Thursday, June 18, 2015

Palden Ronge Letter to Judge Robert Hess Re. Leonard Cohen Case No. BC338322

14 June 2015

Judge Robert Hess
Los Angeles Superior Court
Department 24
111 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, California  90012

Re:  Kelley Lynch – Case No. BC338322

Dear Judge Hess,

I am writing to confirm that I prepared and provided Kelley Lynch with the declaration attached hereto.  I was unavailable to provide the actual physical signature on this document prior to the date Kelley submitted her Motion for Terminating Sanctions.  I therefore provided her with my limited power of attorney which authorized her to conform my signature on the declaration.  I also provided her with the signature page which I understand she now intends to submit to the Court.  I can attest hereto that the attached declaration, which is identical to the declaration submitted to this Court with Kelley Lynch’s Motion for Terminating Sanctions, was initially submitted with my full authorization and consent.  I am willing to provide the Court with a notarized copy of this declaration if necessary.

I would also like to confirm that I attended the January 17, 2014 hearing in this case and intended to testify.  I remain willing to testify should the opportunity arise to do so in the future. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at RDACTED.

Thank you.

                                                            Very truly yours,
                                                            /s/ Palden Ronge


I, Palden Ronge, do state and declare as follows:
1.       I am a citizen of the Canada and permanent resident of the United States.  I currently
reside in Los Angeles California. I am a close personal friend of Kelley Lynch’s.  I am over the age of 18 years.  I have personal knowledge of the facts contained in this declaration and if called upon to testify I could and would testify competently as to the truth of the facts stated herein.
2.      My wife, Lila Rich, and I have known Kelley for many years.  I personally met her approximately
1988.  We are close family friends and I know her parents and sons, Rutger and Ray.  Over the years, we have visited each other socially on many occasions and participated in many religious events together. 
3.      Kelley was an excellent and loving mother.  She took her role as a parent seriously and saw to it
that her sons received the best education.  She ensured that their personal needs were met in every way.  Ms. Lynch was particularly diligent in supervising her children to insulate them from the urban youth culture of drug and alcohol abuse.  Kelley’s sons are wonderful young men.
4.      I have known Kelley to be a well-connected, professional woman, who multi-tasked at a dizzying
pace as she managed the business affairs for Leonard Cohen and handled her other business matters.  Kelley worked as Cohen’s personal manager for approximately 17 years.  It never once crossed my mind that Kelley and Mr. Cohen were ever involved in any type of intimate dating or engagement relationship.  Nor had I heard anything to indicate that their relationship was anything but professional. 
5.      I have worked with Kelley when she and Oliver Stone sponsored a Tibetan  Buddhist meditation
center for His Holiness Kusum Lingpa.  His Holiness Kusum Lingpa was a highly regarded Tibetan Buddhist master.  I had the good fortune to serve as an interpreter for this remarkable man and was involved in translating certain religious texts.  His Holiness appointed Kelley to be his chos kyi dags mos (lineage holder) and she worked quite diligently on his behalf.  It is my personal belief that Kelley conducts herself professionally, ethically, and honestly in all areas of her life.
6.      I visited Kelley throughout the spring and summer of 2005.  His Eminence Choegon Rinpoche, a
mutual friend, often accompanied me on these visits.  I distinctly recall Kelley’s appearance in the summer of 2005, and specifically throughout the month of August 2005, due to the fact that she changed the color radically.  At that time, she had bright blue eyes, very dark short hair, was approximately 5’6,” quite thin, and weighed approximately 110 pounds.  For years, she had worn her hair very light blonde and it took me some time to grow accustomed to Kelley’s very dark hair and new look.
7.      In mid-June, Kelley was rear-ended by a driver on Mandeville Canyon Road.  She was seriously
injured and hospitalized for head trauma and other medical issues.  I believe she also broke her nose and seriously injured her neck and back.  I visited Kelley in the hospital at that time and, apart from her physical injuries, she was her usual intelligent, caring, and humorous self.  I recall bringing her sushi.
8.      Shortly after this accident, another driver on Mandeville Canyon Road, presumably on his cell
phone and not paying attention, pulled out suddenly and quickly from a side street and slammed into Kelley’s passenger side.  Kelley was again injured and this accident destroyed her car.  She was planning to visit Lila and myself in Ojai, California and was unable to do so due to the damage the car sustained.
9.      I am aware of the fact that Kelley was home throughout the summer and fall of 2005.  I
frequently visited, understood she had no transportation or money, and when I rang the bell, she would simply open the door.  It didn’t appear that she was attempting to evade anyone.  She informed me repeatedly that she wanted to be served Cohen’s lawsuit and review the specific allegations in the Complaint.
10.   I distinctly recall during the summer and fall of 2005 Kelley’s frustrated attempts to address the
fact that she was not served Leonard Cohen’s lawsuit.  Kelley has continuously and consistently maintained that she was not served this lawsuit.  She was also extremely frustrated with the conduct of and tactics used by Leonard Cohen’s representatives.
I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
This declaration is executed on this 9th day of March 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

                                                                        Palden Ronge

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