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Kelley Lynch Email to Guardian re. Leonard Cohen Article

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To the Guardian,

I am writing to ask you to remove the defamatory and slanderous statements Alexis Petridis has made about me.  I enclose an excerpt of his article on Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud.  I reported his tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service and others agencies.  He then retaliated against me.  However, he failed to serve me the lawsuit and a default judgment, that I am presently challenging, was entered against me.  I attach hereto a copy of my declaration that was filed with my Motion to Vacate.  It sets for the facts, issues, and evidence regarding this situation. 

There is no need to thank me.  Leonard Cohen planned to tour behind Dear Heather and was contractually obligated to do so.  He simply enjoys fabricating tales for the news media that frequently involve Phil Spector, Janis Joplin, and me, as well as his fantasies about his roles in the Bay of Pigs and Yom Kippur War.

This letter is a formal cease and desist letter.  I would appreciate hearing from someone.  And, for the record, I believe a more appropriate title for Cohen's album is "IRS Problems."  Leonard Cohen has stolen millions from me.  He has stolen from others as well.  That would include, but is not limited to, Phil Spector and Machat & Machat.

Kelley Lynch

It is hard to elicit goodwill for someone who stole £5m from a pensioner, but perhaps anyone who loves Leonard Cohen’s music owes his former manager Kelley Lynch a grudging debt of thanks. It’s strange to imagine now, but when Cohen’s 11th studio album, Dear Heather, was released a decade ago, it was widely received as his farewell. It wasn’t just that Cohen was 70 years old: everything about Dear Heather suggested a man in the process of disappearing from music. His voice had already left the building: only a ghostly whisper remained, and Sharon Robinson and Cohen’s partner Anjani Thomas were often more in evidence than the man whose name was on the sleeve. There was a certain finality about the lyrics, but the album itself seemed half-finished, as if Cohen was losing interest or had his mind elsewhere – quite possibly up Mount Baldy, at the Zen Buddhist retreat where he’d been ordained as a monk. Instead of complete songs, there were recitations of poems, not all of them by Cohen, set to vague jazz accompaniments. A 20-year-old live recording of a cover of Tennessee Waltz – taped off the radio, no less – was tacked on the end, as if to make up the numbers.

That, of course, was before it emerged that Lynch had embezzled most of the singer’s pension fund. Cohen and his associates have never made any bones about the fact that his subsequent work, not least the apparently never-ending touring, has been motivated by a need for cash, but no one seems to mind, possibly because few artists have ever done it for the money with quite the elegance and warmth that Cohen displays on stage, singing the songs that no longer earn him a cent in royalties. And whatever the initial incentive, being forced back to work seemed to spark Cohen’s creativity. A man who seemed to be running dry discovered he had much more to say musically and, moreover, that he was now broadcasting it from uncharted territory for rock music. Cohen turns 80 this weekend: few artists have continued writing and recording so late in their lives, and certainly no one as poetically gifted as Cohen has.

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leonard cohen kelley lynch
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The Guardian
Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems review – an octogenarian rejuvenated
... £5m from a pensioner, but perhaps anyone who loves Leonard Cohen's music owes his former manager Kelley Lynch a grudging debt of thanks.
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