Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Phil Spector Was Railroaded & The Moonlighting Criminal Stalker Seems Amused

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 9:37 PM
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Hello Mr. Riordan,

The Criminal Stalker certainly seemed excited about Phil Spector's situation with Otero in federal court.  It's terribly shameless.  Why would a magistrate sit on a case for three years unless their goal was to have Phillip die?

Gianelli continues to criminally harass me over Leonard Cohen.  He has now written and lied to the Senate Judiciary advising them that you can falsely register a foreign Colorado non-domestic violence order (fraud but nevertheless ...) in California as a domestic violence order.  These people will say anything and there is definitely VAWA funding fraud.  He harasses me, and others, all day every day about Leonard Cohen but also Phil Spector.  It might explain why he was arguing Phil Spector's prosecutor's theories online and on Truth Sentinel while slandering me, Paulette Brandt, and Ann Diamond.  He has targeted my sons and family members for six straight years.  This is serious criminal witness tampering and he has stalked, harassed, slandered, and attempted to intimidate every witness who provided me with a declaration for the most part.  None of the declarations are fabricated or forged.  That's merely another Leonard Cohen tactic.  

Leonard Cohen is the individual who engaged in embezzlement and theft.  He embezzled approximately $6.7 million from one corporate entity alone.  He seems to believe he's entitled to that.  The news media didn't hear evidently that Cohen would have had to repay those amounts with interest.  That's his alleged retirement account that he treated like his piggy bank.  He has stolen my share of intellectual property (worth millions) and advised the Court that he doesn't owe me for services rendered.  He did this precise thing to Machat & Machat and has also stolen Phil Spector's masters and sold them to Sony.  Steven Machat worked on that deal and confirmed this with Sony.  He stole Steven Machat's film "Bird On A Wire."  He has now obtained fraudulent tax refunds.  He continues to lie relentlessly to LA Superior Court.  I wasn't served his lawsuit.

Gianelli, as you know, has a slanderous blog devoted to me.  I didn't need to reconnect with Phillip.  I've seen him and discussed the incident at his house.  The woman shot herself.  Gianelli appears to be an unofficial member of Cohen's legal team and moonlighting for the Spector prosecutors.  His best online posting pal, Kelly Green, hates Bruce Cutler and was online in 2007 trashing Bruce Cutler over Phil Spector.  Gianelli attempts to infiltrate defenses.  

This man is a pathetic liar and criminal.  He's amused about Phil Spector.  He likes criminally harassing me and Paulette over him.  He thinks he's immune and cannot be extradited or deported from Greece.  He's lied to IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, CIA, NSA, FSB, the Senate Judiciary, and many others.  He's a professional criminal and this is his job.  Harassing me and attempting to elicit information is part of that job.  Please keep in mind that this criminal worked with Michelle Blaine, the female Leonard Cohen, to target my accounts and blogs.  He also works with Cohen fan Susanne Walsh who targeted Phil Spector Is Innocent Facebook Page.

Gianelli is on Truth Sentinel Phil Spector interview lying about me and IRS.  IRS most certainly did not determine that Leonard Cohen is the only person in American not obligated to provide someone with a form 1099 and other corporate and tax information.  He also seems to have connections to Gary and Louis Spector.

Sorry about the situation.  I remain convinced that the 9th Circuit will handle this case properly.  They are aware of this prosecutorial misconduct in Los Angeles and Phillip's case is a blatant set up and these prosecutors belong in prison.

All the best,

UPDATE 7/10/2015 - Kelley Lynch's formal complaint to the IRS - that her former employer Leonard Cohen failed to provide her with a required form 1099 for 2004 has been adversely determined by the IRS, a determination that Lynch is now trying to appeal to the US Tax Court in a pro se filing dated July 6, 2015. Like every other legal proceeding that Lynch has been involved in in the past, I fully expect this latest filing to be resolved in favor of the IRS - but it could take 3-years to wind its way through tax court to a trial, unless it is earlier dismissed.


Kelley Lynch is the former behind-the scenes Leonard Cohen manager who became infamous in 2005 when it was revealed in the world media that Lynch had siphoned off millions from the performing artist’s retirement fund. Lynch’s Plan “B” to pull herself out of the poverty that ensued after Cohen shut off her income stream by showing his former manager the door – often expressed in blog posts and emails – was to reconnect with Phil Spector, for whom she worked as a personal assistant in the 1980’s (and to use Spector’s “legal team” to sue all “responsible”  for the loss of her former life) as soon as those  murder charges facing Spector were wrapped up. But Phil Spector’s retrial did not quite have the happy ending Lynch had hoped: The record producer was convicted and sentenced to serve a life sentence in prison.
On May 2, 2011, the California Court of Appeal affirmed Spector’s conviction, followed by a rejection of the producer’s appeal by the California Supreme Court on August 17, 2011 and then and then a denial of Phil Spector’s petition for writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court, on February 21, 2012.
That left one final avenue of appeal for the producer responsible for the “Wall of Sound”: Federal habeas relief. On June 18, 2012 Spector filed his petition for a writ of habeas corpus with the federal district court through his appellate attorney Dennis Riordan, who is best known for his successful defense of baseball great Barry Bonds – with Reardon’s help Bonds saw his conviction for obstruction of  justice reversed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year.
The long planned (in Lynch’s mind at least) Spector-Lynch reunion suffered another setback on June 19, 2015, when the federal magistrate judge assigned to evaluate Phil Spector’s latest bid for freedom answered Spector’s request with an emphatic “No”. (You can read the 44 page “report and recommendation” issued by Magistrate Judge Paul L. Abrams that drove stake through the heart of Spector’s habeas petition,here.)
While Phil Spector is expected to appeal the anticipated federal district court order denying his latest appellate filing to the 9thCircuit Court of Appeals, a decision there is not anticipated for another two to three years.
Therefore, Kelley Lynch’s long awaited reunion with her “dear friend Phil Spector” will have to wait a bit longer.