Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leonard Cohen's Desperate Attempts to Silence, Undermine, Discredit, Prevent Her From Being Heard & Crush Kelley Lynch

Excerpt of letter received from Boulder Court re. Leonard Cohen's restraining order.  It is not a domestic violence order but Cohen fraudulently filed it as a domestic violence order in California.  I was prosecuted for violating a domestic violence order.  

3. This case is not a domestic violence case which can be verified on the top right of the first page of the ICON;  noted as "Type:  Protection Order". On the motion for civil protection order, the Petitioner only checked off Stalking and Physical Assault, Threat, or Other Situation but not Domestic Abuse.

Cohen requested this restraining order immediately after threatening Ann Diamond for posting her draft article for Rolling Stone.  He made an extraordinary flight from Europe to Boulder, Colorado in the midst of his tour.  What was on his mind at that time?  Well, this is what he raised with the court: 

"I request the following relief ... that Kelley Ann Lynch be excluded from making any public statements about me to any public entity (ie., newspaper, websites, blogs, any form of press, etc.)