Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stephen Gianelli, A Criminal Stalker Who Appears To Be Leonard Cohen's Proxy, Attacks Ann Diamond On Truth Sentinel & Is Called Out For Being The Troll That He Is

Dear Gianelli, You have no business publishing private emails without permission. For some unknown reason, you began bombarding me last December with unsolicited and unwanted emails from your home in Crete, along with photos of your wife and shiny new tractor. I could post those at your blog if you think they're relevant. There was no reason for me to read your documents and I have no idea why you sent them. You should have asked if I was interested, I am not a lawyer representing Kelley Lynch, I am not even American, and I have no intention of writing about this case before it's settled in the courts. I think you need to take your own advice and learn to 'edit.' The world is not your private blog, and nobody has time to read your endless stream of trivia.

+Ann Diamond Ms. Diamond - your emails (which you never asked me to keep private) sing a very different tune that you are posting here, that you believe Ms. Lynch will be "vindicated", that she is innocent. You started following me on Twitter, you sent me a Holliday Greeting on Christmas, you sent Suzanne Walsh a friend request on Facebook, and you were frequenting my Facebook page as well. You stated to me in scores of emails that you believe that Ms. Lynch is "mentally ill" and that you "never believed that she was not served" with Cohen's lawsuit, and yet you publicly take her side here. You apparently like to play both ends against the middle. Okay, fine. But let's be clear on what is going on. 

+Stephen Gianelli I have never sent you "scores of emails," "frequented" your Facebook page, or described Kelley Lynch as "mentally ill." Produce these scores of emails if you believe they exist. For whatever reason, you and Susanne Walsh seem to be concocting a fictional narrative around people you have never met. That's harassment.

+Ann Diamond  We traded approximately 60 (+/-) emails around June of 2009 when you (among other things) told me that Ms. Lynch was probably in love with Leonard Cohen, that Cohen probably took advantage of her, and that she “was mentally ill.” In the oft touted (by Ms. Lynch) “Ann Diamond article” (a piece that you wrote that was rejected for publication by Rolling Stone) entitled “Whatever happened to Kelley Lynch” you state, in part: “The meltdown was real, however. By late December, 2005, Lynch had lost custody of one son and was homeless and living on the streets with her older son, Rutger, who witnessed the chain of bizarre events that had begun a year earlier.” More recently, you stated to me in emails that the Kelley Lynch that has emerged since 2009 is so “mentally impaired” that that it is hard to imagine her functioning as Cohen’s manager in that condition. In an email dated Mon 2/17/2014 11:56 PM you stated: “These emails were all written after her hospitalisation (sic.). Various drugs can do this to a person. I never believed she was "never served" so this does nothing to change my thinking.”  On Feb 15, 2014 9:39 AM you emailed me stating” Thank you, Stephen. Crete must be beautiful.” On 12/24/14 you emailed me stating “Happy Holidays from Lemnos.” The very day that you were interviewed with Kelley Lynch for THIS VERY internet radio show wherein I was heavily disparaged you added yourself to my twitter account as follower. That same day you added Susanne Walsh (who you befriended on Facebook) as a connection to Walsh’s LinkedIn account. And you started sending me emails signed “your friend, Ann Diamond”. I can see why the Rolling Stones had to get a restraining order against you and why you stalked Lenonard Cohen; you and Kelley Lynch are cut from the same cloth.

+Ann Diamond Incidentally, Ann Diamond has written that she was "abducted" by the US Army as a child, subjected to drug experiments, and systematically sexually abused by high ranking US Military personnel. She has written that the Newtown School shooting was a hoax, how all the grieving parents were paid actors, and how all the dead, children were alive and well. It was "all staged by Obama, to support his proposed gun law". Diamond has also written that the British Royal Family was involved in sex orgies involving ritual animal sacrifice, and she has also written about sitting on a park bench, for hours, staring at Leonard Cohen's window waiting to catch a glimpse of the singer/songwriter.

+Stephen Gianelli None of the above quotes is accurate and some were made up by Susanne Walsh. Nowhere have I ever said that I was "abducted." My Canadian family were among the hundreds of thousands of MKULTRA victims tricked and coerced into covert military experiments. I never stated that "Obama staged Sandy Hook." The "park bench" was in a neighbourhood where I lived for twenty years and often chatted with Leonard Cohen. Visit my blog at http:/of/ for more on how Canada became a human laboratory during the Cold War, and how that hidden history continues to fuel a national tragedy.

+Ann Diamond More recent revelations on CIA-funded experiments on children in Dr. Cameron's birthplace:

+Stephen Gianelli I smell troll .

Dedosdigital - why rely exclusively on your sense of smell? Try reading the linked documents and use the analytical abilities in your brain. There is an internet "trioll" at work alright and her name is Kelley Lynch.

+Stephen Gianelli You relentlessly attack , with malice ,  in support of the official media story . By contrast , I have never observed malice in Ann Diamond's writing .

Then you are not family with Diamond's writing about Leonard Cohen. Additionally, you quite obviously have not listed to the two podcasts.  In any event, I have read the court documents and transcripts and made up my own mind with analysis, not first or second impressions.

+Stephen Gianelli I am not Family . Familiar , with Ann's book , yes, having read it . You make the assumption I am not f a m i l i a r with the subject in question . Go ahead , but sophistry of that low order lacks interest or credibility .

+dedosdigital Thanks for your reading. No, I have no malicious intent toward the larger-than-life public figure called Leonard Cohen. I did not write my memoir to attack him -- merely to set the record straight and even 'reach out' to some of those involved. Leonard Cohen has more secrets running in the background than most of us could accumulate over several lifetimes. Occasionally, a woman enters his life and stumbles over some of these secrets. Relationships only function to the extent that they're based on truth. Unfortunately for Mr. Cohen, he must sometimes choose between the relationship and the carefully-maintained public image. Guess which he chooses. Nothing will convince devotees of the public Leonard Cohen that their man could ever lie or engage in other unethical conduct. Insiders know different. Let's not go berserk tearing down idols, but also let's not be naive.