Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Leonard Cohen Stole Millions From Kelley Lynch & Has Now Lied About Her Expenses.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 11:49 PM
Subject: Fwd: Your declaration
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Daniel Bergman and Michelle Rice,

I redacted the part of Ann Diamond's declaration, which I find insightful, that has to do with Guttman's remarks about Lorca Cohen's public statements at Concordia.  However,  if Lorca Cohen thinks I believe that an employee of mine did a forensic audit of corporate entities that revealed her father couldn't retire (including with respect to his nearly $6.7 million loans/expenditures from TH), people really should think that through again.

Leonard Cohen falsely accused Ann Diamond of stalking and harassing him.  That is clearly material and relevant.  Not once did I ever hear, from him, that she stalked or harassed him.  I heard criticism re. the Guttman comments but Guttman repeated what her child heard at Concordia so perhaps people ought to look at who said what and when.  I know I most certainly did and will remind you that I was involved with that situation.  So was my brother-in-law.  Leonard Cohen falsely accuses people.  Steven Machat knows this.  Phil Spector knows this.  Ann Diamond knows this.  Many people do.  I would assume the Grubman Indursky firms and Greg McBowman realized this.  He falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts.  His first managers didn't steal his copyrights.  I was involved in negotiating the buy-back of those songs.  It just goes on and on.

The merits of the underlying case were raised in Leonard Cohen, Michelle Rice, and Leonard Cohen's case.  Send me the law that says I don't have the right to confront false accusations in a court of law.  

I am not a "scorned" woman because Cohen and I were not lovers.  Sexual harassment and indecent exposure are not "dating" regardless of what Los Angeles City Attorney's office thinks.  

I didn't own a $2 million house.  I bought a house worth $700,000.  I put the downpayment down with commissions I made signing Adam Cohen to record and publishing deals.  IRS knows this.  IRS knows I also cashed in an older retirement plan and paid my taxes to do so.  Cohen just lies to people about what I had or didn't.  I didn't have, for instance, a $20,000 pharmacy bill.  I never did drugs.  Cohen and Lindsey are the people with histories of drugs.  Cohen also had a problem with alcohol and psychiatric problems.  

Is that what I made for being Cohen's personal manager; business manager; and personal assistant (according to Cohen) - $100K a year.  That's less than most people in Paulette Brandt's Celebrity Personal Assistant Association make a year.  How strange.  I think I'll send IRS the financial data they collected.  Did my donations to Buddhist causes bother Cohen or Lindsey?  Perhaps I should have donated money to their shrinks.  After all, Dinah Englund thought Lindsey's psychologist bought a house with Lindsey's therapy money.  I never went out to restaurants - or rarely.  Never had Hollywood parties.  Did splurge on anything.  

But what does this have to do with the money the misogynist Leonard Cohen stole from me?  Is this his defense?  Sounds like someone thinks they were my husband.  They are sadly mistaken.  I didn't live beyond my means.  Both Cohen and Lindsey owe me a tremendous amount of money and appear to be lying misogynists.  

Everything's not over yet.  I'm filing a federal RICO suit and multiple jurisdictions are involved and I do not believe LA Superior Court has any remedies to offer.  We shall see what Judge Hess has to say at the March 23, 2015 hearing.  Feel free to terminate my "fee waiver."  I intend to challenge Cohen's attack on my free speech rights re. my declaration.  

I have challenged Cohen's fraudulent tax refunds and the Tax Court matter is not over yet and will probably take a bit of time to resolve.  

I would strongly encourage you and your client to stop lying and spreading malicious rumors.  Is this your idea of fraudulent "debt" collection or blackmail?  Gianelli appears to be an unofficial member of Cohen's legal team who also masquerades as Mongochili and possibly other "alter egos."  It's a theme here.  See Leonard Cohen and the corporate fictions.  Emphasis on fictions.

Kelley Lynch

P.S.  Paulette Brandt wants to know why I wasn't also Cohen's housekeeper and cook for that price.

Cohen's Proxy has his lying narrative down and is still on the job:

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From: Ann Diamond <>
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Your declaration
To: Kelley Lynch <>

+Stephen Gianelli
You relentlessly attack , with malice ,  in support of the official media story . By contrast , I have never observed malice in Ann Diamond's writing .
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Date: 18 June 2015 at 00:52
Subject: Your declaration


It is hard to imagine how, in your wildest dreams you might think your injecting ancient history about your decades old putative  relationship with Leonard Cohen  and malicious rumor consisting of third tier hearsay about an alleged molest that both the victim and the source alleged source of the rumor have long ago denied would be relevant to Kelley Lynch’s second attempt to vacate a nine year old default judgment against her – especially the merits of the suit are not before the court. Rather, given your well-publicized and longstanding grievances against Cohen as another woman scorned, it is easy to infer your personal motives in doing so.

But regarding your rhetorical question  “[d]id Kelley Lynch rob Leonard Cohen of millions, and if so, how did she end up penniless and bit homeless?”, the answer is a simple one: For many years Kelley Lynch was living a lifestyle that she could not fully support on her approximate $100,00 commission income from Leonard Cohen. She was paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities on a $2M house with a pool in Brentwood, CA, as well as a personal assistant, and she was also supporting and raising two boys, and somehow managing to give to Buddhist causes, entertain frequently in restaurants, pay $15,000 a month in pharmacy charges to support a prescription drug addiction, as well as six figure shopping splurges at Neiman Marcus and Los Angeles jewelry stores.

In short, she started living beyond her means, developed a substance abuse problem, and ran through the money.

When the end came, everything collapsed.


Ann Diamond's The Man Next Door (Bootleg edition)

"A wonderful memoir of life with Leonard Cohen in Montreal and Greece through the heady 60s, spiritual 70s and cynical 80s - the music - the lyrics - the drugs - the government's mind control experiments - brilliant table talk by a woman who knew him well. Cover art by Tigana."