son Louis. Odzer, not sure what you are talking about as no one on this page has been anything but cordial to the subject at hand. Also Baby Doll's "evidence" had been proven fales before she even testified. For someone who says Lana's personal views are irrele...See More
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    • Odzer Chenma Baby Doll Gibson's evidence wasn't proven anything, Louis. The judge, and check the record, wouldn't allow her to testify unless your father took the stand. That's unlawful on the part of Judge Fidler based on your father's 5th Amendment right alone....See More
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    • Odzer Chenma The reason it's relevant if Clarkson (as her former boyfriend noted) was a prostitute who played kinky sex games with gun is because the prosecutor's theory is your father shot a woman because she wouldn't have sex with him. Do you understand this? H...See More
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    • Theodore Ey Not sure who is "bullying/attacking"... sounds a bit dramatic to me. We all want justice for Phil, I think most of us can agree with that. There are no "issued" posters here, just posters that are concerned for the welfare of others, especially the ind...See MoreSandra Castillo I truly believe your Papa is innocent of the crime he was found guilty of having committed in a court of law. May justice prevail...
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  • Linda Laudan Understood
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  • Odzer Chenma Louis, it doesn't actually make sense that information about your father's innocence is "off topic." I have noticed that nothing positive about your father is permitted into the public realm. And, I also understand that there is a highly coordinated campaign to demonize and terrorize him and those who stand up for his innocence.
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Date: Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 11:38 PM
Subject: Louis Spector's blog and Kelley Lynch's attempt to make the discussion about Leonard Cohen
To: alan hootnick <>


Both Louis and Gary Spector are estranged from their father. They both had shitty childhoods and an emotionally abusive father who was consumed by his own career and demons (including an obsessive jealousy of Ronnie Spector that kept her locked up a virtual prisoner for years, then when she broke free a vendetta against her that locked up all the Ronette’s music in litigation for 20 years so she would literally starve).

Both Louis and Gary are well aware than they will not receive ten cents from their father or his estate now or ever.

Yet, Kelley Lynch has the nerve to call these men – Phil Spector’s flesh and blood “gold diggers” and fortune hunters – when she, a virtual stranger, has been trying to capitalize on Phil Spector’s fame and fortune ever since  Spector was arrested.

Additionally, Kelley Lynch always  makes every discussion about Phil Spector’s legal troubles a discussion about HER issues, as if HER legal difficulties with a judgment she will never pay anyway and all of her other SELF-INFLICTED nonsense (like the harassment charges) are in any way comparable to being wrongfully convicted of murder and rotting away in a prison cell doing life while awaiting an appeals process that moves at glacial speed while Spector’s health deteriorates.

That is like comparing a mild cold to terminal bone cancer.

My God, I have even been copied with emails from Lynch to Riordan comparing her piss-ant  MISDEMEANOR case to the Phil Spector murder trial! imagine the narcissism!

And she is constantly playing the martyr, claiming that her troubles are retaliation for her “standing up for Phil Spector”, when she has done more to turn people off to Phil Sector’s cause than anyone and HER LEGAL AND LIFE ISSUES WERE SOLELY CAUSED BY HER DECISION TO STEAL and also be an abysmal mom who cared more about devoting her life to seeking revenge than getting her life back together so she could regain custody of her son.

Louis and Gary have suffered more than you could ever imagine and they have the right to live their lives free of personal attacks from Kelley Lynch.

Why you would participate in this endeavor is beyond me.