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Kelley Lynch Email to David Yaffe Re. His Leonard Cohen.Daily Beast Article

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Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:27 AM
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David Yaffe,

I would like to ask you to remove your slanderous comments from your Daily Beast article on Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen was not swindled and the default judgment (based on a lawsuit I wasn't served) granted Leonard Cohen his prayed for damages ($5 million) and millions in illegal interest.  I am now litigating this matter, have filed a motion to dismiss, and will file a federal lawsuit against Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen retaliated against me for reporting allegations he committed criminal tax fraud to IRS and other authorities.  After spending months attempting to settle with me (including an offer of 50% community property), he retaliated against me.  Cohen attempted to coerce me into testifying falsely against his representatives.  Leonard Cohen did not emerge from Mt. Baldy to discover anything.  He had not been on Mt. Baldy since approximately 1999 and in 2004 heard I was going to IRS.  He has taken the position that I received overpayments with respect to my commissions as his personal manager.  His fraudulent ledger does not address the fact that I own 15% of all his intellectual property, have ownership interests in certain corporate entities, or address commissions I am due for work I've done.  

I was not Leonard Cohen's lover.  After Ann Diamond wrote an article she planned to submit to Rolling Stone, Cohen flew into Boulder (in the middle of his European tour) to take out yet another fraudulent restraining order.  He was disturbed by my communications with journalists and online posts,  Cohen then registered this order, that I asked the judge to make permanent, fraudulently in California - as a domestic violence order.  I am moving to dismiss that order.  I also did not violate it as Boulder Court repeatedly told me it expired in 2009,  Having said that, Leonard Cohen continues to fail to provide me with tax information I have requested.  He has also illegally made me a partner on a company I have no ownership interest in.  My trial was actually focused on Phil Spector, Cohen's version of the Phil Spector gun story (he now has three before LA Superior Court), IRS, and tax matters.  

Leonard Cohen borrowed approximately $6.3 million from his alleged retirement account.  He has concealed this fact and refuses to repay that.  Feel free to read the declaration I filed with my motion to vacate.  See attached.

I would appreciate your correcting this article and removing the defamatory statements.

As you never contacted me, and we do not know one another, I think it would be impossible for you to take the position that I am in "hock."  

Kelley Lynch

It took Cohen years to feel that he had the right to sing the blues. When he emerged from the Zen monastery on Mount Baldy, his enlightenment was followed with an all too worldly disaster. He had been swindled out of his life savings—around $8 million—by his former manager and lover Kelley Lynch. He was forced to go out on the road, and, a few remakes of “Hallelujah” later (including on American Idol), became the megastar he had never been before. His previous tour in 1993 had lost money. But just when he was broke, Cohen became a Canadian Idol. When he went to London, he didn’t play Albert Hall, he played the 02 Arena (where Michael Jackson was planning his comeback), and filled it for multiple nights. Cohen made back the money he lost and kept going. (Lynch did jail time and is still in hock.) He was on a roll. And the songwriting inspiration came back, too. If anyone pitched this as a screenplay, no one would have bought it.

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He had been swindled out of his life savings—around $8 million—by his former manager and lover Kelley Lynch. He was forced to go out on the road, ...
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